Happy 18th Birthday Nicole Leadbetter

For my cousin’s 18th Birthday I made her an ocean inspired necklace and earrings set.

She loves all things under the sea, in particular whales and dolphins…. so what to make her? A whale tail necklace with splash drop earrings of course!
And as, she too, is a February birthday, it just had to be an amethyst stone… these ones a beautiful pastel Lavender Amethyst.

A few in process shots…

2016-02-19 16.04.582016-02-19 17.03.142016-02-25 11.17.172016-02-25 15.27.472016-02-25 15.41.432016-02-25 16.49.19

…. and the finished piece…


Happy Birthday Nicole :)
I hope you like them!

Chloe out.


Scottish Thai Fusion Necklace

I was commissioned by the mother of a Scottish groom to be, to make a necklace for his Thai bride.

I was given a few photographs of the happy couple from their engagement ceremony and was given pretty much free reign, my only instruction was to fuse the two cultures together.

10494530_668280889925727_3452916385775772498_n 10402428_668324809921335_1944513568968889889_n10538513_728064730584538_1917193270059065959_n1907391_668280626592420_7931266505143071792_n

Using the photos above, a little research into Thai patterns and my knowledge on Scottish culture I came up with a few designs. The client picked my favourite design; this one:


and I got to work!

As you can see, the main design elements are taken from the image of the floral display for the ring box. This pattern is the representation of the Thai culture and the central thistle adds the Scottish representation.

I completed the design by hand-etching sterling silver with the patterns and then hand-piercing, filing and sanding into the final necklace and earring shapes. The settings for the thistle’s amethyst and the earring’s citrines were added, and the ear studs and neckchain were added. The set was given a final clean and polish and I whipped up a display frame for them to sit on.

DSC_0162 DSC_0098 DSC_0099 DSC_0100 DSC_0148 DSC_0159 DSC_0103 DSC_0107 DSC_0115 DSC_0116

What do you think?

From the feedback I was given, I think this gift went down quite well…. “she really really loves it. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen her speechless.”!!

If you’re interested in setting up a commission, please pop on over to my Commissions Page for more details.

Chloe out.

Jennifer Lawrence – Spirit of the Mockingjay

The girl on fire.

The glorious Jennifer Lawrence is a must feature for my Zendoodling. I have sided with the rest of the world and rather fallen in love with her, and this Zendoodle pays homage to her as my favourite role that she has spectacularly played: Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence - Spirit of the Mockingjay (1) Jennifer Lawrence - Spirit of the Mockingjay (2) Jennifer Lawrence - Spirit of the Mockingjay (3) Jennifer Lawrence - Spirit of the Mockingjay (5) Jennifer Lawrence - Spirit of the Mockingjay (6)

What do you think?

Oh and, I mentioned in my Benedict Cumberbatch post that I was going to get prints made up of these Zendoodles, and I got a little distracted by the Hollydays and my various orders…. At the moment I’m researching into the wonderful world of print options… but you’ll be pleased to know I just placed an order for a bunch of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Lawrence postcards and they’ll be up in my Etsy store when they’re hot off the press!! So stay tuned…

Chloe out.

How to turn your unused tins into cute upcycled jewellery… and save the tin!!

I love blogging, and I’m always looking for ways to expand my internet-based ramblings…. so……. tutorials! I’m going to have a go at sharing some of my arts and craftyness with ya’ll! This way, I can share the bits and pieces I create when I’m distracting myself from my own project work…. ie. the times when I just need to cover myself in glitter because otherwise I’d drown inside my own work!!

Can’t wait to conjure up lots of these wee posts!!


How to turn your unused tins into cute upcycled jewellery… and save the tin!!

If, like me, you always keep those beautiful little tins that you get candy and odds and ends in, you’ll probably also have a pile of empty ones collecting dust somewhere!

This is the tutorial for you!!

This tutorial uses a small pink flowery tin and transforms it into a pair of earrings, but you can use any tin you want and you can turn it into any form of jewellery you want! This tutorial goes over the basic steps, but the fun bit is using your own creativity to come up with endless tin jewellery possibilities!

These make perfect gifts as they are present and packaging all in one!!

Beginner level but does require the use of a jeweller’s saw (the scissor alternative won’t save the tin but can be ued) and drill, so not recommended for young children, and with older children there should be full adult supervision when using any sharp/dangerous tools.


– A tin!

– Beads (small seed beads work best, but your imagination should know no bounds!)

– Chain, ribbon, findings, etc.

– Wrapping material (an organza bag, tissue paper, ribbon, gift tags, fabric, etc.)

– A jeweller’s saw and 4/0 blade(s!) or scissors (i’ll take about this in more detail later)

– Files and sandpaper

– A drill and 1mm drill bit (for beginners I would recommend the hand archimedian drill)

– Needles and threads


1. Select your tin! This is my tin :) It used to contain yummy French rose candies! and is approx. 8.5X6cm


2. Cut a template out of cardboard. I’m using two 3cm heart shapes that will become the earrings.

DSCF0682 (640x480)

3. Draw around your templates straight onto the tin using a non-permanent marker. Select areas of the design you like the best, but remember that you’ll be saving the tin so think about the design placement of the cut-out segments.

DSCF0683 (640x480)

4. If you are not using the jeweller’s saw, ignore these next few steps and carefully cut out your design using sharp scissors. Unfortunately, doing it this way makes t very hard/impossible to save the tin, but does make it easier to do with older children or those less experienced with jewellery techniques.

If you are using the saw, you’ll need to drill a hole in one area of your shape to thread the blade through. I would suggest using a corner as this makes it easier to clean up.

DSCF0684 (495x640) DSCF0686 (480x640)

5. Thread your blade through the drilled holes. I would suggest using a size 4/0 blade or higher.

DSCF0688 (640x480)

6. Carefully saw-out your shapes. Be careful not to press down on tin when cutting as you don’t want to bend the metal.

DSCF0689 (480x640) DSCF0690 (480x640) DSCF0691 (480x640)

7. Scissor fans you can join us again for the next steps!

Wipe away the marker lines with a littler water (or acetone/nail polish remover if the water won’t budge it, but be cautious not to damage the tin design).

File the edges of your cut out pieces and the cut out segments within the tin lid. You can use sandpaper here as well to smooth the edges further.

DSCF0694 (640x480) DSCF0695 (480x640)

8. Drill 1mm holes all around the edges of your cut out shapes and the cut out holes in the tin lid.

DSCF0696 (481x640) DSCF0701 (480x640) DSCF0702 (481x640)

9. Sand down the drilled edges on the backs of the shapes and the tin lid, until smooth.

DSCF0704 (640x480)

10. This is where you can get creative with threads and beads!

For my tin lid, I stitched over the cut out shapes to create a pink thready web! This way, nothing will fall out of my tin and it gives the piece a kitsch patchwork feel that I quite like!

DSCF0707 (640x480)

I beaded around the edges as well for a little extra bling!

DSCF0708 (640x480) DSCF0709 (640x480)

11. Again this is a creative stitching and beading session!

My cut-out shapes were made into earrings. I stitched around the edges of the hearts in the same direction to give them a visibly stitched feel.

DSCF0710 (640x481)

Then strung them from a dangle of seed beads and a silver ear hook.

DSCF0711 (640x480) DSCF0712 (640x480)



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me a message below and I’ll get back to you asap!

Looking forward to making more of these in the future :)

DSCF0725 DSCF0727 DSCF0729 DSCF0730 DSCF0731 DSCF0732 DSCF0736 DSCF0739


Chloe out.

Rainbow Unicorn Sophie

I talked a little about my up and coming love for my Zendoodles art collection in my recent post: Benedict Cumberbatch the gentleman tree nymph and a spiralled bubbled mermaid called Coralia and that spawned a wonderful stream of Hollyday commissions, including this awesome one from my lovely friend, Sophie :)

Rainbow Unicorn Sophie (5) Rainbow Unicorn Sophie (2) Rainbow Unicorn Sophie (3) Rainbow Unicorn Sophie (4)Rainbow Unicorn Sophie (7) Rainbow Unicorn Sophie (8) Rainbow Unicorn Sophie (6)

Yup, Rainbow Unicorn Sophie!!

Want your very own Zendoodley commission? Visit my Commissions page or email me at info[@]chloehenderson.co.uk and we can talk about designs :)

Chloe out.

Happy Birthday Daddy Cupcake :)

Over the summer I made a photo pebble brooch for my Grandma, and it was rather successful and wonderful! I really enjoyed making it, and when it came around to Daddy Cupcake’s birthday I knew I wanted to make one for him too!…. although a little more masculine than lapiz lazuli flowers!

This one is made from hand-hammered brass, drilled and stitched with a black cotton threaded tree and a little photo of our family selfie from our summer holiday. The photo pebble is hung from strands of tiny 1mm black onyx beads, and attached to a medal style brass pin fitting. I made it in mind of his English countryside gentleman suit… and for the times he is not wearing it, the pebble came hung on a hand-painted frame with a larger photo printed inside :)

DSC_0059 DSC_0054 DSC_0061 DSC_0065 DSC_0070 DSC_0073 DSC_0075 DSC_0077 DSC_0068 DSC_0079 DSC_0031 DSC_0036

I love these photo pebbles so much I’ve opened them up for commissions!

These pebbles can be made in any metal you want, they can feature any surface design you want, you can use any photo you want, and I can turn them into any form of jewellery you want! Prices start from £60 and all pieces come with lovely custom packaging! So, if you love them just as much as I do, pop on over to my commissions page and drop me a message at info[@]chloehenderson.co.uk and we can start our design process :)

Chloe out.