Amanda Palmer’s Art of Asking Tour at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall and some bonus shots of her signing my Coin-Operated Boy Vibrator Container!!!


Those who know me, know how much I love Amanda Palmer…… a lot! So anytime she pops on over to our lovely little island, I’m always first in line for a ticket! This time it was part of her Art of Asking book tour (and quite possibly last tour for a quite a wee while… oh noes!). If you haven’t read the book yet, read it. Just go. Go now. It’s fantastic. Book link here. TED talk link here. Go now. Enjoy.

The show was wonderful. Slow-paced… a little sombre with all the sad song requests… but broken up with bouts of laughter from the hilarious Janey Godley and the pregnant lady song!!… and she did play two of my favourites, Delilah and Coin-Operated Boy… and I got to sit on the floor inches away from the stage… oh, and I met a lot of wonderful music lovers, from one of my lovely little meetup groups (p.s. thanks for organizing that Dave!)… ooo and most exciting was when she read out my question!!! Teehee I’m glad the alien barcodes are the price of the baby!… and I am also now the proud owner of an Amanda Palmer nudie pen.

Yup, awesome show was awesome.

IMG_5845 IMG_5853 IMG_5857 IMG_5866 IMG_5873 IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5891 IMG_5893 IMG_5902 IMG_5916 IMG_5920

And if the show wasn’t enough I got to meet her at the kick-ass signing the next day in Waterstone’s. I don’t think I managed to say anything remotely intelligent to her, but I gave her a copy of my Coin-Operated Boy story, and my favourite hand-held silver brooch from that collection too! and she signed my box!!! I am now one happy jeweller!!!

Amanda if you’re reading this, I love you, I hope you like my story, and thank you.IMG_5923 IMG_5924 IMG_5928

And a bonus shot of the lovely camera-man’s feet!! Thanks!
IMG_5926 21526761_10152801840462553_1522265736133607077_nSqweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thanks Amanda.

Much love,

Chloe out.

p.s. if you want to know more about my Coin-Operated Boy piece, pop on over here.


Silver Circle Scales

Over the Hollydays I was commissioned to make a set of jewellery based on a few sample pieces that a client happened to see when he popped into the workshop. I was playing with textures and the new disc cutter in the workshop. He wanted me to make two sets of jewellery featuring these texture discs and related to my The Little (Dead) Mermaid work.

This is what I created…

Frame (3) Frame (4) Frame (5) Frame (6) Frame (8) Frame (9) Frame (11) Frame (13) Frame (14) Frame (16) DSC_0343 DSC_0347 DSC_0352 DSC_0353 DSC_0278 DSC_0283 DSC_0288 DSC_0299 DSC_0316 DSC_0319

What do you think?

If you’re interested in setting up a commission, please pop on over to my Commissions Page for more details.

Chloe out.

Dundee Wearable Arts Show (Preview!)


On Saturday I travelled up to Dundee (foliage and all!!) for the first ever Dundee Wearable Arts Show… and it was brilliant fun!


I just wanted to write a quick post to say thank you so much to all involved. Thanks for picking my work to be featured in the show and thank you so so much to everyone who helped put it together, as well as everyone who came along for the night… it really wouldn’t have been a show without you!… and a huge thank you to my wonderful model! You were fabulous Charlie :)


I didn’t get a chance to take many photos… but there were loads of photographers snapping around! So, when I get the photo filled email I’ll post lots of pictures and blog properly about the show…….. stay tuned!!

Oh, and Mrs.Cupcake….. thanks for the roses! I’ll pop down to the shops and replace them just now!!!


Chloe out.

Dundee Wearable Arts Awards Show…. I’m in that!!

Opened up my email box this morning to discover that my Faery Wings work has been accepted to appear at the Dundee Wearable Arts Awards Show!!

I’m so excited!

And I’d love you all to share in my excitement by coming along to the event!

Tickets are only £10 and this is also a fund-raising event in aids for Dundee WestFest and The Friends of Magdalen Green charities.

The show is 7pm on October 11th in the Dundee Rep’s Bonar Hall

Get your tickets here: DundeeRep Tickets

And join the facebook event here: Dundee Wearable Arts Awards Show

Can’t wait to see you all there :)

Faery Wings (1)smallFaery Wings (13) (640x428)edit61 (640x428)

Chloe out.

New Designers

New Designers = a huge trade show for jewellery graduates to display their final year work, and where people from the industry visit and interact with said graduates.

A rather wonderful experience. Was more than lovely talking to everyone who passed through about my work, you were all so nice :) And I now know how to hand up a display with foam in a really short period of time with limited tools! and how to dress professionally, and how speak to people without wanting to run away! and am more than a little jealous of all the stunning work at the show! so much inspiration in one place.

And a trip to London, so all in all pretty awesome!


My display all set up and pretty… even with concretesque blocks!

Show (13)Show (2)Show (3)Show (12)Show (11)Show (10)Show (9)Show (8)Show (7)Show (6)Show (5)Show (4)Show (16)Show (20)Show (28)Show (26)Show (25)


Made myself a little Faery Wings inspired necklace to show off my work.

Show (15)

Sexy exhibitor pass!

Show (14)

A few photos from the opening night.

Show (17)Show (19)Show (18)Show (24)Show (23)Show (22)


Oh and let’s not forget, thanks you wonderful weirdoes for popping along! and thanks v.much for a lovely dinner :)

10500572_10152523510551552_3095978670064316605_n 10516888_10154274833850627_4410913711164605227_n

To see more New Designers photos, check out the Twitter feed.


New Designers was ace!

I even had enough time to hang around London a little bit…

DSCF0268 (480x640) DSCF0270 (480x640) IMG_0934 (480x640) IMG_0939 (479x640)

The British Museum

Was so hot in there that I didn’t spend too much time inside, but the ceiling was epic so I did take a few wee snaps:

IMG_8956 (640x480) IMG_8958 (640x480) IMG_8964 (640x481) IMG_8966 (480x640)

Natural History Museum

Beautiful museum, epically busy, but free and wonderful! The gemstones hall being my favourite…. so much sparkly!!!

IMG_0943 (480x640) DSCF0039 (480x640) DSCF0040 (480x640) DSCF0041 (640x480) DSCF0043 (640x480) DSCF0044 (480x640)

Moody whale selfie…

DSCF0046 (480x640) DSCF0050 (640x480) DSCF0052 (640x480) DSCF0055 (478x640)

I have too much fun by myself…..

DSCF0065 (480x640) DSCF0086 (640x445) DSCF0109 (480x640) DSCF0114 (640x478) DSCF0147 (480x640) DSCF0231 (480x640) DSCF0235 (640x480) DSCF0237 (640x480) DSCF0241 (640x479) DSCF0245 (480x640) Museums (72) (640x480) Museums (78) (640x480) Museums (86) (480x640) Museums (118) (480x640)


*design drools*

Museums (1) (479x640) Museums (3) (480x640) Museums (7) (480x640) Museums (9) (479x640) Museums (21) (480x640) Museums (26) (480x640) Museums (30) (640x480) Museums (31) (480x640) Museums (35) (640x480) Museums (42) (640x480) Museums (43) (640x482) Museums (45) (640x481) Museums (46) (640x480) Museums (47) (640x482) Museums (49) (640x480) Museums (50) (640x480)


Wonderful week…. thanks to everyone involved. Much love.


Chloe out.

DJCAD Degree Show 2014

Degree Show (1)

I can’t really believe it happened.

The Degree Show.

My Degree Show.

I’ve completed four years at uni……..

I’m a jewellery graduate!

I’ve got to pretend to be an adult now….

… oh dear!

Anyway, here are some photos of my display at the Degree Show!

Chloe (99) (640x473)Chloe (102) (526x526)Chloe (16) (640x427)Chloe (56) (640x412)Chloe (94) (426x640)Chloe (93) (640x427)Chloe (21) (640x426)Chloe (22) (402x640)Chloe (30) (640x418)Chloe (41) (416x640)Chloe (1) (418x640)Chloe (5) (425x640)Chloe (66) (424x640)Chloe (73) (640x427)Chloe (89) (640x426)Chloe (95) (640x427)

And of course, thank you oh so much to all my wonderful friends and family who came out to support me! You guys rock!

Chloe (97) (640x464) Chloe (100) (640x452)Chloe (101) (464x640)Chloe (96) (640x427) Chloe (91) (640x427)Chloe (78) (640x427)1425682_10154346208630413_5553172254768843496_n (640x480) 10290619_10154346208465413_2965627479554365881_n

And thanks guys for the boootiful cards and flowers, oh and the sweeties too…. om nom nom!!

Chloe (103)


Look at us sexy jewellers at the opening night!

Group (5) (640x473)

And our wonderful tutors!

Tutors (3) (638x481)

Wanna see the work of my fellow jewellery friends?

Of course you do!

Check it out!

Alana (1) (640x427) Alana (4) (428x640)

Alana Peden

Angelia (1) (427x640) Angelia (2) (640x427)

Angelia Santangeli

Becky (1) (640x410) Becky (6) (640x426)

Rebecca Smith

Beth (2) (640x415) Beth (3) (640x428)

Beth Spowart

Catherine (3) (640x400) Catherine (5) (428x640)

Catherine Ritchie

Cathy (1) (640x417) Cathy (3) (640x418)

Cathy Wang

Emma (2) (640x426) Emma (5) (374x640)

Emma Thorogood

Grant (2) (640x418) Grant (3) (640x428)

Grant Herron

Jiayin (1) (640x419) Jiayin (6) (640x428)

Jiayin Li

Katie (1) (640x417) Katie (5) (640x402)

Katie Petrie

Kirstie (1) (418x640) Kirstie (2) (640x417)

Kirstie Snowdon

Michelle (2) (640x420) Michelle (4) (640x428)

Michelle Ho

Morag (1) (640x428) Morag2 (640x480)

Morag Eagleson

Rebecca (4) (640x428) Rebecca (10) (640x428)

Rebecca Black

Rosie (1) (640x415) Rosie (6) (640x423)

Rosie Kimber

Sayoko (2) (640x409) Sayoko (5) (640x408)

Sayoko Kobyashi

Sheila (2) (640x428) Sheila (9) (428x640)

Sheila Roussel

Susie (10) (640x428) Susie (640x456)

Susie Macleod

Wing (1) (640x409) Wing (6) (640x410)

Wing Chan



Awesome huh?


What did you think of the work? Where you at the show? What was your favourite piece?

Chloe out.


The Little (Dead) Mermaid Photoshoot

Not the red-headed Disney princess we all know and love, these pieces follow the darker notes of the original fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.
When a mermaid dies she becomes sea foam, forever to float on the water’s surface.
I read this tale as a child and right up until this day, every time I see sea foam my first thought is always ‘dead mermaid’.
The bubble forms you see floating before you in the preserved sections of the ocean are inspired by the shapes of sea foam as it ripples and cascades through the waves and over the tides. The metal is 3-D printed steel forms from my computer design drawings, which I have hand-etched with gruesome sea-creaturesque imagery and added dimensions to with limbs and parts of protruding dead sea monsters, sat amongst the gems of the depths.
Mermaids don’t just dissolve wistfully away into bubbles, they melt and shrink and fall apart at the seams. These floating creations are merely scooped up dead mermaids solidified around your fingers, necks and ears.

Dead Mermaids (1) (428x640) Dead Mermaids (2) (428x640) Dead Mermaids (2) (640x428) Dead Mermaids (3)small Dead Mermaids (4) (428x640) Dead Mermaids (5) Dead Mermaids (6) (640x428) Dead Mermaids (8) (428x640) Dead Mermaids (9) (640x428) Dead Mermaids (10) (640x428) Dead Mermaids (11) (640x428) Dead Mermaids (12) (640x428)


What do you think?


Chloe out.