Tòrshavn Fort & Anna Iachino

Day 9 of my travels with The Clipperton Project around the Faroe Islands.

Today we were still in Tòrshavn and my day was very chilled out and soul-soothing.

I spent my morning in a lovely little cafe down by the port, sipping on a yummy marshmallow filled hot chocolate, eating sugary crepes, catching up with some loved ones via the internet, and updating my journal with scribblings and doodles.

It was just what I needed.

In the afternoon I went for a wander, and found myself at Skansin.

Skansin (literally: the jump) is a historic fortress in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

Skansin is located on a hill beside the port of Tórshavn. The fort was built in 1580 by Magnus Heinason to protect against pirate raids of the town, after he himself was nearly caught up in one such raid. The fort was expanded considerably in 1780 and went through a series of rebuilds for many years afterwards. During the Second World War the fort served Britain as a military base. Two 5.5 inch guns date from the British occupation, standing along with many older Danish cannons.

One of the Faroese lighthouses, the Skansin Lighthouse (Skansin international lighthouse), towers over the fortress, pointing the way to the capital. The strategic location of the fort offers tourists picturesque views of Tórshavn port, surrounding landscape and views out towards Nólsoy island.

Faroes (280)Faroes (282)Faroes (283)Faroes (284)Faroes (285)Faroes (286)Faroes (287)Faroes (288)Faroes (292)Faroes (293)Faroes (294)Faroes (295)Faroes (296)Faroes (298)

I headed back to the hostel for a spot of dinner, then we wandered back into town to meet with Anna Iachino.

Anna Iachino ia an Italian lyricist/vocalist and poet, born on January 22nd, 1961. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Her strength is in her animated storytelling,  she sings and raps and performs spoken word, over the suberb bass playing and well crafted compositions of husband, Faroese bass virtuoso, Arnold Ludvig, winner of the 2005 Atlantic Music Event’s, Best Bass player Award.

Together they lead the band, MonkeyRat and deliver an original and powerful expression, rooted in Funk, with a little Reggae, Retro, Urban, Soul and hints of Jazz and Punk.

(read more)

Anna was great. She talked to us for ages, about her life, her music, Faroese culture, the music scene on the islands – I could have listened to her stories for hours! – and then a few of us went with her to watch her husband’s band play in the local music venue.

I completely forgot to bring my camera to this, which is a shame, as they were fantastic, and I would’ve liked to have filmed a bit! but alas, ephemeral it shall stay…. just this one photo I pinched from Lea Kannar of the band!

Lea Kannar (1)


More to come soon…

Chloe out.


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