Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2015

We popped along to the Glasgow Degree Show a few weeks ago.

I loved the jewellery show, but felt the fine arts were lacking in the strength that the previous years had shown…. maybe I’d just been spoilt with the Dundee and Edinburgh shows! There were of course exceptions, here are a few of my favourites from the show…..

Ruth Leslie

Kathleen Reilly

Karen Westland

Sophie Warringham

Ieva Mikutaite

Rachel Blair

Rebecca Gibson

Jude Hagan

Chloe out.

DJCAD Degree Show 2015

On Thursday I popped back through to Dundee for a wee reminisce, and a visit to the wonderful 2015 Degree Show.

Chloe (16) (640x427)

I can’t believe it has been a year since my own show :O

But I can believe how amazing this show is! I’m obviously biased when it comes to the jewellery show… and it truly lived up to expectations! very much my favourite. Well done girls!

Here are a few of my favourites…..

Dione Bowlt

I loved this little porcelain creatures. They’re beautifully organic, and remind me of plants growing under the sea. The combination of the tainted white ceramics and the clean shining gold is perfect when sat against the soft tones of the figure.

Gemma Brownlie

I was really impressed just watching the film of her process, and marvelled at the work involved in each vessel. Naturally I love a good stitched piece of a metal! and couldn’t be anything but drawn to these adorable bowls. I can imagine sitting on a cold day, running my fingers along the soft stitching and smooth metal and feeling comforted.

Kendal Marie Dewar

This collection is basically everything that I love! Large statement neckpieces, with sparkling stones and fragile natural elements. Beautiful. Simple, elegant, and so gloriously unusual. I couldn’t help but picture my faeries adorned in this finery!

Kaela Hogg

The etched silver drew me in, and combined with the intricately sawn shapes was mesmerising. Very evocative of decorative Eastern towers and temples.

Can’t quite fit all the sparkly wonders into this post, so pop on over to the Degree Show website to check out all the other jewellers :)

Of course, it’s not just jewellery! Here are a few of my favourites from the other disciplines…..

Jordan Kane

Janie Art

Ewelina Labuda

Julie Patterson

The images below are stills from this video. It’s stunning.

Rachel Louise Lee

Katy J Davies

Much arty love.

Chloe out.

DJCAD Degree Show 2014

Degree Show (1)

I can’t really believe it happened.

The Degree Show.

My Degree Show.

I’ve completed four years at uni……..

I’m a jewellery graduate!

I’ve got to pretend to be an adult now….

… oh dear!

Anyway, here are some photos of my display at the Degree Show!

Chloe (99) (640x473)Chloe (102) (526x526)Chloe (16) (640x427)Chloe (56) (640x412)Chloe (94) (426x640)Chloe (93) (640x427)Chloe (21) (640x426)Chloe (22) (402x640)Chloe (30) (640x418)Chloe (41) (416x640)Chloe (1) (418x640)Chloe (5) (425x640)Chloe (66) (424x640)Chloe (73) (640x427)Chloe (89) (640x426)Chloe (95) (640x427)

And of course, thank you oh so much to all my wonderful friends and family who came out to support me! You guys rock!

Chloe (97) (640x464) Chloe (100) (640x452)Chloe (101) (464x640)Chloe (96) (640x427) Chloe (91) (640x427)Chloe (78) (640x427)1425682_10154346208630413_5553172254768843496_n (640x480) 10290619_10154346208465413_2965627479554365881_n

And thanks guys for the boootiful cards and flowers, oh and the sweeties too…. om nom nom!!

Chloe (103)


Look at us sexy jewellers at the opening night!

Group (5) (640x473)

And our wonderful tutors!

Tutors (3) (638x481)

Wanna see the work of my fellow jewellery friends?

Of course you do!

Check it out!

Alana (1) (640x427) Alana (4) (428x640)

Alana Peden

Angelia (1) (427x640) Angelia (2) (640x427)

Angelia Santangeli

Becky (1) (640x410) Becky (6) (640x426)

Rebecca Smith

Beth (2) (640x415) Beth (3) (640x428)

Beth Spowart

Catherine (3) (640x400) Catherine (5) (428x640)

Catherine Ritchie

Cathy (1) (640x417) Cathy (3) (640x418)

Cathy Wang

Emma (2) (640x426) Emma (5) (374x640)

Emma Thorogood

Grant (2) (640x418) Grant (3) (640x428)

Grant Herron

Jiayin (1) (640x419) Jiayin (6) (640x428)

Jiayin Li

Katie (1) (640x417) Katie (5) (640x402)

Katie Petrie

Kirstie (1) (418x640) Kirstie (2) (640x417)

Kirstie Snowdon

Michelle (2) (640x420) Michelle (4) (640x428)

Michelle Ho

Morag (1) (640x428) Morag2 (640x480)

Morag Eagleson

Rebecca (4) (640x428) Rebecca (10) (640x428)

Rebecca Black

Rosie (1) (640x415) Rosie (6) (640x423)

Rosie Kimber

Sayoko (2) (640x409) Sayoko (5) (640x408)

Sayoko Kobyashi

Sheila (2) (640x428) Sheila (9) (428x640)

Sheila Roussel

Susie (10) (640x428) Susie (640x456)

Susie Macleod

Wing (1) (640x409) Wing (6) (640x410)

Wing Chan



Awesome huh?


What did you think of the work? Where you at the show? What was your favourite piece?

Chloe out.


DJCAD Degree Show sneak peek!

The Degree Show started last Friday and continues to this Sunday, and so far it has been amazing!

Everyone’s comments on my work have been lovely, so thank you so much to everyone who has made it out.

I’m going to write up a full post, crammed full of jewled images, at the end of the show but for now i just wanted to thank all the lovely visitors who have made the show wonderful so far, and to remind you all it ends on Sunday! so come visit us before it’s too late!

Chloe (78) (640x427)

Chloe out.

Come see our show!

Come see our show!

If you’re in the Dundee area, pop on over to DJCAD and visit all the stunning work from all this year’s graduates, including me :) and my fellow jewellers!

(If you pop along you can pick up one of my sexy postcards! ^)

Want a sneak peek to what’s on offer at the show? Check out The Degree Show 2014 website.

Can’t wait to see you!

Chloe out.

Design Enterprise Report

Yesterday, at precisely 1:32pm, i handed in the final hand-bound copy of my design enterprise report….

Oh my! Relief and freak out until i get the results all mixed up into one bundle right there!! Going a little crazy because it’s worth a substantial percentage of my final degree marks… and i don’t get to find out how i did until May… but i’m pretty please with how it turned out. I think i’ve managed to cram in all the information i wanted, it has lots of analysis, lots of ideas, lots of imagery and it tells my story effectively… and it looks pretty!

Bound Report (1)Bound Report (2)Bound Report (3)Bound Report (4)Bound Report (5)Bound Report (6)Bound Report (7)Bound Report (8)

What do you think? Pretty?

Wanna know a little about what’s inside?

I won’t bore you with all the little details, nobody wants to read about finances (ugh maths) or the ins and outs of blue print models and swot analysis… blah blah blah!

Basically my report did just what it says on the back cover:

Using a variety of research methods this report outlines how to establish an Edinburgh based handmade jewellery brand centered on the essence of storytelling. Chloe Henderson believes storytelling is important and using the skills of jewellery making as a medium, a fan-fiction is created in a 3-dimensional, wearable form. This promotes a love of stories, it adds value and creates magic. Branding certifies Chloe Henderson as a non-fiction business, planning summarizes if the business will be able to run, market research tells of who will be interested and goals are set in place to make this fantasy a reality.

The prospect of starting  business based around storytelling excites me immensely! I can’t wait to get started!

The part of this report i enjoyed writing the most was the market research, because i got to figure out who was going to be interested in the work i’m creating.

Here is another little excerpt from my report on market research:

Looking beyond just the typical demographics of people who like buying and wearing jewellery is important for this business as Chloe Henderson creates niche items of jewellery and artwork for niche fanbases. Storytelling, love for words, love for novels, poetry, films, television shows, anime, etc. and an obsession with a multitude of fanbases is what makes the work created unique; and Chloe Henderson needs to reach out to the consumers who will be just as passionate about the work created as the creator is.

 The reason storytelling is so important to me is because I actually belong to these niche groups, I am an obsessed fangirl of various popular storytellers and fantasy characters and they bring such richness into my life that adding my own take, drawing inspiration from and creating 3-dimensional fanfictions is just about the best thing I can think of to do with the jewellery making skills I have learned. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”(Simon Sinek) and my obsession with the stories my work is created around will be the reason customers want to buy into Chloe Henderson.

Often, these people create their own stories, and this will be the main customer base that needs to be attracted to my venture; for the satisfaction of working for and more importantly with such communities. It will be these communities I will turn to when I need inspiration, co-designers, when I need help, because “when you connect with them, people want to help you” (Amanda Palmer) especially when creating a product they will be interested in, by involving the stories they are passionate about.

Now, i just need to work on finding these people!!

Also, as part of my market research i conducted a little online survey. Thank you to everyone who filled it in, you all rock, and a special congratulations to Caitlin Garret who won my prize draw. Here she is with her new Shine (Faery Wings) earrings:

Caitlin Garret with her winning Faery Wing Earrings (2)

The first question i asked was: Why do you believe storytelling is important? and some of the answers were really beautiful, and very worthy of sharing with you:

“To encourage creativity and imagination – to make the seemingly impossible, possible.”

“Because when real life gets a bit too messy, its good to be able to escape into someone else’s story for a while.”

“Imagination is an important part of a human life. It’s like a muscle that needs exercise. It’s well developed in childhood but can diminish in later life. I think it’s important like keeping a trim belly. Imagination is attractive in a human and storytelling is key to this. Not to mention the tradition aspect.”

“Storytelling is important because it inspires you to be creative and use your imagination. To put yourself in the story and feel what the characters are feeling. It lets you leave reality just for a moment and that is long enough to inspire you to continue on!”

“Stories give us the freedom to escape our mundane daily lives and fall into worlds full of possibility and wonder. The world is full of stories and stories are full of worlds.”

“Storytelling is everywhere. Narratives are the way that we contextualize everything. We learn from them, we laugh, we cry. To be human is to tell stories.”

“because it is fundamentally what makes us human, without stories we would have no creativity or art, no concept of future or past or things beyond our immediate experience.”

“Stories take us away from our mundane everyday lives and allow us to get lost in our imaginations.”

Escaping. Creativity. Imagination. Learning. Passing on history. and right there is the answer to why storytelling.

Business plan written… now, i just need to start a business and make it successful!!

No pressure!

When i see these posters (that are actually real and not just for fake evidence!!) plastered all over my home town i know i will have made it!


Off for a nap…..

Chloe out.