Happy Birthday Daddy Cupcake :)

Over the summer I made a photo pebble brooch for my Grandma, and it was rather successful and wonderful! I really enjoyed making it, and when it came around to Daddy Cupcake’s birthday I knew I wanted to make one for him too!…. although a little more masculine than lapiz lazuli flowers!

This one is made from hand-hammered brass, drilled and stitched with a black cotton threaded tree and a little photo of our family selfie from our summer holiday. The photo pebble is hung from strands of tiny 1mm black onyx beads, and attached to a medal style brass pin fitting. I made it in mind of his English countryside gentleman suit… and for the times he is not wearing it, the pebble came hung on a hand-painted frame with a larger photo printed inside :)

DSC_0059 DSC_0054 DSC_0061 DSC_0065 DSC_0070 DSC_0073 DSC_0075 DSC_0077 DSC_0068 DSC_0079 DSC_0031 DSC_0036

I love these photo pebbles so much I’ve opened them up for commissions!

These pebbles can be made in any metal you want, they can feature any surface design you want, you can use any photo you want, and I can turn them into any form of jewellery you want! Prices start from £60 and all pieces come with lovely custom packaging! So, if you love them just as much as I do, pop on over to my commissions page and drop me a message at info[@]chloehenderson.co.uk and we can start our design process :)

Chloe out.


Oval Dome Image necklaces in the etsy store!

I’m always looking for new ways to add images into jewellery, so over the past few weeks I’ve made up these little beauties!

Every Oval Dome Image is printed onto acid free art card and sealed inside a brass bezel oval cup and domed glass. The little image pendant is then strung onto a fine brass chain with a cute star charm to finish it off magically!

And I listed all these necklaces into the Etsy store for my shop launch and they’re now all available for purchase at £15 each. Click on the images below to take you to the listing :)

Acne N (640x428) Beard N (640x428) Blue N (640x428) Chloe's Bubbles N (640x428) Clinging N (640x428) Encircled N (640x428) Footprint in the Sand N (640x428) I can haz tumsy rubz plz N (640x428) Identity of Humanity N (640x428) Inked Trees N (640x428) Kickstart the future of music N (640x428) Kiss Me Smear N (640x429) Love Will Tear Us Apart N (640x428) Only 3000 Left N (640x428) Pink Marilyn N (640x428) Rain Black N (640x428) Rain Pink N (640x428) Red And Gold N (640x428) Soulac Sur Mer N (640x428) Splish Splash Ducks in the Bath N (640x428) Sweetie N (640x428) Thinking of You N (640x429) Watching Meerkat N (640x428) We are who we are when nobody's watching. N (640x428) You Must Love Someone N (640x428)1Modelled (3) (640x429) 1Modelled (13) (640x428) 1Modelled (18) (640x428)


What do you think?

Which one is your favourite?


Chloe out.

The making of The Smaug Ring

Happy Birthday to my annoying, smelly little brother :)

For his Birthday, Jamie wanted me to make him a ring.

“something to do with dragons” was the remit…. so this is what I came up with…..


Inspiration, naturally, coming from the one and only Smaug.

I wanted to make Smaug’s tail the ring, and have The Arkenstone set into his claw-like tail end. I was also going to cut out a missing scale… even though I know his actual missing scale isn’t on his tale… but shh…. representations and artistic license and all that! I was also going to use brass, and use patinas and heat to create a darkened red colour and etch it to achieve a scaley look. And then pop into a box that would look like molten gold dripping over dragon skin…

And here’s how I did it!!

1 (480x640)

Etching fluid is painted onto clean brass and allowed to dry.

2 (480x640)

The ring design is traced onto the dry blackness.

3 (480x640)4 (480x640)

And a scribe is used to scrape away the black etching ground to reveal the final pattern.

6 (480x640)

The metal is placed into a bath of nitric acid. Brass can take quite a while to etch, compared to silver or copper, so is left for about 30 minutes to produce a medium/deep etch depth. The black ground are removed with white spirits and the metal is cleaned.

7 (640x480)8 (480x640)

The ring is saw-pierced out of the metal sheet.

10 (480x640)11 (480x640)

And the missing scale is removed by drilling a small hole for the blade to slot through, and is then sawn.

12 (480x640)

The edges are filed and sanded until smooth and all imperfections removed.

13 (640x480)

The final shape is annealed, to soften the metal for forming.

14 (640x480)

The ring is roughly formed. I didn’t use a ring mandrel because I wanted the coil to resemble a naturally curled up dragon tail. So, the band is a circle capable of comfortably fitting around the finger, but is not perfectly round. The ring is bound with binding wire, ready for soldering.

15 (640x480)

The ring is soldered together, pickled and cleaned.

17 (640x480)

To achieve this colour I painted flux on the brass and heated. This was repeated 7/9 times (I lost count!) and the metal was given a gentle clean and the patina was fixed with a little plastic coat.

19 (640x480)


The ends of the claw-like, almost fleur-de-lis style tail are then wrapped perfectly around the labradorite faceted teardrop cabochan using a bezel pusher.

I picked labradorite to represent The Arkenstone because visually the colours match up beautifully, and I think the properties of labradorite fit in quite nicely with The Hobbit story.

Labradorite = “a stone of magic. wearing the stone allows one’s innate magical powers to surface.”


Ring finished. I moved onto my molten gold dripping dragon box.

Box (1) (640x480) Box (4) (480x640)

I striped out the insides of a found wooden box.

Box (6) (640x480) Box (8) (480x640)

Using a pendant drill, I scraped away little indents into the box.

Box (10) (640x480)

Which, using copious amounts of glue, were set into with off-cuts of faux chagreen.

Box (17) (480x640)

This material was also used to line the inside.

Box (20) (640x481)

And the book cover.

Box (18) (640x480) Box (19) (517x640)

Glue was built up around the scaled parts, which looks awful for now, but when leafed will appear like melting gold.

Box (22) (640x480)Box (15) (640x480) Box (23) (640x480) Box (24) (640x480) Box (26) (480x640)

The whole box is then painted with acrylics to match Smaug’s skin. Why? Well, the inside will be left as is, and I hope to have a few small cracks in the gold, so the red scales appear through.

Box (27) (480x640)

The surfaces are then painted with the leafing glue.

Box (29) (640x480)

And the leaf is applied.

Box (30) (640x480)


And smoothed over the surface.


Stay tuned for the next post…. sexy dragon makeup and the final piece will appear!!


Chloe out.


DJCAD Degree Show 2014

Degree Show (1)

I can’t really believe it happened.

The Degree Show.

My Degree Show.

I’ve completed four years at uni……..

I’m a jewellery graduate!

I’ve got to pretend to be an adult now….

… oh dear!

Anyway, here are some photos of my display at the Degree Show!

Chloe (99) (640x473)Chloe (102) (526x526)Chloe (16) (640x427)Chloe (56) (640x412)Chloe (94) (426x640)Chloe (93) (640x427)Chloe (21) (640x426)Chloe (22) (402x640)Chloe (30) (640x418)Chloe (41) (416x640)Chloe (1) (418x640)Chloe (5) (425x640)Chloe (66) (424x640)Chloe (73) (640x427)Chloe (89) (640x426)Chloe (95) (640x427)

And of course, thank you oh so much to all my wonderful friends and family who came out to support me! You guys rock!

Chloe (97) (640x464) Chloe (100) (640x452)Chloe (101) (464x640)Chloe (96) (640x427) Chloe (91) (640x427)Chloe (78) (640x427)1425682_10154346208630413_5553172254768843496_n (640x480) 10290619_10154346208465413_2965627479554365881_n

And thanks guys for the boootiful cards and flowers, oh and the sweeties too…. om nom nom!!

Chloe (103)


Look at us sexy jewellers at the opening night!

Group (5) (640x473)

And our wonderful tutors!

Tutors (3) (638x481)

Wanna see the work of my fellow jewellery friends?

Of course you do!

Check it out!

Alana (1) (640x427) Alana (4) (428x640)

Alana Peden

Angelia (1) (427x640) Angelia (2) (640x427)

Angelia Santangeli

Becky (1) (640x410) Becky (6) (640x426)

Rebecca Smith

Beth (2) (640x415) Beth (3) (640x428)

Beth Spowart

Catherine (3) (640x400) Catherine (5) (428x640)

Catherine Ritchie

Cathy (1) (640x417) Cathy (3) (640x418)

Cathy Wang

Emma (2) (640x426) Emma (5) (374x640)

Emma Thorogood

Grant (2) (640x418) Grant (3) (640x428)

Grant Herron

Jiayin (1) (640x419) Jiayin (6) (640x428)

Jiayin Li

Katie (1) (640x417) Katie (5) (640x402)

Katie Petrie

Kirstie (1) (418x640) Kirstie (2) (640x417)

Kirstie Snowdon

Michelle (2) (640x420) Michelle (4) (640x428)

Michelle Ho

Morag (1) (640x428) Morag2 (640x480)

Morag Eagleson

Rebecca (4) (640x428) Rebecca (10) (640x428)

Rebecca Black

Rosie (1) (640x415) Rosie (6) (640x423)

Rosie Kimber

Sayoko (2) (640x409) Sayoko (5) (640x408)

Sayoko Kobyashi

Sheila (2) (640x428) Sheila (9) (428x640)

Sheila Roussel

Susie (10) (640x428) Susie (640x456)

Susie Macleod

Wing (1) (640x409) Wing (6) (640x410)

Wing Chan



Awesome huh?


What did you think of the work? Where you at the show? What was your favourite piece?

Chloe out.


Mossycoat Photoshoot

Last time i showed you the whole process of how my Mossycoat neckpiece was made….. but i didn’t show you how it turned out! So here it is, the Mossycoat photoshoot!

Mossycoat (3)Mossycoat (4)Mossycoat (5)Mossycoat (2)    Mossycoat (6)   Mossycoat (9)Mossycoat (8)  Mossycoat (7)Mossycoat (11)Mossycoat (10)Mossycoat (1)


“Dear little Mossycoat.
I found her coat, it was in tatters, as was her fine white silk dress and the crown and melted all over the pebbles. From rags to riches and now back into the overgrown moss once more.
But I preserved you dear Mossycoat.
The dead moss from her coat has been stitched into the golden moss-etched pebbles and strung with thousands of precious mossy beads, culminating in a large golden pendant; where the magic lies. I unearthed two segments of her crown, the circles still perfect, and I stretched out her white silk dress to protect the wishes. Underneath the silk lies the only piece of the Mossycoat that still possesses the wishing power.
If you’re quiet, and close your eyes tight and whisper your wish into the coat, Mossycoat may just turn you into what you desire to be the most.”

What do you think?

Chloe out.

Mossycoat: The Making Of – Part 2

You might remember a good wee while ago I made Mossycoat.

You probably also remember that I wasn’t quite happy with what I made?

Well I made her again!

And she is awesome!

So, I thought I’d share with ya’ll how I made her (if you need to refresh your memory of part 1, visit this blog post).


Draw the pendant piece circles, which are a little larger than last time, and slightly thicker. The pendant needs to be a little heavier because the weight of the beads made the other one not sit quite right.


Saw out circles (I’ve kept the insides in because I used this opportunity to etch a sample for a Faery Wings piece).


Paint on etching fluid.



Scrape away etching fluid into awesome mossy pattern!






With the nitric acid way of etching, you need to constantly keep watch over it, and carefully wipe away air bubbles with a brush every minute or so to achieve an even etch.

This etch was quite deep, so was left in for about 20minutes.


Saw out inner circle.




Drill holes all the way around the outside and inside circles and clean up.


The discs where then sealed up in a bag and put to the side while I made the mossy pebbles (which will replace the little etched pieces of brass in the beaded chain).

Cut out nine rough pebble-like shapes.





And pickle.



Now the soft metal can be formed.

I use the traditional way because the metal takes up a rough shape and it gets dented and marked with the little imperfections in the hammer and the texture of the sandbag which is perfect for a natural look….. and hammering metal into shape is intensely satisfying!



Clean up and smooth the edges.




Punch holes all the way around the edges.



Drill holes!


And clean up.


Paint with etching fluid on both sides.


Etch! They are supposed to look like pebbles with moss growing over them.


Fire clean up pebbles to get rid of any excess etching fluid and give the brass an oxidised colour.



Rub back with sandpaper and steel wool to achieve a rough patina… like a pebble!


Seal pebbles in a bag and place to the side.

Now comes another disc shape (this one is replacing the jagged crown).

Fire metal with a variety of patinas, as well as a little silver solder, to create a mossy colour and texture.



Like so!


Draw circle shapes.


Saw out circles.




Drill holes around both edges and clean up back.



With all the metal elements complete it’s time to move onto the stitching!

First, melt little segments of the silk organza to create a torn texture.



Collect, clean and dry out moss.


Sew moss into pebbles with golden thread.



Sew moss between two slivers of heat-altered organza and sandwich between the brass discs with golden thread.


Stitch golden thread around mossy disc, covering the back with golden thread.



Lay out design. Cut out old metal elements, until only the beading remains.


Beading time!


Re-stitch various new elements into existing beading.




And……… you’ll just have to wait for the next post to see how it turned out :)

Chloe out.