Memento Mori (An Ode to Dead Dye Jobs)

Memento Mori
 1. an object kept as a reminder of the inevitability of death.
2. Latin, literally ‘remember (that you have) to die’.

An Ode To Dead Dye Jobs
I collect my dead hair.
A strange habit I know.
A bit of a gross habit? yeah, I can see why you’d think that.
I’m not sure why I do it. It just feels like I could use it one day, so I save it.
When my hair brush is full, I pull off the tangled locks, and place them in a jar.
Okay… now you think I’m crazy right?
I don’t blame you.
One of the nice things about it, is I get to see colour gradients forming. I dye my hair, mostly, every month, and I never pick the same colour, so layers of colours form.

I’ve made a miniature sculpture to celebrate my oddness, and to “light a candle” for my now passed dye jobs…..


Saw-pierce out a copper oval.Working (1)

Sand and file the edges of the copper oval until smooth, and sand the surface with varying grades of sandpaper, until scratch-free.Working (2)

Clean the surface of the metal in preparation for drawing on.Working (3)

Draw! I’ve never used markers before, so this was a bit of an experiment.Working (5)

After sealing the back of the oval, place in etching baths, for roughly 3hours.Working (6)

After cleaning away the marker and etching grounds, drill holes all around the oval’s edge.Working (7)

After polishing the metal, seal with wax to prevent the copper from oxidising too quickly.Working (8)

Take a sheet of white silk organza, and alter the shape using heat.Working (9)Working (10)Working (11)

Find a ball of colourful hair!Working (12)

Stitch organza into the holes around the copper.Working (13)

Fill with hair, and continue to stitch until the end.Working (14)

Cut the organza into an oval.Working (15)Working (16)

Stitch beads all around the edges of the oval.Working (17)



Memento Mori (1)Memento Mori (2)Memento Mori (4)Memento Mori (6)Memento Mori (7)Memento Mori (8)Memento Mori (9)Memento Mori (10)Memento Mori (11)Memento Mori (12)Memento Mori (13)Memento Mori (14)Memento Mori (15)Memento Mori (16)Memento Mori (17)

What do you think?

Chloe out.


Where Our Minds Are Now


Last week my Hairy Legs were featured in Tin Roof’s exhibition Where Our Minds Are Now

Hairy Legs (pinksplatter)

In recognition of International Women’s Day 2016, Tin Roof are delighted to present WHERE OUR MINDS OUR NOW; an exhibition created in response to the theme of Women and Gender Parity.

Exhibiting over 30 artists from a range of different backgrounds, working in a variety of mediums, we have brought together an impressive miscellany of visual approaches to be as inclusive as possible. Consequently, this show is sure to be an exciting and eclectic mix, exploring contemporary interpretations of women in art.

Join us on Friday 4th March at 7pm for the opening night, at which there will be a short talk from local artist and DJCAD lecturer Pernille Spence, on the importance of the presence and representation of women in contemporary art. (She also has work in ‘The Mother Load’ exhibition at The Hannah Maclure Center!)

The usual refreshments will be provided, along with a bake sale to raise funds for Dundee Women’s Aid, so fill those pockets with loose change!

The exhibition will run from the 5th-9th March from 12-5pm

Exhibiting Artists: Ruth Archibald-Swaans, Sue Beveridge, Craig Black, Alana Brown, Andrea Campomanes, Kirsty Dalton, Violet Fraser, Robyn Glendinning, Rosemary Head, Joanna Helfer, Chloe Henderson, Ana Hine, Naya Magaliou, Emma McDowall, Pauline McGee, Siobahn Morison, Eilidh Morris, Drew Mortimore, Shannon Murray, Ciara Neufeldt, Alison Philp, Lucie Rachel, Rosie Roberts, Robyn Scanlan, Sarah Smart, Aylson Stewart, Sylvia Tarvet, Stephanie Vandem, Saara Varady, * VINNIE *, Eilidh Wilson, Nicola Wiltshire

The exhibition seemed to go really well, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites (photos courtesy of Tin Roof)…..


Alison PhilpAlisonPhilp_IWD

Ana HineAnaHine_IWD

Aylson StewartAylsonStewart_IWD_2

Craig BlackCraigBlack_IWD_4

Robyn GlendinninRobynGlendinning_IWD

Rosie RobertsRosieRoberts_IWD

Sara Varady


And last but not least….. my own :)


Chloe out.


At the moment, life for me is writing lots of job applications. It’s good practice in writing about myself… it’s good practice in not getting frustrated when people don’t get in touch with you… it’s good practice in reminding myself just why I want to be a successful artist…. but it’s not a good practice in creativity!

So………… A year of creativity.

I’m going to create a piece of art every single day from my 23rd birthday to my 24th.
I want to bring more creativity into my life, and I think the best way to do that is to experiment with my craft a little bit everyday.

Follow my project on Facebook, as that is where I’ll be posting my art everyday.

All pieces in this Facebook album are for sale. Prices from £5-£35 with postage included. Just click on the individual photographs for more details.

I’m still working on my Ondine project, she’s just a little in the background as I try to re-build my momentum for her. I love her, she is my most exciting project, but sometimes she becomes a little overwhelming… and the anxiety that plagues me can’t always deal with that. Ondine, know I love you, but I just need to work on you slower than I intended.
At the moment, my lovely blog readers, I’ve mostly been focusing on the writing aspect, and the logistics…. so, I don’t have any pretty pictures to show you :( but, I will always keep you updated when I do!!

For now! here are some pretty pictures of some of my favourite #ArtADay pieces so far…

12. Take Me To The Cinema

4. Eyelashes10. Aquanebula7. Merslothmaid (1)

18. Bigger On The Inside (1)

9. It's All In Your Head (1)1. Roses are red, Violets are blue (1)

16. Let It Kill You (black)

And be sure to give me a wee like over on Facebook to follow the rest of this project, along with all my other arty things :)

Chloe out.

Happy 18th Birthday Nicole Leadbetter

For my cousin’s 18th Birthday I made her an ocean inspired necklace and earrings set.

She loves all things under the sea, in particular whales and dolphins…. so what to make her? A whale tail necklace with splash drop earrings of course!
And as, she too, is a February birthday, it just had to be an amethyst stone… these ones a beautiful pastel Lavender Amethyst.

A few in process shots…

2016-02-19 16.04.582016-02-19 17.03.142016-02-25 11.17.172016-02-25 15.27.472016-02-25 15.41.432016-02-25 16.49.19

…. and the finished piece…


Happy Birthday Nicole :)
I hope you like them!

Chloe out.