Bye bye WordPress :(

Chloe Henderson is moving blogs!
So… I’ve been blogging with WordPress since I started blogging, and up until now I’ve loved it. But they recently made a change, and have monetized the platform. I used to be able to just pay for space upgrades, but now you have to pay for a plan… which I just can’t quite justify the money for, or really afford.

So… I’ve made a change… HELLO TUMBLR :D
I’m pretty positive about this change. I’m slowly becoming a huge tumblr fan. It has such a lovely community feel, and I hope my artsy blog will fit in well there :)

So…. if you want to keep reading this blog, pop on over to tumblr.


WordPress, you have been great, but it’s time for me to go in a new direction :)
Much arty love.
Chloe out.