An Introduction to The Clipperton Project

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be sailing off on The Clipperton Project expedition to The Faroe Islands in June 2016!

What is The Clipperton Project? I hear you ask.

The Clipperton Project organises research and education programmes, expeditions and exhibitions all around the world, all with one ultimate objective, which is using exploration to energise and empower active citizens.We are an international, independent not-for-profit organisation which promotes notions of exploration around the world, especially in terms of its empowering potential for all people, wherever they find themselves, whatever their age or background. Mission: To engage, energise and empower people and communities to positive global citizenry and social responsibility. Vision: A world where every individual is an active stakeholder in their environment and joins forces with others to address shared
issues for the common good.

Sounds amazing, right!?

My particular expedition will be around The Faroe Islands.

Remote communities are always fascinating areas of study, and the Faroe Isles are no different. Lying between Scotland and Iceland, these islands have a unique heritage, which this 4-week sailboat journey will explore, as well as looking at islands as alternative models of society, Marine Protected Areas, migration, identity and sustainability. The Clipperton Project (TCP)’s second journey to the Faroes, building on existing relationships.

So, what will I be doing on this project?

1. Discovering!

2. My main aims for this residency are to use it as a research trip for the second part of my Ondine project. Stay tuned for my next post, as I will be introducing this project to you!

The first part is based in the fantasy of the mythology of Undines, and if I’m lucky (and work hard!) I will have that collection launched by Christmas time.

The second part will be based around the reality of the mythology. I will utilise the scientific side of this expedition to my advantage and try and learn all I can about the creatures within the seas that inspire the great tales. I also hope to talk to local people (as well as my fellow travel companions) about their knowledge and experiences of mermaidy folktales. Islanders have a unique connection to the surrounding waters, and I hope to gain much knowledge from their experiences.

This all might make more sense once I’ve introduced you to my project!!

3. Adventure!


I’ll keep you up to date with my research towards this project, and I hope that you’ll follow my journey up until launch day!!

Stay tuned for my introduction to the Ondine project….

Chloe out.

p.s. all image credits go to The Clipperton Project (apart from the last one: thats my wee tail sample!).


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