The Johanna & Fish Filleting

Day 11 of my travels with The Clipperton Project around the Faroe Islands.

Today we were still in Vágur, and this morning we were hanging around the town waiting for The Johanna to be ready for us.

I pottered about the shops in the morning, had a wander with some of the group, and then headed down to the harbour, where we met Bjirni (I think that is how it was spelt!! his name was pronounced bee-yer-ni… ish!)… or Santa, as we ended up calling him! He is a fisherman, and would later be joining us on some parts of our journey.

Seeing as The Faroe Islands is well-renowned for it’s fish, we had been searching out fresh fish for dinner… and found some!

Santa even let us fillet and sample the catch!… although I merely spectated!!

Faroes (341)Faroes (342)Faroes (343)Faroes (344)Faroes (345)

Faroes (346)Faroes (349)


Finally! The Johanna was ready for us!!

Isn’t she beautiful?

IMG_2885Faroes (352)

Sadly, she is now engine powered and no longer relies on her beautiful red sails.

Faroes (353)Faroes (354)Faroes (355)Faroes (356)Faroes (359)Faroes (362)IMG_2609IMG_2610IMG_2611IMG_2612IMG_2613IMG_2618IMG_2619IMG_2620IMG_2621IMG_2623IMG_2624IMG_2625IMG_2626IMG_2627IMG_2628 bwIMG_2876IMG_2878

That’s my bunk! the one on the bottom left. And below is a wee video of what it was like inside….. yes…. we were basically sleeping in cupboards! which involved a fair amount of nighttime and morning gymnastics to get in and out of!



Sailing tomorrow! Wooo!!

Stay tuned…

Chloe out.


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