Ondine Tail Weaving Samples

As well as my collection samples I’ve been working on designs for Ondine’s tail. First I tried out some knitting samples…. they didn’t go so well!


My woollen ones weren’t bad… but I am no expert knitter! Knitting Lessons with Shelia (sample)Machine knitting sample (3)

And when I started off knitting with wire… it just wasn’t the kind of effect I want my tail to have. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like these samples…. I just want Ondine’s tail to have more density, more fluidity, and more substance.Machine knitting sample (4)

So I moved onto weaving! My fluffy rainbow woollen sample went quite well… so well I think I might whip up some more of these woven branches… and perhaps pop them up in my Etsy store!Weave Samples (1)

Now a small rope weave…. this is it! This is the tail…. just much larger and with added silvered inclusions.




Oooo excited now! Can’t wait to make up my loom and get to work!

Chloe out.


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