Introduction to the Past: Thinking of You

A new blog category.

Reflections of the Past.

I thought it might be nice to give you little glimpses into my past life; the artworks and various creative endeavours I have created… the little paths that have led me to this moment.

School projects, long forgotten journal entries, photographs hiding down the back of the sofa, odd paintings I’ve totally forgotten about and all the other bits and pieces of creativity that wants to find a home on the internet… they want to crawl out from underneath my bed and show themselves off to you.

Are you as excited as they are?!

Well, here is number 1.

Thinking of You

This was the start of it all.

I never considered myself into photography until I had taken this photo.

It was just a doodle in sugar. I was out having tea and cake with my grandparents at a local garden centre, and as the moaned about the coming cold weather my mind wandered to my recent love affliction… okay so I had a crush! and instead of writing I love yous in my notebook like a normal person I wrote it in spilled sugar in a garden centre.

There was something quite beautiful about the moment. I tuned out everything around me and all I could see was my reflection in the teapot and his name manifested itself in the sugar… it was a weird moment, so naturally I wanted to document it…. ahhhh blissful crushes!!

All I had back then was a crappy phone camera, but miraculously the photo turned out rather beautifully.

I picked the photography module at school, pinched my Mum’s decent DSLR and have loved snapping away ever since.

Chloe out.


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