I’m on Patreon!!!

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I’m really excited to tell you that I’m now on Patreon!!
I’m in my second month, I have 20 wonderful patrons, and I’m over halfway towards achieving my first goal!!
I’d really love it, if you like my artwork, and want to keep up with all the happenings in my artsy life and development, if you could support me over on there… even if it’s just $1 a month, every little helps, and your support means so much to me.
Visit my Patreon here, and for a little more info. keep scrolling…
Hi there!
My name is Chloe Henderson… nice to virtually meet you.I’m using Patreon to fund my creative business. I’m from, and currently live, in Edinburgh, Scotland where I create highly patterned artwork, and jewellery based on stories, mythology, and the nerdier things in life.

I’m happiest when I’m in front of my drawing board doodling furiously away, or sat at my bench sawing and hammering pieces of metal. If I could do this all the time I would, but it doesn’t quite pay the bills yet… but hopefully with your support I can get there!

What will you be funding?

Workshop and Studio Practice
I draw every day, and I try to get into the jewellery workshop at least once a week. Your pledges will cover the day to day creative expenses, such as: art supplies, workshop bills, jewellery materials, ordering prints and postal supplies, etc.

This will be my first commercial jewellery collection. It will be based on a faerytale I’m writing that brings together traditional undine mythology with our modern world, with added jewelled twists. I’m also aiming to make a film of this tale, and make a tail out of this tale… but you’ll have to get in on the Patreon-only posts to find out more…


My stall at Edinburgh Comic Con 2017
Next year, I would love to have enough artwork to get prints and merchandise made up to sell at Edinburgh’s Comic Con. I went to the event this year, and it was fantastic! The whole time I was there looking at all the glorious nerdy things, I couldn’t help but envy the indie artists selling their wares, and I knew I wanted to be them next year! The convention is usually in April, which gives me a whole year to achieve this goal of creating more nerdy artwork, and to save the money needed to book the table, and buy the stock to sell.

Thank you for reading, and thank you even more if you decide to support me :D
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Chloe out.

Amanda Palmer’s Art of Asking Tour at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall and some bonus shots of her signing my Coin-Operated Boy Vibrator Container!!!


Those who know me, know how much I love Amanda Palmer…… a lot! So anytime she pops on over to our lovely little island, I’m always first in line for a ticket! This time it was part of her Art of Asking book tour (and quite possibly last tour for a quite a wee while… oh noes!). If you haven’t read the book yet, read it. Just go. Go now. It’s fantastic. Book link here. TED talk link here. Go now. Enjoy.

The show was wonderful. Slow-paced… a little sombre with all the sad song requests… but broken up with bouts of laughter from the hilarious Janey Godley and the pregnant lady song!!… and she did play two of my favourites, Delilah and Coin-Operated Boy… and I got to sit on the floor inches away from the stage… oh, and I met a lot of wonderful music lovers, from one of my lovely little meetup groups (p.s. thanks for organizing that Dave!)… ooo and most exciting was when she read out my question!!! Teehee I’m glad the alien barcodes are the price of the baby!… and I am also now the proud owner of an Amanda Palmer nudie pen.

Yup, awesome show was awesome.

IMG_5845 IMG_5853 IMG_5857 IMG_5866 IMG_5873 IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5891 IMG_5893 IMG_5902 IMG_5916 IMG_5920

And if the show wasn’t enough I got to meet her at the kick-ass signing the next day in Waterstone’s. I don’t think I managed to say anything remotely intelligent to her, but I gave her a copy of my Coin-Operated Boy story, and my favourite hand-held silver brooch from that collection too! and she signed my box!!! I am now one happy jeweller!!!

Amanda if you’re reading this, I love you, I hope you like my story, and thank you.IMG_5923 IMG_5924 IMG_5928

And a bonus shot of the lovely camera-man’s feet!! Thanks!
IMG_5926 21526761_10152801840462553_1522265736133607077_nSqweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thanks Amanda.

Much love,

Chloe out.

p.s. if you want to know more about my Coin-Operated Boy piece, pop on over here.

New Designers

New Designers = a huge trade show for jewellery graduates to display their final year work, and where people from the industry visit and interact with said graduates.

A rather wonderful experience. Was more than lovely talking to everyone who passed through about my work, you were all so nice :) And I now know how to hand up a display with foam in a really short period of time with limited tools! and how to dress professionally, and how speak to people without wanting to run away! and am more than a little jealous of all the stunning work at the show! so much inspiration in one place.

And a trip to London, so all in all pretty awesome!


My display all set up and pretty… even with concretesque blocks!

Show (13)Show (2)Show (3)Show (12)Show (11)Show (10)Show (9)Show (8)Show (7)Show (6)Show (5)Show (4)Show (16)Show (20)Show (28)Show (26)Show (25)


Made myself a little Faery Wings inspired necklace to show off my work.

Show (15)

Sexy exhibitor pass!

Show (14)

A few photos from the opening night.

Show (17)Show (19)Show (18)Show (24)Show (23)Show (22)


Oh and let’s not forget, thanks you wonderful weirdoes for popping along! and thanks v.much for a lovely dinner :)

10500572_10152523510551552_3095978670064316605_n 10516888_10154274833850627_4410913711164605227_n

To see more New Designers photos, check out the Twitter feed.


New Designers was ace!

I even had enough time to hang around London a little bit…

DSCF0268 (480x640) DSCF0270 (480x640) IMG_0934 (480x640) IMG_0939 (479x640)

The British Museum

Was so hot in there that I didn’t spend too much time inside, but the ceiling was epic so I did take a few wee snaps:

IMG_8956 (640x480) IMG_8958 (640x480) IMG_8964 (640x481) IMG_8966 (480x640)

Natural History Museum

Beautiful museum, epically busy, but free and wonderful! The gemstones hall being my favourite…. so much sparkly!!!

IMG_0943 (480x640) DSCF0039 (480x640) DSCF0040 (480x640) DSCF0041 (640x480) DSCF0043 (640x480) DSCF0044 (480x640)

Moody whale selfie…

DSCF0046 (480x640) DSCF0050 (640x480) DSCF0052 (640x480) DSCF0055 (478x640)

I have too much fun by myself…..

DSCF0065 (480x640) DSCF0086 (640x445) DSCF0109 (480x640) DSCF0114 (640x478) DSCF0147 (480x640) DSCF0231 (480x640) DSCF0235 (640x480) DSCF0237 (640x480) DSCF0241 (640x479) DSCF0245 (480x640) Museums (72) (640x480) Museums (78) (640x480) Museums (86) (480x640) Museums (118) (480x640)


*design drools*

Museums (1) (479x640) Museums (3) (480x640) Museums (7) (480x640) Museums (9) (479x640) Museums (21) (480x640) Museums (26) (480x640) Museums (30) (640x480) Museums (31) (480x640) Museums (35) (640x480) Museums (42) (640x480) Museums (43) (640x482) Museums (45) (640x481) Museums (46) (640x480) Museums (47) (640x482) Museums (49) (640x480) Museums (50) (640x480)


Wonderful week…. thanks to everyone involved. Much love.


Chloe out.

Artists’ Books Love

Today i’m looking for a little booky inspiration.

I’m in the process of constructing all five of my books… and they’re coming along pretty wonderfully… but i’m turning to Pinterest for a little added inspiration to make sure i’m keeping up with the best!

So, thought i would share with you some of my favourites :)

(Oh, and for all image credits and many many more book examples, check out my Artist’s Books Pinterest board)

This one’s a library i’d very much like to visit: “from the wooden library at Alnarp, Sweden ~ there are 217 volumes in the set. This specific xylothek was made in Nurmburg, Germany from 1805-1810. Each book is made from the wood of a specific tree or shrub and contains specimens pertaining to that variety as well as a written description, biology, and practical use.” actual tree books… sounds divine.

Book love.

Got any great book ideas/examples? Throw them at me!

Chloe out.

DCA Bookbinding (Part 6/6)

Was rather sad when the final session came around :( It was such a nice wee course, with lovely people. Thanks for a lovely six weeks lovely people :) and thank you Emma for putting up with us all :)

Well. Last session. Last book.

This time, Japanese Atlas Structure. A fun and pretty simple little book that we whipped up in a couple of hours.

Commonly this book is used to contain atlases into a small book… but i’ve gone for pages from an old book! I think a wee book like this would make a wonderful travel companian, each little segment of book could contain a different piece of your trip; stick in notes, tickets, photos, etc. So that’s kind of what i’m going for in mine… i’m going to make it into a memento of my 21st birthday (which i still need to post about!).

Anyway, step 1: gather your paper. Four sheets for the inner pages, and then something to cover the boards with.

Japanese Atlas Structure (1)

Here are a few shots of the folding procedures for the inner sections…

Japanese Atlas Structure (4)

Japanese Atlas Structure (3)

Japanese Atlas Structure (2)

Did that make sense? So, your folding it long ways in on itself in half, with a little gap left in the middle. Then you’re doing the same the other way and leaving a slightly bigger gap in the middle.

Do this with all four sections. Use the first one as a guide, as this will ensure they are all the same size.

Japanese Atlas Structure (5)

Flatten the folded edges using a bone folder.

Japanese Atlas Structure (6)

Mark out and cut your board. It needs to fit one edge (ie. the bound edge) exactly, but can be a little bigger on the other three edges.

Japanese Atlas Structure (7)

Cover your boards. We made cushioned boards, ie. only the inside edges you see here are glued, the front is not, therefore giving it a cushioned effect. But… i’m always one for encouraging creativity, so go wild with your cover!!

Japanese Atlas Structure (8)


This strip of paper is the binding. Cut it to fit the side of your board, and fold as shown (ensuring you have enough valleys for your sections).

Japanese Atlas Structure (9)


Glue the two edges to your two cover boards. Hold tightly shut while the glue dries.

Japanese Atlas Structure (10)


Then glue in each section. Sections are glued to each other, not the binding. So the first section is glued to the cover, the next section is glued to that first section, and so on until you have a finished book… oh and top tip with this is to hold it tightly shut for about an hour or so until it is completely dry to avoid any movements in the binding and…..


Japanese Atlas Structure (11)Japanese Atlas Structure (12)Japanese Atlas Structure (13)Japanese Atlas Structure (14)Japanese Atlas Structure (15)Japanese Atlas Structure (16)


Well this wee course has filled me with a love for a handmade book and i can say i don’t think i’ll ever buy a sketchbook again (unless it is truly superly awesome)!

Now all i’ve got to do is whip up five artist’s books for each of my Lexicon collections…….. no bother!!!….

See you on the other side…

Chloe out.

DCA Bookbinding (Part 5/6)

Last session we were stitching up our copticly bound hard-cover books…. this session we finished them!!

Coptic Binding (24)Coptic Binding (25)Coptic Binding (26)Coptic Binding (28)Coptic Binding (29)

Awesome , huh?

We made another book this session too! And it only took 30 minutes!

Japanese Stab Binding (3)Japanese Stab Binding (4)Japanese Stab Binding (5)

I didn’t take any photos of the making process for this wee book because we zoomed through it so quickly! but if you google Japanese Stab Binding you will find lots of instructions on how to whip up this quick little book, and lots of different patterns for stitching (as shown below).

I think this technique is great for using up scrap paper. I’m never going to throw any paper away ever and i’m never going to buy a sketchbook again! You could save all your junk mail envelops and stitch them up, or go on a shopping spree and bind all your receipts, or save all your train tickets for the year or or or or or the list goes on… awesome sketchbook ideas floating around now!!

Here’s a few examples of this binding that i love (check out my Pinterest board for more):

See you next time.

Chloe out.

DCA Bookbinding (Part 4/6)

Following on from last week, we continued with our coptic stitch in this session.

Our cover boards were beautiful and flat for us, as they had been in the press all week, and more importantly they were also super dry!

Coptic Binding (17)


Like before with sections, we used our little guide to mark out holes for the cover stitches.

Coptic Binding (18)


Almost straight……………..!

Coptic Binding (19)


Holes punched using the braddle. Why this pattern? Well you’ll soon see!!

Coptic Binding (20)


Awesome huh? The little v’s are just decorative, and looking up some of the stitches on pinterest there are loads of wonderful stitches you could decorate up a book with.

Coptic Binding (21)

Coptic Binding (22)


Sorry for no stitching description…. but it was complicated and hard to photography… just google coptic stitch and you’ll get the jist!!

Coptic Binding (23)


As i said…. complicated…. so we didn’t quite finish it this session…

See you next time!

Chloe out.