Arrival in The Faroe Islands and a Cultural Night in Tòrshavn

Day 1 of my trip with The Clipperton Project to the Faroe Islands.

Today I travelled from Edinburgh to Vagar to Tòrshavn.

Faroes (772)

I arrived in on June 3rd to Vagar airport, and we travelled from the airport to the island of Stremoy to the town of Tòrshavn, where we’re staying for the next couple of days.

I met 3 of our lovely group at the airport, and the rest shortly after we arrived in our accommodation. There was a group of 13 of us. We were a great mixed group, who I slowly tried to get to know over the following weeks… but at this point I’d sussed out that they were all so lovely! and were studying, and trying to achieve really interesting projects. I couldn’t wait to find out more!

This was the view from our window on the hill of Tòrshavn…

Faroes (754)

And a cute wee lenticular cloud to greet us too!!



We were lucky enough to coincide our first night with the Tòrshavn “Cultural Evening” which was a lovely night, spread across the whole town with different  events, pop up shops, talks, live music, dancing, food, etc. etc.



We all wandered around, enjoying some pancakes, and free marshmallows. Taking in all the different shops, and art works.

We didn’t quite get round everything, as it was all so spread out, and the little group I was with mostly stayed to enjoy the live music. There are some stunningly talented metal musicians on the Faroe Islands!!

IMG_1909Screenshot (1)Screenshot (2)

Our merry crew enjoying some free beer :)


But we did manage to see some traditional skills from viking-style people, including this woman casting tin into little pendants. I don’t know the technical terms for each of these tools, but she basically heated up the ingots of tin in the metal (I assume iron) crucible in the fire pit, and once molten, poured it in the stone mould. A beautifully simple way of casting metal jewellery, and I’m so glad this was the opening to my trip!


We also caught this traditional chain dance (will talk more about this later on! stay tuned!) going on in the local music store.


Wonderful first day!

Chloe out.


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