Puffins! Puffins!! Puffins!!!

Day 5 on the Faroe Islands with The Clipperton Project.

Today we saw LOTS of puffins!!

We walked along a rather steep and gravely up and down path along the cliffs of Mykines, stopping to catch our breath and take photographs of the stunning views from every angle.


Photo below pinched from Mhairi Law.Mhairi Law (1)Faroes (103)IMG_2163IMG_2164IMG_2165IMG_2166IMG_2168IMG_2170Faroes (107)IMG_2171Faroes (111)IMG_2178IMG_2179 bwIMG_2180 bwIMG_2181

PUFFINS!!!!!IMG_2193IMG_2194IMG_2195IMG_2197IMG_2198Faroes (93)

This bridge was amazing! Standing look over the perilous edge, down at the crashing blue waters and colonies of nesting seagulls was quite magnificent. Then facing the bridge, to go through, you could see the unique architecture of the metal rods making a beautiful crisscrossing pattern, and hitting the floorboards with crossed shadows. A simple means to cross the sea below, yet quite beautiful in it’s harshness against the landscape.

IMG_2201Faroes (98)IMG_2200 bwIMG_2202IMG_2209IMG_2205

All those little dots you can see are puffins!!!IMG_2208IMG_2212IMG_2214IMG_2217 bwIMG_2221 bw

This is the top! I made it!!!

It looks cold, but it was stunningly warm… to the extent that I took off most of my layers to enjoy the warmth!! and the foggy clouds that shrouded my walkway to the top just added to the mystery of the little isle.


Returning back down from the edge where the lighthouse signalled, I started to see black and white zooming birds with flashes of colour leading their ways….. I took a lot longer to get back than I did to get there as I kept stopping to watch these adorable little guys flying overhead! I also sat among their little burrowed nests for about an hour just watching them dive in and out and go about their mating season.


We were so close!… something that stirred a sense of excitement in me, yet upon reflection is not a good thing. I’m all for appreciating nature in the natural world… but when you have ramblers, including myself, walking over a path just footsteps away from puffin nests, you gotta ask yourself if it’s okay. No, is the simple answer. We were disturbing these little guys during mating season, and there was nothing to stop us doing so. I don’t think natural spaces should be fenced off and shut peered at through a closed door… but if we can’t find a way to protect the natural spaces we have left (from idiots, as well as well-meaning people like myself and our group, who aren’t out to harm the puffins intentionally, merely appreciate them in their natural setting, but at the same time are unwillingly causing the animals an amount of distress and disturbance), then we will no longer have any true natural spaces to enjoy.

IMG_2257IMG_2266IMG_2268IMG_2271IMG_2273Faroes (113)

I walked away thinking about that.

It was hard to focus on environmental issues with such distracting beauty surrounding me…

IMG_2275IMG_2278IMG_2279IMG_2280IMG_2281 bwIMG_2285IMG_2286 bwIMG_2291 bwIMG_2306IMG_2307IMG_2308

A wee puffin to see me off as I walked back up the steepest steps of the trail.


I wasn’t quite ready to head back down to the yellow house yet, so I walked along a bit of ridge, intending to sit and doodle in my sketchbook for a while, but as I peered down over the cliff… look who distracted me!!


Today was pretty awesome… I went from never having seen a puffin to seeing thousands! and it was just brilliant!!

A little relaxing in the yellow house after an exciting puffin filled day! (photo pinched from Tracey M Benson).Tracey M Benson


Stay tuned for more…
Chloe out.

From Tòrshavn to Kirkjubøur

Day 2 of my residency in The Faroe Islands with The Clipperton Project.

Today we day-tripped to the tiny town of Kirkjubøur.

But first, a wee group of us took the scenic route from our house up on the hill of Tòrshavn down to the bus terminal.

IMG_1922 bwIMG_1923IMG_1925IMG_1926 bwIMG_1927IMG_1928IMG_1929IMG_1931IMG_1934IMG_1935IMG_1936IMG_1940IMG_1941IMG_1942

Next stop Kirkjubøur.


It was a beautiful walk down the road from the bus stop to the town.IMG_1948IMG_1949IMG_1957Photo below pinched from Lynne Reed.Lynne Reed (1)

A beautiful little coastal town, with about 80 inhabitants, and featuring the oldest church on the island. It’s thought that this town originally featured a viking settlement, but evidence of this as minimal as it was diminished when the Catholic movement arrived on the Faroes. The original Magnus Cathedral church in this town dates back to 1111 and the slightly newer building Olav Church, dates back to 1290.

IMG_1999IMG_1973IMG_1974IMG_1975IMG_1998IMG_1997 BWIMG_1996 bw

There was also a little traditional style stone building with a grass sown roof, out on the coastal edge, just away from the cemetery, which was oddly quite far away from the two churches.

IMG_1951IMG_1953IMG_1954IMG_1956 bwPhoto below pinched from Lea Kannar.Lea Kannar (1)IMG_1967IMG_1971IMG_1955IMG_1958IMG_1961IMG_1965IMG_1972 bw

And in the town was a traditional style Faroese house, which I later discovered was a “castle”. It’s called Kirkjubøargarður and was owned by one of the oldest families on the island, Patursson. It was beautiful inside and out.


Pretty little town and such stunning sunshine! Another perfect day…

IMG_2001Faroes (770)

… and we even had a pretty pony join us for lunch!!

Faroes (767)Faroes (765)

Stay tuned for more!

Chloe out.

An Inspiration trip to Musselburgh Beach

I introduced Ondine yesterday, so today is a little inspiration for the project!

We got off the bus, popped in for a sneaky ice cream at Luca’s and wandered down the river to the sea.DSC_0111

For February the weather was rather glorious; not a breeze in sight, a few whisps of cloud but mostly blue stretching through the skies and weirdly warm. Warm enough to take my shoes off and curl my toes around the sand while we had our little picnic.DSC_0114DSC_0101 smallDSC_0098DSC_0100DSC_0108 bwDSC_0118DSC_0124DSC_0230We, well I, beachcombed up and down the sandy shoreline as Bailey darted about after other dogs and my brother whined for me to hurry up. After, I had picked up as many shells, sea glass, bones(!), seaweed, and other assorted gems as I could carry in my pockets, we dragged Bailey away from the water and carried on with our walk.

A brief stop at a playpark, yes, we are children!

DSC_0156 DSC_0164 bw DSC_0174 DSC_0176 DSC_0186 DSC_0188 bw DSC_0194 DSC_0197 DSC_0209 DSC_0210 DSC_0212 DSC_0221

And then off down the John Muir walkway. I wanted to walk all the way down to Prestonpans as I knew it was more of a rocky shoreline and I would get some great imagery for a part of my story that featured a plethora of rocks! But we had left it a little to get our arses out the door, so it was rather dark and we didn’t quite make it all the way long… but there is always next time!!!DSC_0232 bwLook at all the stuff I collected!!Finds (2)

Currently sorting through it, and using them as drawing inspiration… might even make a few samples or pieces from my collections (keep your eyes peeled in my etsy store!). For now… a little more writing.

DSC_0184 bwChloe out.

Avallon Faery

A wee while ago I posted about my summer holiday in France and I posted images of some of my travelling artyness, including this little gal.

This little Faery was painted on a leaf found by the side of our big blue campervan, Dughall. That day we had visited the rather magical town of Avallon and I was inspired to paint this tiny beauty in the natural surroundings of Camping Au Bois Joli.
My dreams were filled with wings and sparkling bells that night. I hope these dreams find there way into our mind when she lives in your home, as she is now listed on Etsy!

Avallon Faery (1)3. JoliCamp (9)Avallon Faery (3)10. Jura Art Day (1)Avallon Faery (5)Avallon Faery (4)7. Jura (16)Avallon Faery (2)Avallon Faery (2)

Avallon Faery is handpainted using acrylics onto a found, pressed leaf. Artwork is displayed inside a high-quality, dark brown wooden box frame that has been hand painted with green leafy vine detailing, complete with strut and hooks for hanging. The faery leaf is mounted on acid-free black card and black spiderweb lace.

She is £40 and available on Etsy now :)

Chloe out.

Dùghall en France: Découvrir la Merveille D’or de Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was goldenly stunning!

My expectations were centered around it being the epitome of French royalty and opulence and i was not disappointed. Despite the excessively long queue (it took like 2hours to get in!) that zigzagged up and down the entrance that we had to wait in, it was well worth the visit. Make sure you check the opening times before you go… the whole of France seems to have bizarre opening/closing times and Versailles was no exception (we ended up going twice as it was closed first time!). I think there may have been a fastpass type thing/tickets bought beforehand that might be worth getting especially if you’re going during the holidays, but i’m not so sure what the deal is there! If you do go, prepare to wait around for a long time but know that it’s worth it when you get inside (apart from all the other tourists you have to push pass).

Don’t believe me? Check out the photographic proof!

Day 3 (1)

Dùghall is worthy of royal vehicle status!

Day 3 (2)

Day 5 (1)

Day 5 (173)

Day 5 (1)

Day 5 (2)

Day 5 (5)

Day 5 (7)

Day 5 (8)

Day 5 (9)

Day 5 (10)

Day 5 (67)

This is the wonderful set of rooms where we bought the tickets and browsed the giftshop… i loved the bizarrely modern designed chandeliers and the chicken wallpaper:

Day 5 (139)

Day 5 (140)

Day 5 (142)

Day 5 (143)

Day 5 (141)

The gardens were amazing!

Day 3 (3)

Day 3 (5)

Day 3 (71)

Day 3 (8)

Day 3 (9)

Day 3 (69)

Day 3 (75)

Day 3 (78)

Next stop: the incredible interior…

Day 5 (17)

Day 5 (12)

Day 5 (13)

Because every home needs a really weird statue of a monkey riding a goat…..

Day 5 (16)

Day 5 (15)

Day 5 (22)

Day 5 (23)

Day 5 (26)

Day 5 (28)

Day 5 (29)

Day 5 (31)

Sophisticated selfie!

Day 5 (33)

Day 5 (34)bw

Day 5 (35)

Day 5 (40)

Day 5 (41)

Day 5 (42)

Day 5 (43)

Day 5 (45)

Day 5 (47)

Day 5 (48)

Day 5 (49)

Day 5 (51)

Day 5 (52)

During a battle is definitely the best time for ballroom dancing…

Day 5 (53)

Sarcastic Scotsman looks down on you disapprovingly because you can never have as many tassels covering your genitalia as he does…

Day 5 (56)

That awkward moment when Billy Connolly rides off to war…

Day 5 (57)

Day 5 (65)

Day 5 (68)

Day 5 (69)

Day 5 (71)


On our way out we came across this beautiful art installation in one of the rooms. I couldn’t find any information about in the palace, and my googling was unsuccessful… so i can’t really tell you anything other than i thought it was beautiful (if you’ve got any information about what it is/who made it please drop me a comment, thanks)!

Day 5 (58)


Day 5 (59)


Day 5 (60)


Day 5 (62)


Day 5 (61)


Day 5 (63)


Day 5 (64)




And next onto Montmarte….

Day 5 (72)


See you in the next installment :)

Chloe out.

Dùghall en France: Notre-Dame et le Tombeau de Napoléon

Notre-Dame = my expectations were high and it was rather disappointing…. Napoleon’s Tomb = no expectations and it was amazing!

The exterior of Notre-Dame was beautiful.

Day 3 (45)

The many many many gargoyles were wonderful!

Day 3 (47)

Day 3 (48)

Day 3 (53)


But the inside was just a little disappointing…. i guess i’d maybe bigged it up in my mind so in reality it was just a little plain and boring. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very pretty but just not quite as impressive as i was expecting. However, it was free and the queue to get in wasn’t too long so i would still recommend it!

Day 3 (49)


Day 3 (50)


Day 3 (52)


Day 3 (55)


If you’re going to stop for a snack after Notre-Dame make sure you pick a cafe a few streets away or you’ll be paying 7euros for a coke!

Day 4 (36)

None of us really knew what the exterior of Napoleon’s tomb looked like and were taking photos of this beautiful golden topped building which we kind of walked right up to with an oh that must be it then! It was stunning on the outside.

Day 4 (39)


And even more stunning inside!

Day 4 (40)


Day 4 (41)


Day 4 (42)


Day 4 (44)


Mrs.Cupcake having a bit of a twittering moment!

Day 4 (46)


Day 4 (47)


Day 4 (49)


Day 4 (48)


Day 4 (50)


Well worth a visit!………. and now off to bed….

Day 3 (58)

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Chloe out.

Dùghall en France: Tour Eiffel

What do you do in Paris? Well of course you just have to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower don’t you?!

And that we did.

Day 4 (2)


Day 4 (4)

I would definitely recommend booking your slot/ticket online before going. You choose a time slot online, and on the day you turn up 15/30mins before your slot and essentially go straight through. If you decide to go without booking online…. prepare thyself for a long long LONG wait in line!

Day 4 (6)


Day 4 (8)


Day 4 (9)


Day 4 (12)


Day 4 (13)


Day 4 (10)


Day 4 (14)


Day 4 (20)


Day 4 (29)


Mrs.Cupcake was a big fairy and didn’t come up with us!

Day 4 (15)


Day 4 (18)

Day 4 (21)


Day 4 (22)

Day 4 (62)

Day 4 (30)


Day 4 (31)


Day 4 (27)


Day 4 (28)


Day 4 (32)

Definitely worth doing…. very touristy and crowded but reasonably priced (for a major tourist attraction) and naturally the best place for the best views out over the whole of Paris!

Day 4 (33)

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Paris!

Chloe out.