From Tòrshavn to Kirkjubøur

Day 2 of my residency in The Faroe Islands with The Clipperton Project.

Today we day-tripped to the tiny town of Kirkjubøur.

But first, a wee group of us took the scenic route from our house up on the hill of Tòrshavn down to the bus terminal.

IMG_1922 bwIMG_1923IMG_1925IMG_1926 bwIMG_1927IMG_1928IMG_1929IMG_1931IMG_1934IMG_1935IMG_1936IMG_1940IMG_1941IMG_1942

Next stop Kirkjubøur.


It was a beautiful walk down the road from the bus stop to the town.IMG_1948IMG_1949IMG_1957Photo below pinched from Lynne Reed.Lynne Reed (1)

A beautiful little coastal town, with about 80 inhabitants, and featuring the oldest church on the island. It’s thought that this town originally featured a viking settlement, but evidence of this as minimal as it was diminished when the Catholic movement arrived on the Faroes. The original Magnus Cathedral church in this town dates back to 1111 and the slightly newer building Olav Church, dates back to 1290.

IMG_1999IMG_1973IMG_1974IMG_1975IMG_1998IMG_1997 BWIMG_1996 bw

There was also a little traditional style stone building with a grass sown roof, out on the coastal edge, just away from the cemetery, which was oddly quite far away from the two churches.

IMG_1951IMG_1953IMG_1954IMG_1956 bwPhoto below pinched from Lea Kannar.Lea Kannar (1)IMG_1967IMG_1971IMG_1955IMG_1958IMG_1961IMG_1965IMG_1972 bw

And in the town was a traditional style Faroese house, which I later discovered was a “castle”. It’s called Kirkjubøargarður and was owned by one of the oldest families on the island, Patursson. It was beautiful inside and out.


Pretty little town and such stunning sunshine! Another perfect day…

IMG_2001Faroes (770)

… and we even had a pretty pony join us for lunch!!

Faroes (767)Faroes (765)

Stay tuned for more!

Chloe out.


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