Ondine: An Introduction

The other day I posted An Introduction to The Clipperton Project and in it I told you I would also introduce my current project: Ondine.

An Undine is a category of elemental creatures associated within the domain of water. The array contains many species, including nymphs, nereides, selkies, morags and mermaids, to name but a few. Although resembling human details in form they lack a human soul, so to achieve immortality they must acquire one by marrying a human. Such a union is not without risk for the partner, if the human partners are unfaithful they are fated to die.

Bubblemaid small

I want to capture the essence of what a watery elemental soul would look like if preserved in the human world. Water has a great expanse of visual imagery and folktales to draw upon as inspiration for a collection of jewellery. Inspiration I plan to share with you as this story unfolds.

My collection will be two-fold: a series of cast commercial jewellery and an art jewellery piece. I will explain both in later posts, but I love the idea of every collection I create having an art piece to go with it, a talking point. It combines the commercial: ie. jewellery that is accessible to everyone and worn in everyday life, with the art jewellery: work reserved for exhibitions. And then all I need is a story to tie them all together!DSC_0186So, this collection will also feature the tale I’m writing about the story of Ondine, a water nymph who is thrown into the human world, and who’s story we follow as she deals with her new surroundings and falls in love, and gains her human soul… but in a good faerytale: nobody is happy for long.

Here are a few images of the samples I’ve been working on for the art jewellery piece (blog post coming soon… and these weird wire shapes might make a little more sense!):

Copper Beaded (1) Copper Claw (4) Silver Coned (5)Undine is a two-part project. What I described above is part 1: Ondine and it covers the fantasy side to the mythology. In my story I’ve been true to the mythology on the Undines that I’ve researched (well, true with my own spins!). Part 2 is currently untitled, but it will cover the reality of the Undine mythology, and my research for this will take place mainly within The Clipperton Project. It will focus on the real-life creatures of the sea and draw upon them as inspirations for a more realistic faerytale.

My first step for part 1 of my project was a trip to the beach, and my next post will be filled with photographs! Stay tuned for that.DSC_0101 smallAt this moment I’m using the photos and my beachcombing finds to draw, and write. The scribbles and doodles are a little abstract and without form at present, but in the next few weeks I’ll collate my scattered thoughts together and process them into something a little more solid!

My arty processes always start this with. Sourcing inspiration. Erratic doodling and scribbling. Considered thought. Design drawings. Final design drawings. Models. Production. I’m very much at the start of that list right now… and I’ll continue to post posts as I move down the list!

See you on the other side…

Chloe out.

p.s. I should note that an Undine is the title for the various underwater elemental creatures and Ondine is the name of the main character in my story. Ondine is also a term used for Undines but is less commonly used… therefore proving a beautiful name for my creature!


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