DJCAD Degree Show 2015

On Thursday I popped back through to Dundee for a wee reminisce, and a visit to the wonderful 2015 Degree Show.

Chloe (16) (640x427)

I can’t believe it has been a year since my own show :O

But I can believe how amazing this show is! I’m obviously biased when it comes to the jewellery show… and it truly lived up to expectations! very much my favourite. Well done girls!

Here are a few of my favourites…..

Dione Bowlt

I loved this little porcelain creatures. They’re beautifully organic, and remind me of plants growing under the sea. The combination of the tainted white ceramics and the clean shining gold is perfect when sat against the soft tones of the figure.

Gemma Brownlie

I was really impressed just watching the film of her process, and marvelled at the work involved in each vessel. Naturally I love a good stitched piece of a metal! and couldn’t be anything but drawn to these adorable bowls. I can imagine sitting on a cold day, running my fingers along the soft stitching and smooth metal and feeling comforted.

Kendal Marie Dewar

This collection is basically everything that I love! Large statement neckpieces, with sparkling stones and fragile natural elements. Beautiful. Simple, elegant, and so gloriously unusual. I couldn’t help but picture my faeries adorned in this finery!

Kaela Hogg

The etched silver drew me in, and combined with the intricately sawn shapes was mesmerising. Very evocative of decorative Eastern towers and temples.

Can’t quite fit all the sparkly wonders into this post, so pop on over to the Degree Show website to check out all the other jewellers :)

Of course, it’s not just jewellery! Here are a few of my favourites from the other disciplines…..

Jordan Kane

Janie Art

Ewelina Labuda

Julie Patterson

The images below are stills from this video. It’s stunning.

Rachel Louise Lee

Katy J Davies

Much arty love.

Chloe out.


DJCAD Degree Show 2014

Degree Show (1)

I can’t really believe it happened.

The Degree Show.

My Degree Show.

I’ve completed four years at uni……..

I’m a jewellery graduate!

I’ve got to pretend to be an adult now….

… oh dear!

Anyway, here are some photos of my display at the Degree Show!

Chloe (99) (640x473)Chloe (102) (526x526)Chloe (16) (640x427)Chloe (56) (640x412)Chloe (94) (426x640)Chloe (93) (640x427)Chloe (21) (640x426)Chloe (22) (402x640)Chloe (30) (640x418)Chloe (41) (416x640)Chloe (1) (418x640)Chloe (5) (425x640)Chloe (66) (424x640)Chloe (73) (640x427)Chloe (89) (640x426)Chloe (95) (640x427)

And of course, thank you oh so much to all my wonderful friends and family who came out to support me! You guys rock!

Chloe (97) (640x464) Chloe (100) (640x452)Chloe (101) (464x640)Chloe (96) (640x427) Chloe (91) (640x427)Chloe (78) (640x427)1425682_10154346208630413_5553172254768843496_n (640x480) 10290619_10154346208465413_2965627479554365881_n

And thanks guys for the boootiful cards and flowers, oh and the sweeties too…. om nom nom!!

Chloe (103)


Look at us sexy jewellers at the opening night!

Group (5) (640x473)

And our wonderful tutors!

Tutors (3) (638x481)

Wanna see the work of my fellow jewellery friends?

Of course you do!

Check it out!

Alana (1) (640x427) Alana (4) (428x640)

Alana Peden

Angelia (1) (427x640) Angelia (2) (640x427)

Angelia Santangeli

Becky (1) (640x410) Becky (6) (640x426)

Rebecca Smith

Beth (2) (640x415) Beth (3) (640x428)

Beth Spowart

Catherine (3) (640x400) Catherine (5) (428x640)

Catherine Ritchie

Cathy (1) (640x417) Cathy (3) (640x418)

Cathy Wang

Emma (2) (640x426) Emma (5) (374x640)

Emma Thorogood

Grant (2) (640x418) Grant (3) (640x428)

Grant Herron

Jiayin (1) (640x419) Jiayin (6) (640x428)

Jiayin Li

Katie (1) (640x417) Katie (5) (640x402)

Katie Petrie

Kirstie (1) (418x640) Kirstie (2) (640x417)

Kirstie Snowdon

Michelle (2) (640x420) Michelle (4) (640x428)

Michelle Ho

Morag (1) (640x428) Morag2 (640x480)

Morag Eagleson

Rebecca (4) (640x428) Rebecca (10) (640x428)

Rebecca Black

Rosie (1) (640x415) Rosie (6) (640x423)

Rosie Kimber

Sayoko (2) (640x409) Sayoko (5) (640x408)

Sayoko Kobyashi

Sheila (2) (640x428) Sheila (9) (428x640)

Sheila Roussel

Susie (10) (640x428) Susie (640x456)

Susie Macleod

Wing (1) (640x409) Wing (6) (640x410)

Wing Chan



Awesome huh?


What did you think of the work? Where you at the show? What was your favourite piece?

Chloe out.


Faery Wings Final Pieces

The Faery Wings pieces are finished… well… for now!

I’ve loved making this collection and now that i’ve finished it up for The Degree Show i keep coming up with other ideas for it in my head… stay tuned… i think there will be lots more to come from this collection!!

White (1) (428x640) White (2) (640x429) White (6) (427x640) White (7) (640x428) White (8) (428x640)White (60) (494x640)White (49) (640x428)White (50) (640x428)White (52) (640x428)White (53) (640x428)White (55) (640x428)White (57) (640x428)White (9) (640x427)White (11) (427x640)White (14) (640x428)White (17) (428x640)White (18) (428x640)White (22) (428x640)White (24) (640x428)White (26) (640x428)White (27) (428x640)White (28) (640x429)White (31) (640x428)White (37) (640x428)White (39) (640x406)White (40) (640x428)White (41) (640x428)White (46) (428x640)White (47) (640x428)White (48) (640x428)


What do you think of my little creatures?


Stay tuned for the photoshoot post to see how all these winged things are worn :)


Chloe out.

DJCAD Degree Show sneak peek!

The Degree Show started last Friday and continues to this Sunday, and so far it has been amazing!

Everyone’s comments on my work have been lovely, so thank you so much to everyone who has made it out.

I’m going to write up a full post, crammed full of jewled images, at the end of the show but for now i just wanted to thank all the lovely visitors who have made the show wonderful so far, and to remind you all it ends on Sunday! so come visit us before it’s too late!

Chloe (78) (640x427)

Chloe out.

JMD14 Christmas Sales

Just before we split up for the Hollydays, us fourth year jewellers had a wee Christmas sale.

Everybody made up lots of beautiful pieces and we set ourselves up fabulously in the DJCAD reception.

Thank you everyone who made it out and bought up our work :)

Here are some pretty pictures….




Oh and thank you to everyone who bought our raffle tickets, and congratulations to the winners! All money raised will be put towards making our Degree Show and New Designers awesome!!

Charm Bracelets (2)

Charm Bracelets (3)

Charm Bracelet Box (1)

Charm Bracelet Sewing (5)

Thimble Charm (3)

Charm Bracelet Tea Party (2)

Charm Bracelet Winter (4)































We also had a stall set up in the DCA Christmas Market. I couldn’t make it along to help out, but the girls that did so were wonderful and it sounded like a really great event. Thank you everyone who popped along for a visit :)

Here are some pretty pictures…









new (12)



Look out for more from JMD14 in the New Year……


Chloe out.