Express Yourself

I popped along to the Express Yourself exhibition last Thursday, and it was rather wonderful!


Jewellery is an incredibly powerful and personal form of expression. Whether the individual is a collector or designer, what they choose to buy, commission or create defines them.  Jewellery can also be a witty, exciting – sometimes inexpensive – sometimes provocative way to make a fashion, social or political statement.

The exhibition will consider work by people who are or were involved in collecting, commissioning or creating jewellery.


Tiara by Wendy Ramshaw


Necklace by Grace Girvan and Keiko Mukaide

DSCF0936 DSCF0937

Neckpiece by Geoff Roberts


Lifebuoy Bracelet by Felieke Van Der Leest


This is the Collecting part of the exhibition and I loved these first two cabinets. Just my style! The jeweller in me had a melty art love moment and ooooed her way around this part.

And seeing a piece of Felieke Van Der Leest’s work in the flesh was rather glorious, I’m a huge fan of her work. I’m really pleased to say that her work lives up to my high expectations in real life… I always worry about seeing art I’ve fallen in love with in images, just in case it’s not quite as I imagined, not quite right. But this bracelet was stunning, and I’d love to see more of her work in the future!

Oh, I am now a huge fan of Terry Brodie-Smith. I’m stunned I’ve not stumbled across him before. He is dubbed as “one of Edinburgh’s most flamboyant characters” and googling a few images of him, I can see why! He was an art and contemporary jewellery collector, his tastes varied and fantastic. I would love to comb my fingers through his Edinburgh flat, I imagine the collections there would leave even the non-curious completely fascinated. Much love wonderful art man!

The next few cabinets of the exhibition were Commissioning and Creating, and were rather interesting and worth a peek at, but ultimately not my style… and with the distractions of the first cabinets I didn’t pay too much attention to them…… but that’s just my personal taste!!


Earrings and Necklace by C&N


Necklaces by C&N


Ring Set for Woman Sitting in a Window by Wendy Ramshaw

DSCF0964 DSCF0965

A worthwhile visit if you’re a jewellery fan. Express Yourself is in Exhibition Gallery 3 (the wee corridor to the left of where the old entrance used to be) of the National Museum of Scotland and is running until March 29th… and best of all it’s free!

And if you do go along, walk through to the next corridor and you’ll find some more stunning jewellery and craftwork. Part of the museum renovations means they’re planning on adding a lot more to their collections, and from the looks of this sign we can expect more contemporary arts and crafts! Yay for us!!


These next few images are of a neckpiece that quite literally took my breath away. It’s so beautiful. Opals (my favourite gemstone) merge together with wood so perfectly to create a solidified creature from the depths of the sea. I can picture this piece cradling the neck of the mermaids, the water nymphs and the selkies swimming around in my mind. It’s perfect.

DSCF0972 DSCF0974 DSCF0982

Coral Cement 3 Necklace by Tehri Tolvanen


Gold Square Brooch by Stephen Bottomley


Green Circle Bangle by David Poston and Jonathan Clever


Collection of Faceted Boxes by Andrea Walsh and in the background Slanted Red Sand Bowl by Adi TochDSCF0986

Rosa Rugosa Bowl by Michael Lloyd


The Glasgow Centrepiece by Roger Miller


I’m glad I walked out this way, and this big shiny bowl caught my attention, otherwise I’d have never found my art crush in Tehri Tolvanen (might do a little artist feature…)!

Chloe out.


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