At the moment, life for me is writing lots of job applications. It’s good practice in writing about myself… it’s good practice in not getting frustrated when people don’t get in touch with you… it’s good practice in reminding myself just why I want to be a successful artist…. but it’s not a good practice in creativity!

So………… A year of creativity.

I’m going to create a piece of art every single day from my 23rd birthday to my 24th.
I want to bring more creativity into my life, and I think the best way to do that is to experiment with my craft a little bit everyday.

Follow my project on Facebook, as that is where I’ll be posting my art everyday.

All pieces in this Facebook album are for sale. Prices from £5-£35 with postage included. Just click on the individual photographs for more details.

I’m still working on my Ondine project, she’s just a little in the background as I try to re-build my momentum for her. I love her, she is my most exciting project, but sometimes she becomes a little overwhelming… and the anxiety that plagues me can’t always deal with that. Ondine, know I love you, but I just need to work on you slower than I intended.
At the moment, my lovely blog readers, I’ve mostly been focusing on the writing aspect, and the logistics…. so, I don’t have any pretty pictures to show you :( but, I will always keep you updated when I do!!

For now! here are some pretty pictures of some of my favourite #ArtADay pieces so far…

12. Take Me To The Cinema

4. Eyelashes10. Aquanebula7. Merslothmaid (1)

18. Bigger On The Inside (1)

9. It's All In Your Head (1)1. Roses are red, Violets are blue (1)

16. Let It Kill You (black)

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Chloe out.


Silver Circle Scales

Over the Hollydays I was commissioned to make a set of jewellery based on a few sample pieces that a client happened to see when he popped into the workshop. I was playing with textures and the new disc cutter in the workshop. He wanted me to make two sets of jewellery featuring these texture discs and related to my The Little (Dead) Mermaid work.

This is what I created…

Frame (3) Frame (4) Frame (5) Frame (6) Frame (8) Frame (9) Frame (11) Frame (13) Frame (14) Frame (16) DSC_0343 DSC_0347 DSC_0352 DSC_0353 DSC_0278 DSC_0283 DSC_0288 DSC_0299 DSC_0316 DSC_0319

What do you think?

If you’re interested in setting up a commission, please pop on over to my Commissions Page for more details.

Chloe out.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Lawrence Zendoodles now Postcards!!

I’m rather excited to announce that my Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Lawrence Zendoodles are now available as postcards!! Yay!

They’re up on my Etsy store at just £1 each :) Click on the links below to pop on over!

Jennifer Lawrence - Spirit of the Mockingjay (1)Benedict Cumberbatch - The Gentleman Tree Nymph (6) (448x640)Postcard

For Jennifer Lawrence: Spirit of the Mockingjay click that link and click this link for Benedict Cumberbatch: The Gentleman Tree Nymph

Chloe out.

Mermaid Princess Margaret

Another wonderful Zendoodley Hollyday commission…. this one for a special mermaid princess!

This was the beautiful photo I was given…

Copy of mag11

… and this is what I transformed her into…

Mermaid Princess Margaret (1) Mermaid Princess Margaret (2) Mermaid Princess Margaret (3) Mermaid Princess Margaret (4)

Perfect mermaid princess indeed!!

Fancy yourself a magical Zendoodle commission? Check out my Zendoodle gallery for more and send me a message about ideas for your very own artwork :)

Chloe out.

The Black and Blonde Dogmaids


Look at these beauties!

(Perfect dog poser/photo credit to the rather talented Craig Henderson!)

Of course, they would make a fabulous Zendoodle feature!

The big blonde fluffy one in the middle is my wonderful golden retriever, Bailey and the two ladies by his side are my Grandma’s black labradors, Hallie (left) and Donna (right). And below is the framed drawing (actual size A3) she received for Christmas this year!!

The Black and Blonde Dogmaids (1) The Black and Blonde Dogmaids (3) The Black and Blonde Dogmaids (4)

Fluffy black and blonde dogmaids indeed!

Want your very own Zendoodley commission? Visit my Commissions page or email me at info[@]chloehenderson.co.uk and we can talk about designs :)

Chloe out.

Avallon Faery

A wee while ago I posted about my summer holiday in France and I posted images of some of my travelling artyness, including this little gal.

This little Faery was painted on a leaf found by the side of our big blue campervan, Dughall. That day we had visited the rather magical town of Avallon and I was inspired to paint this tiny beauty in the natural surroundings of Camping Au Bois Joli.
My dreams were filled with wings and sparkling bells that night. I hope these dreams find there way into our mind when she lives in your home, as she is now listed on Etsy!

Avallon Faery (1)3. JoliCamp (9)Avallon Faery (3)10. Jura Art Day (1)Avallon Faery (5)Avallon Faery (4)7. Jura (16)Avallon Faery (2)Avallon Faery (2)

Avallon Faery is handpainted using acrylics onto a found, pressed leaf. Artwork is displayed inside a high-quality, dark brown wooden box frame that has been hand painted with green leafy vine detailing, complete with strut and hooks for hanging. The faery leaf is mounted on acid-free black card and black spiderweb lace.

She is £40 and available on Etsy now :)

Chloe out.