Bye bye WordPress :(

Chloe Henderson is moving blogs!
So… I’ve been blogging with WordPress since I started blogging, and up until now I’ve loved it. But they recently made a change, and have monetized the platform. I used to be able to just pay for space upgrades, but now you have to pay for a plan… which I just can’t quite justify the money for, or really afford.

So… I’ve made a change… HELLO TUMBLR :D
I’m pretty positive about this change. I’m slowly becoming a huge tumblr fan. It has such a lovely community feel, and I hope my artsy blog will fit in well there :)

So…. if you want to keep reading this blog, pop on over to tumblr.


WordPress, you have been great, but it’s time for me to go in a new direction :)
Much arty love.
Chloe out.


Edinburgh Art Fair 2015

The 11th annual EAF will take place at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange from Friday 13th – Sunday 15th November 2015. With 60 galleries showcasing the work of hundreds of established and emerging, national and international artists from all four corners of the globe, there will be literally thousands of artworks for sale including; paintings, sculpture, original prints, photography, ceramics and glass.

We popped along to the Edinurgh Art Fair last Sunday, and it was rather delightful. I love wandering around a room filled with so much talent, it’s more than a little inspiring… so, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from the show…


Rachel Ann Stevenson

Margaretann Bennett

Mary Trodden

Frances Doherty

Juli Jolly… I might be a little bit in love with her work.

James Bonstow


Lucianne Lassalle

Georgie Woolridge a zentangle goddess. Love.

Chloe out.

Introduction to the Past: Thinking of You

A new blog category.

Reflections of the Past.

I thought it might be nice to give you little glimpses into my past life; the artworks and various creative endeavours I have created… the little paths that have led me to this moment.

School projects, long forgotten journal entries, photographs hiding down the back of the sofa, odd paintings I’ve totally forgotten about and all the other bits and pieces of creativity that wants to find a home on the internet… they want to crawl out from underneath my bed and show themselves off to you.

Are you as excited as they are?!

Well, here is number 1.

Thinking of You

This was the start of it all.

I never considered myself into photography until I had taken this photo.

It was just a doodle in sugar. I was out having tea and cake with my grandparents at a local garden centre, and as the moaned about the coming cold weather my mind wandered to my recent love affliction… okay so I had a crush! and instead of writing I love yous in my notebook like a normal person I wrote it in spilled sugar in a garden centre.

There was something quite beautiful about the moment. I tuned out everything around me and all I could see was my reflection in the teapot and his name manifested itself in the sugar… it was a weird moment, so naturally I wanted to document it…. ahhhh blissful crushes!!

All I had back then was a crappy phone camera, but miraculously the photo turned out rather beautifully.

I picked the photography module at school, pinched my Mum’s decent DSLR and have loved snapping away ever since.

Chloe out.

Stephen M Harris

Remember this guy? I posted a while ago, when we nicked their campervan, about his wonderful painted up house… well he’s reviving the whole art thing and is being rather prolific and wonderful so thought i’d share some of his work with ya’ll.

But first…. look at the totally bloody awesome art i got from him (beadwork by Sara and Zak!!) for the Hollydays:

Awesome right?!


Visit his fancy new WEBSITE too.

Follow him on his WORDPRESS blog.

And of course like him on FACEBOOK and follow his twitterings on TWITTER… oh and i think he will have instagram soon too, so look out for that!

And i believe there is going to be a wee shop up soon too! I’ll post that when it’s up and running :)

For now, enjoy some lovely works of his art:

The Wave

The Wave


Silent Scream


Silent Scream


The Pheonix and The Chicken


Tree Struck by Lightening

Bubblehead (/Bumblebee Man)



Chloe out.


Dùghall en France: Grimper Montmartre

Montmarte was definitely my favourite place in Paris. It was beautiful. All the art… heaven in the centre of Paris! If i lived in that city, that area would be my home!

After parking Dùghall we headed straight up to the top; the views out over Paris were amazing, and right at the peak of stood the stunning Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmarte.

Day 5 (75)

Day 5 (76)

Day 5 (79)

Day 5 (82)

Day 5 (80)

Day 5 (83)

Day 5 (211)

After a little trip inside the cathedral (no photos :( sorry) we had Monsieur SatNav to guide us back down the hill!

Day 5 (84)

On our travels we came across the Salvador Dali Museum.

I have to admit to not really knowing anything about Dali at all. All my knowledge of him is based around “surreal” and “dripping clocks” and that was about it. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that i love his work! Wandering around that little gallery made me into a fan. It wasn’t just the aesthetics of the pieces that i liked but also the stories behind them; each piece had a statement beside it describing in great detail the narrative of the works and i wish i had taken photos of them because they were beautiful…. alas you will just have to make do with images of his wonderful works:

Day 5 (85)

Day 5 (86)


Day 5 (87)


Day 5 (89)


The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but this cone of yellow was just magnificent. I think this elephant piece was my favourite… there was just something so captivating about it. If i’d had the money i would have forked it out for on of the miniature replicas!


Day 5 (90)


Day 5 (92)


Day 5 (93)


Day 5 (94)


Day 5 (95)


Day 5 (98)


Day 5 (96)


Day 5 (97)


Day 5 (99)


Day 5 (100)


Day 5 (101)


Day 5 (102)


After a quick ice tea we headed back down through Montmarte.

Day 5 (103)


And naturally stopping at all the pretty things on the way past….

Day 5 (73)


Day 5 (74)


Jamie was so excited by all the art.


Day 5 (205)


Day 5 (104)


Don’t worry we had Monsieur SatNav to guide us again!!

Day 5 (106) Day 5 (217)


Day 5 (215)


Day 5 (106)


It wouldn’t be a proper trip to Montmarte without visiting the Moulin Rouge building!

It would have been nice to go to the show…. but the tickets were SO expensive… ach well we would just have to settle for getting our photos taken outside!


Day 5 (112)


Day 5 (114)


Day 5 (219)


Just across the road from Moulin Rouge we discovered Jamie’s favourite shop in Paris!

Day 5 (115)


Day 5 (116)


Day 5 (222)


Rounding up our day in Montmarte was a visit to the famous cemetery. Which was beautiful and bizarre; over the top of the various mausoleums was an overpass! Very strange. The whole place was huge, but incredibly beautiful. I wish we had had longer to wander around all the monuments, but the meter was running out on Dùghall by that point and we had to rush back… i could have spent the whole afternoon there flitting inbetween the graves.

Day 5 (117)

Day 5 (118)

Day 5 (119)


Day 5 (120)


Day 5 (122)


Day 5 (227)

Day 5 (121)

Day 5 (123)

Day 5 (224)

Day 5 (225)

Day 5 (226)




Montmarte was a fabulous end to our stay in Paris…. tomorrow we head off to Soulac-Sur-Mer so stay tuned!


See you on the other side.

Chloe out.

Dùghall en France: Découvrir la Merveille D’or de Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was goldenly stunning!

My expectations were centered around it being the epitome of French royalty and opulence and i was not disappointed. Despite the excessively long queue (it took like 2hours to get in!) that zigzagged up and down the entrance that we had to wait in, it was well worth the visit. Make sure you check the opening times before you go… the whole of France seems to have bizarre opening/closing times and Versailles was no exception (we ended up going twice as it was closed first time!). I think there may have been a fastpass type thing/tickets bought beforehand that might be worth getting especially if you’re going during the holidays, but i’m not so sure what the deal is there! If you do go, prepare to wait around for a long time but know that it’s worth it when you get inside (apart from all the other tourists you have to push pass).

Don’t believe me? Check out the photographic proof!

Day 3 (1)

Dùghall is worthy of royal vehicle status!

Day 3 (2)

Day 5 (1)

Day 5 (173)

Day 5 (1)

Day 5 (2)

Day 5 (5)

Day 5 (7)

Day 5 (8)

Day 5 (9)

Day 5 (10)

Day 5 (67)

This is the wonderful set of rooms where we bought the tickets and browsed the giftshop… i loved the bizarrely modern designed chandeliers and the chicken wallpaper:

Day 5 (139)

Day 5 (140)

Day 5 (142)

Day 5 (143)

Day 5 (141)

The gardens were amazing!

Day 3 (3)

Day 3 (5)

Day 3 (71)

Day 3 (8)

Day 3 (9)

Day 3 (69)

Day 3 (75)

Day 3 (78)

Next stop: the incredible interior…

Day 5 (17)

Day 5 (12)

Day 5 (13)

Because every home needs a really weird statue of a monkey riding a goat…..

Day 5 (16)

Day 5 (15)

Day 5 (22)

Day 5 (23)

Day 5 (26)

Day 5 (28)

Day 5 (29)

Day 5 (31)

Sophisticated selfie!

Day 5 (33)

Day 5 (34)bw

Day 5 (35)

Day 5 (40)

Day 5 (41)

Day 5 (42)

Day 5 (43)

Day 5 (45)

Day 5 (47)

Day 5 (48)

Day 5 (49)

Day 5 (51)

Day 5 (52)

During a battle is definitely the best time for ballroom dancing…

Day 5 (53)

Sarcastic Scotsman looks down on you disapprovingly because you can never have as many tassels covering your genitalia as he does…

Day 5 (56)

That awkward moment when Billy Connolly rides off to war…

Day 5 (57)

Day 5 (65)

Day 5 (68)

Day 5 (69)

Day 5 (71)


On our way out we came across this beautiful art installation in one of the rooms. I couldn’t find any information about in the palace, and my googling was unsuccessful… so i can’t really tell you anything other than i thought it was beautiful (if you’ve got any information about what it is/who made it please drop me a comment, thanks)!

Day 5 (58)


Day 5 (59)


Day 5 (60)


Day 5 (62)


Day 5 (61)


Day 5 (63)


Day 5 (64)




And next onto Montmarte….

Day 5 (72)


See you in the next installment :)

Chloe out.