I’m on Patreon!!!

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I’m really excited to tell you that I’m now on Patreon!!
I’m in my second month, I have 20 wonderful patrons, and I’m over halfway towards achieving my first goal!!
I’d really love it, if you like my artwork, and want to keep up with all the happenings in my artsy life and development, if you could support me over on there… even if it’s just $1 a month, every little helps, and your support means so much to me.
Visit my Patreon here, and for a little more info. keep scrolling…
Hi there!
My name is Chloe Henderson… nice to virtually meet you.I’m using Patreon to fund my creative business. I’m from, and currently live, in Edinburgh, Scotland where I create highly patterned artwork, and jewellery based on stories, mythology, and the nerdier things in life.

I’m happiest when I’m in front of my drawing board doodling furiously away, or sat at my bench sawing and hammering pieces of metal. If I could do this all the time I would, but it doesn’t quite pay the bills yet… but hopefully with your support I can get there!

What will you be funding?

Workshop and Studio Practice
I draw every day, and I try to get into the jewellery workshop at least once a week. Your pledges will cover the day to day creative expenses, such as: art supplies, workshop bills, jewellery materials, ordering prints and postal supplies, etc.

This will be my first commercial jewellery collection. It will be based on a faerytale I’m writing that brings together traditional undine mythology with our modern world, with added jewelled twists. I’m also aiming to make a film of this tale, and make a tail out of this tale… but you’ll have to get in on the Patreon-only posts to find out more…


My stall at Edinburgh Comic Con 2017
Next year, I would love to have enough artwork to get prints and merchandise made up to sell at Edinburgh’s Comic Con. I went to the event this year, and it was fantastic! The whole time I was there looking at all the glorious nerdy things, I couldn’t help but envy the indie artists selling their wares, and I knew I wanted to be them next year! The convention is usually in April, which gives me a whole year to achieve this goal of creating more nerdy artwork, and to save the money needed to book the table, and buy the stock to sell.

Thank you for reading, and thank you even more if you decide to support me :D
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Chloe out.

Faery Wings Photoshoot

At night, behind my fluttering eyelids, I see myself flying through forests shadowed in sparkling mist, from my back protrudes great wings. Wings that are different every time. The dream always ends the same: suddenly I fall from my Faerie Queen throne, and I am myself again, wingless.
I have preserved the wings in the land of the living.
Watch as the twirl and spin before your eyes; that’s them dreaming of flight behind closed eyes.
For now, they are solid and stuck into their fine silver forms, stretched with glittering threads and magnificent rainbow glistening opals.
One day they will land back within the braids of their Queen, upon her wrist and wrapped around her ears; then they will fly again.

Faery Wings (1)small Faery Wings (10) (428x640) Faery Wings (13) (640x428) edit17 (640x428) edit29 (640x429) edit61 (640x428) Faery Wings (14) (640x427) Faery Wings (6) (640x428) Faery Wings (9) (640x429) Faery Wings (15) (429x640) Faery Wings (12) (640x428) Faery Wings (16) (640x428) Faery Wings (17) (640x428) Faery Wings (18) (640x425)


Do i look like a Faerie Queen?


Chloe out.

A little update.

I’ve not blogged all the much, or even tweeted or instagramed much of my progress with Lexicon for the past wee while.

I’ve had a funny few weeks were, although i’m really excited about what i’m doing, i’ve lacked overall motivation and fallen into a little streak of apathy….. well, i’ve pulled myself together in the past few days, worked out a plan of action and locked all my alarms for 8am sharp! Work work work is the key, and if i can just keep up with my mind full of ideas my degree show might just be as awesome as i picture it in my brain… *fingers crossed*


So, ramble over. A little progress update:


Working (32)

Mossycoat was put a little bit on the back burner, as i was unhappy with the piece i had made; it just didn’t have the awesome-factor i was hoping for. But after a wee soul-searching walk out into my local mossy wooded area, and a good few nights with pints of tea and frantic Pinteresting i have come up with a better idea. I’ve started drawing again and i’ve put in some orders for materials…. and i’m going to be annoyingly coy and not tell you the plans! All will be revealed soon (check out my Mossycoat Pinterest board for a little more clarity on what i might be talking about)! When my materials arrive i’ll start practicing and post a post of samples and thoughts. Stay tuned…


IMG_5081IMG_5082 (2)IMG_5074

Faery Wings has been progressing slowly but surely. The photos above are instagram teasers of the final pieces i’m working on. If i work really hard this week, and get lucky (ie. nothing goes wrong!) i should have the pieces finished for the weekend. I have enough samples now that i know exactly what i’m doing. I’ve got three pieces (three = one for each line of the haiku) on the go, a head piece, an ear cuff and a bracelet/arm piece. Each one is a magical fantasy, using my drawings and beautiful translucent airy materials i should be able to capture the essence of the Faery Wings haiku. It would be great if the pieces were ready for the weekend because i could do the photoshoot for them when i’m home at the weekend (weather permitting of course)! I’m going to collect a load of images together this week and i’ll post a photoshoot moodboard here. I might keep the finished pieces a secret until after the shoot!! Oh, and i’ve been working away at the book too. I’ll post a post about that sometime in the week too. Stay tuned…



The Ocean at the End of the Lane has been filling my mind with wondrous ideas. A posted a wee introduction to this story a while ago, but i’ll post you some of my doodles and drawings sometime this week. I’m still in the drawing stages (see above) at the moment, but when Faery Wings is complete i’ll start experimenting away with the Hunger Birds… i have plans! Stay tuned…


BubblessmallBubble Painting (3)small

The Little Mermaid is also still in the drawing stages. This mini-collection is going to feature wonderful new technology. CAD drawing and 3D printing! Oh my! I’m still playing around with Rhino and figuring out how things work… as well as thinking how the printed/cast pieces are going to work with my etchings and beadings. I’ll introduce you to this story and my thoughts surrounding it sometime this week and i’ll also post about my developments and researchings into CAD and 3D printing and laser sintering and casting and all those brilliant things that make me go oooo! Stay tuned…



Coin-Operated Boy ideas are just filling up all the spaces in my head! I’ll introduce ya’ll to this song and the reasons why i choose it and why it’s my favourite Amanda Palmer song. For me, this will be the most important piece i make… the song means so much to me so it’s vital that i get the representation right. I made a prototype for the idea i have the other day. It’s awesome. I’m so excited about this piece. I’m getting excited already but writing the post…. oooo….. stay tuned…


So, that was a ramble about what i’m up to with my five stories. Many a blog post coming soon… much work to do! Excited. Nervous. Love it.

And i’ll be re-iterating all of that tomorrow to my tutor and then again on Tuesday to my other tutor. I’ve not spoken to them in a while, so it’ll be nice to see if i’m heading in the right direction… or not……. what do you think about all i’m planning?!

See you soon!

Chloe out.

Mossycoat Pouch Sample

Today i decided to gather up some moss and play around with an idea for my Mossycoat experimentations.

Moss Bucket


Bucket of moss! and a little lichen to add a variety of shapes and colours.


Another key material in Mossycoat is the silk of the two fine dresses she cons out of the hawker at the start of the story, one “dress o’ white satin with sprigs o’ goold on it as big as a man’s hand” and the other “dress med o’ silk de colour o’ all de birds o’ de air” and it is the former white silk that i will be playing around with today.

Pouch Sample (1)


I stitched together two squares of silk organza together with golden thread, one square a translucent white and the other opaque white.

Pouch Sample (3)


The two squares stitched and stitched and stitched together! I wanted the stitching to be a feature of the design, which is why i went round the square five times to thicken up the gold thread.

Pouch Sample (6)


I then stuffed my little pouch full of strands of golden thread and the freshly gathered moss and lichens, and then stitched up the hole thickly as before.

Pouch Sample (8)


Here is the front side with the translucent organza.

Pouch Sample (11)


And here is the back with the more opaque organza.

Pouch Sample (13)


I wasn’t quite satisfied with my little silky mossy pouch so decided to add some “goold sprigs” or in this cased golden beads!

Pouch Sample (15)


I stitched a row of droplets along one side with golden thread.

Pouch Sample (16)


Pouch Sample (18)


Pouch Sample (19)


I’m pretty pleased with my little pouch sample. It’s not quite finished, at the moment it is just and object but sometime this week i will finish it up into a piece of adornment.

What do you think?

Chloe out.


My first Lexicon curiosity will be based around Mossycoat (the original folk tale featured in Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales and not the Philip Pullman reinvention).


This whole collection of fairy tales was marvelous and i would whole-heartedly recommend it to you, but out of all of the wonderments i was attracted to Mossycoat the most. I wont spoil Mossycoat’s tale for you, all i will say is that it is a variation of the Cinderella story and is centered around a magical mossy coat.


To start me off with Mossycoat, i whipped up a simple mind map just to get me thinking about what i might want to do.

Sketchbook (9)

And next onto gathering some mossy context…

Sketchbook (4)

… and then drawing the mossy context and doodling it into patterns and designs!

Sketchbook (3)

Sketchbook (2)

Sneak peek at a little design i’m working with at the moment:

Sketchbook (5)

And that was where i ended with Mossycoat today!

Stay tuned for more…

Chloe out.

Wordy Artist Research: Part 1

Thought i would kickstart my Lexicon project by doing a little artist research into some wordy based jewellers.

Littlefly: Literary jewels by Jeremy May

Book Keeping: Betty Pepper

Words: Victoria Contreras Flores

The Literary Gift Company

 by Tamsin Howells

 by Ellymental

 typographic scarf

Some random little bits and pieces…

 by Miriam Sacks-Koschitzky

 by Lisa Kroeber

 by Laura Elizabeth Mullen

 by Elsie Ralston

 by Jessica Turrell


…. well that’s enough inspiration for me to get my head around for now!

Happy wording.

Chloe out.


So i have officially started working towards my degree show (*scared face*)!

I’ve decided to title it Lexicon.


[lek-si-kon, -kuhn]  Show IPA

noun, plural lex·i·ca [lek-si-kuh]
Definition: collection of word meanings, usage

Which when i think about what i’m trying to do makes perfect sense! In brief i will be looking at words, at stories, at poems, at text, at written structures and imagery and everything that comes under our narrative forms of language in order to create a collection of jewellery. I’m starting with word structure and forms and to that will be adding meaning and looking a little bit towards the more illustrative and image-based side of stories.

……… but for now i’m just going to read!

Chloe out.