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I’m really excited to tell you that I’m now on Patreon!!
I’m in my second month, I have 20 wonderful patrons, and I’m over halfway towards achieving my first goal!!
I’d really love it, if you like my artwork, and want to keep up with all the happenings in my artsy life and development, if you could support me over on there… even if it’s just $1 a month, every little helps, and your support means so much to me.
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Hi there!
My name is Chloe Henderson… nice to virtually meet you.I’m using Patreon to fund my creative business. I’m from, and currently live, in Edinburgh, Scotland where I create highly patterned artwork, and jewellery based on stories, mythology, and the nerdier things in life.

I’m happiest when I’m in front of my drawing board doodling furiously away, or sat at my bench sawing and hammering pieces of metal. If I could do this all the time I would, but it doesn’t quite pay the bills yet… but hopefully with your support I can get there!

What will you be funding?

Workshop and Studio Practice
I draw every day, and I try to get into the jewellery workshop at least once a week. Your pledges will cover the day to day creative expenses, such as: art supplies, workshop bills, jewellery materials, ordering prints and postal supplies, etc.

This will be my first commercial jewellery collection. It will be based on a faerytale I’m writing that brings together traditional undine mythology with our modern world, with added jewelled twists. I’m also aiming to make a film of this tale, and make a tail out of this tale… but you’ll have to get in on the Patreon-only posts to find out more…


My stall at Edinburgh Comic Con 2017
Next year, I would love to have enough artwork to get prints and merchandise made up to sell at Edinburgh’s Comic Con. I went to the event this year, and it was fantastic! The whole time I was there looking at all the glorious nerdy things, I couldn’t help but envy the indie artists selling their wares, and I knew I wanted to be them next year! The convention is usually in April, which gives me a whole year to achieve this goal of creating more nerdy artwork, and to save the money needed to book the table, and buy the stock to sell.

Thank you for reading, and thank you even more if you decide to support me :D
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Chloe out.


My first Lexicon curiosity will be based around Mossycoat (the original folk tale featured in Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales and not the Philip Pullman reinvention).


This whole collection of fairy tales was marvelous and i would whole-heartedly recommend it to you, but out of all of the wonderments i was attracted to Mossycoat the most. I wont spoil Mossycoat’s tale for you, all i will say is that it is a variation of the Cinderella story and is centered around a magical mossy coat.


To start me off with Mossycoat, i whipped up a simple mind map just to get me thinking about what i might want to do.

Sketchbook (9)

And next onto gathering some mossy context…

Sketchbook (4)

… and then drawing the mossy context and doodling it into patterns and designs!

Sketchbook (3)

Sketchbook (2)

Sneak peek at a little design i’m working with at the moment:

Sketchbook (5)

And that was where i ended with Mossycoat today!

Stay tuned for more…

Chloe out.

Faery Wings

Faery Wings (drawing)

As you know i’m working on incorporating words and narratives into my jewellery, so i decided to have a wee go at implementing an idea into a little sample piece.

It started with a haiku i had written a while ago… which i think could be an interesting form for me to work from in the future, haikus and poetry that is… anyway, this haiku was about faery wings and i wanted to capture their nature as well as the words themselves. And what you see above is what i came up with!

…. and…… this is how i made it:

Faery Wings (process) (1)

After cutting out some 0.5cm strips of aluminium, i got my letter stamps out and started to hammer in the words.

Faery Wings (process) (2)

Normally you would need to anneal the metal to imprint onto it, but aluminium is relatively soft and the strips i was using were very thin.

Faery Wings (process) (4)

Repeat for the whole haiku!

Faery Wings (process) (3)

Next step is drilling the little holes into each end of the strips. I used my hand drill and placed my strips under my steel block to stop them spinning around.

Faery Wings (process) (5)

I then filed down the edges until smooth and rounded the corners.

Faery Wings (process) (7)

Next i sanded the back of the strips until they were flat and shiny!

Faery Wings (process) (6)

Repeat for the whole haiku!

Faery Wings (process) (8)

Rub away any scraps of metal with a brass brush and then…

Faery Wings (process) (9)

… wash up the strips with the brass brass and some washing up liquid until they are as shining bright as faery wings.

Once i had my little strips all made up i attached them to my wire… at this point my camera had a meltdown so i have no photos :( but basically i strung the wire through the two holes in my metal, made the wire into a loop, twisted and strung on a few seed beads… and repeated for the whole haiku! I attached my loops onto a specially twisted wire ear hook and….

Faery Wings (3) smaller



Now i just need to go and find myself a faery model and i’ll post some better photos soon!

What do YOU think of my texty faery wings?

Chloe out.

Wordy Artist Research: Part 1

Thought i would kickstart my Lexicon project by doing a little artist research into some wordy based jewellers.

Littlefly: Literary jewels by Jeremy May

Book Keeping: Betty Pepper

Words: Victoria Contreras Flores

The Literary Gift Company

 by Tamsin Howells

 by Ellymental

 typographic scarf

Some random little bits and pieces…

 by Miriam Sacks-Koschitzky

 by Lisa Kroeber

 by Laura Elizabeth Mullen

 by Elsie Ralston

 by Jessica Turrell


…. well that’s enough inspiration for me to get my head around for now!

Happy wording.

Chloe out.


So i have officially started working towards my degree show (*scared face*)!

I’ve decided to title it Lexicon.


[lek-si-kon, -kuhn]  Show IPA

noun, plural lex·i·ca [lek-si-kuh]
Definition: collection of word meanings, usage

Which when i think about what i’m trying to do makes perfect sense! In brief i will be looking at words, at stories, at poems, at text, at written structures and imagery and everything that comes under our narrative forms of language in order to create a collection of jewellery. I’m starting with word structure and forms and to that will be adding meaning and looking a little bit towards the more illustrative and image-based side of stories.

……… but for now i’m just going to read!

Chloe out.


If you follow me on Instagram (username ChloeHenderson9 :) if you wanna follow my photos!) then you may have seen my photos that are #WireWords and wondered wtf crazy thing are you doing now?

Well my wonderful wonderers i am randomly leaving words that i’ve handmade from wire out in the world for you to find and instagraming (and facebooking and twittering them as they all be linked!) the photos with a clue. Why? Why not? I loved making the wire words for my Border Crossings project, and i haven’t really done anything with them since, so this is a way for me to get some of them out there!

If you find one, lemme know! Tweet, Instagram , email, Facebook, physically mail me a photo of your findings and i will be oh so happy :D

Here are a few that i have done so far:






Chloe out.