Introductions to the Past: Untitled (Out of Nature)

Untitled (Out of Nature) was put in motion on the first day of art class in my final year of school. Our task: create an installation. I had never made an installation in my life, i had barely done anything in three dimensions. But that didn’t stop me from being excited.

My inspiration for this project was drawn from a photograph i had taken on my summer holiday that year, a simple photo of a quirky way a shop owner in Corfu had decided to make his sign stand out:

Corfu 931 smaller


Our topic for this year was “Openings” and from there is where i took all my flowers, flowers are a perfect representation of openings. But for this installation i kind of wanted to turn that on it’s head. Instead of having my flowers living in the bagged water like on the sign, i wanted to truly remove them from their natural setting and preserve them. Remove their life, remove their openings.

I sealed the flowers up by firstly dipping them into molten wax and coating them over and over and then i strung them up fully inside the plastic water filled bags. I brought the idea of preservation out further by attaching labels with the flowers scientific names written on them.

That was when this piece was given it’s title.








After having my plastic bags hanging above me for a few weeks, i came across this piece by Christine Borland “Spirit Collection: Hippocrates”

And i wanted to alter my piece.

I kept the waxed flowers but took them out of their bags and placed them in hanging jars instead.






It was an interesting experimentation but i still think i prefer the bags.


I’d like to bring this project into the light and do something with it in the future. It was a great first installation, it was what led me to really get into the world of installations and it helped me realize how much i loved making things with my hands. One day, i’ll do more with it, for now i just thought i’d dust it off and share it with you.

What do you think of the work?

Chloe out.


Ondine: Art Jewellery Piece

In my Ondine Introduction I mentioned that: alongside the collection I would be creating an art jewellery piece.

What is art jewellery? you might be asking…

Art jewelry is one of the names given to jewelry created by studio craftspeople. As the name suggests, art jewelry emphasizes creative expression and design, and is characterized by the use of a variety of materials, often commonplace or of low economic value.” (source) How I look at it, is an art jewellery piece is more like a work of art. It is to be admired for the design and beauty, and it is technically wearable… but not something you would wear in everyday life.

Bubblemaid small

So, for Ondine: I am making a full-size jeweller’s interpretation of a mermaid’s tail.



I want to keep the final design a secret, I want a grand reveal when it’s all done! but I also want to share my process with you, so I will post about how I’m getting on and of course those posts will be filled with lots of images!!!

Like these ones

Copper Beaded (1) Copper Beaded (5) Copper Beaded (4) Copper Beaded (3) Copper Beaded (2)

My first wire cage style samples, still not quite sure about them, but I’m working on it!Copper Claw (4) Copper Claw (5)And I’m currently in the process of teaching myself to knit… I’m exploring lots of possible avenues of what this tail will be and knitting might be the way to go…

If I can actually learn how to knit more than a square!!!

Will post another blog tomorrow about my adventures in knitting!

Stay tuned…

Chloe out.

An Inspiration trip to Musselburgh Beach

I introduced Ondine yesterday, so today is a little inspiration for the project!

We got off the bus, popped in for a sneaky ice cream at Luca’s and wandered down the river to the sea.DSC_0111

For February the weather was rather glorious; not a breeze in sight, a few whisps of cloud but mostly blue stretching through the skies and weirdly warm. Warm enough to take my shoes off and curl my toes around the sand while we had our little picnic.DSC_0114DSC_0101 smallDSC_0098DSC_0100DSC_0108 bwDSC_0118DSC_0124DSC_0230We, well I, beachcombed up and down the sandy shoreline as Bailey darted about after other dogs and my brother whined for me to hurry up. After, I had picked up as many shells, sea glass, bones(!), seaweed, and other assorted gems as I could carry in my pockets, we dragged Bailey away from the water and carried on with our walk.

A brief stop at a playpark, yes, we are children!

DSC_0156 DSC_0164 bw DSC_0174 DSC_0176 DSC_0186 DSC_0188 bw DSC_0194 DSC_0197 DSC_0209 DSC_0210 DSC_0212 DSC_0221

And then off down the John Muir walkway. I wanted to walk all the way down to Prestonpans as I knew it was more of a rocky shoreline and I would get some great imagery for a part of my story that featured a plethora of rocks! But we had left it a little to get our arses out the door, so it was rather dark and we didn’t quite make it all the way long… but there is always next time!!!DSC_0232 bwLook at all the stuff I collected!!Finds (2)

Currently sorting through it, and using them as drawing inspiration… might even make a few samples or pieces from my collections (keep your eyes peeled in my etsy store!). For now… a little more writing.

DSC_0184 bwChloe out.

Ondine: An Introduction

The other day I posted An Introduction to The Clipperton Project and in it I told you I would also introduce my current project: Ondine.

An Undine is a category of elemental creatures associated within the domain of water. The array contains many species, including nymphs, nereides, selkies, morags and mermaids, to name but a few. Although resembling human details in form they lack a human soul, so to achieve immortality they must acquire one by marrying a human. Such a union is not without risk for the partner, if the human partners are unfaithful they are fated to die.

Bubblemaid small

I want to capture the essence of what a watery elemental soul would look like if preserved in the human world. Water has a great expanse of visual imagery and folktales to draw upon as inspiration for a collection of jewellery. Inspiration I plan to share with you as this story unfolds.

My collection will be two-fold: a series of cast commercial jewellery and an art jewellery piece. I will explain both in later posts, but I love the idea of every collection I create having an art piece to go with it, a talking point. It combines the commercial: ie. jewellery that is accessible to everyone and worn in everyday life, with the art jewellery: work reserved for exhibitions. And then all I need is a story to tie them all together!DSC_0186So, this collection will also feature the tale I’m writing about the story of Ondine, a water nymph who is thrown into the human world, and who’s story we follow as she deals with her new surroundings and falls in love, and gains her human soul… but in a good faerytale: nobody is happy for long.

Here are a few images of the samples I’ve been working on for the art jewellery piece (blog post coming soon… and these weird wire shapes might make a little more sense!):

Copper Beaded (1) Copper Claw (4) Silver Coned (5)Undine is a two-part project. What I described above is part 1: Ondine and it covers the fantasy side to the mythology. In my story I’ve been true to the mythology on the Undines that I’ve researched (well, true with my own spins!). Part 2 is currently untitled, but it will cover the reality of the Undine mythology, and my research for this will take place mainly within The Clipperton Project. It will focus on the real-life creatures of the sea and draw upon them as inspirations for a more realistic faerytale.

My first step for part 1 of my project was a trip to the beach, and my next post will be filled with photographs! Stay tuned for that.DSC_0101 smallAt this moment I’m using the photos and my beachcombing finds to draw, and write. The scribbles and doodles are a little abstract and without form at present, but in the next few weeks I’ll collate my scattered thoughts together and process them into something a little more solid!

My arty processes always start this with. Sourcing inspiration. Erratic doodling and scribbling. Considered thought. Design drawings. Final design drawings. Models. Production. I’m very much at the start of that list right now… and I’ll continue to post posts as I move down the list!

See you on the other side…

Chloe out.

p.s. I should note that an Undine is the title for the various underwater elemental creatures and Ondine is the name of the main character in my story. Ondine is also a term used for Undines but is less commonly used… therefore proving a beautiful name for my creature!

Introduction to the Past: Thinking of You

A new blog category.

Reflections of the Past.

I thought it might be nice to give you little glimpses into my past life; the artworks and various creative endeavours I have created… the little paths that have led me to this moment.

School projects, long forgotten journal entries, photographs hiding down the back of the sofa, odd paintings I’ve totally forgotten about and all the other bits and pieces of creativity that wants to find a home on the internet… they want to crawl out from underneath my bed and show themselves off to you.

Are you as excited as they are?!

Well, here is number 1.

Thinking of You

This was the start of it all.

I never considered myself into photography until I had taken this photo.

It was just a doodle in sugar. I was out having tea and cake with my grandparents at a local garden centre, and as the moaned about the coming cold weather my mind wandered to my recent love affliction… okay so I had a crush! and instead of writing I love yous in my notebook like a normal person I wrote it in spilled sugar in a garden centre.

There was something quite beautiful about the moment. I tuned out everything around me and all I could see was my reflection in the teapot and his name manifested itself in the sugar… it was a weird moment, so naturally I wanted to document it…. ahhhh blissful crushes!!

All I had back then was a crappy phone camera, but miraculously the photo turned out rather beautifully.

I picked the photography module at school, pinched my Mum’s decent DSLR and have loved snapping away ever since.

Chloe out.

An Introduction to The Clipperton Project

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be sailing off on The Clipperton Project expedition to The Faroe Islands in June 2016!

What is The Clipperton Project? I hear you ask.

The Clipperton Project organises research and education programmes, expeditions and exhibitions all around the world, all with one ultimate objective, which is using exploration to energise and empower active citizens.We are an international, independent not-for-profit organisation which promotes notions of exploration around the world, especially in terms of its empowering potential for all people, wherever they find themselves, whatever their age or background. Mission: To engage, energise and empower people and communities to positive global citizenry and social responsibility. Vision: A world where every individual is an active stakeholder in their environment and joins forces with others to address shared
issues for the common good.

Sounds amazing, right!?

My particular expedition will be around The Faroe Islands.

Remote communities are always fascinating areas of study, and the Faroe Isles are no different. Lying between Scotland and Iceland, these islands have a unique heritage, which this 4-week sailboat journey will explore, as well as looking at islands as alternative models of society, Marine Protected Areas, migration, identity and sustainability. The Clipperton Project (TCP)’s second journey to the Faroes, building on existing relationships.

So, what will I be doing on this project?

1. Discovering!

2. My main aims for this residency are to use it as a research trip for the second part of my Ondine project. Stay tuned for my next post, as I will be introducing this project to you!

The first part is based in the fantasy of the mythology of Undines, and if I’m lucky (and work hard!) I will have that collection launched by Christmas time.

The second part will be based around the reality of the mythology. I will utilise the scientific side of this expedition to my advantage and try and learn all I can about the creatures within the seas that inspire the great tales. I also hope to talk to local people (as well as my fellow travel companions) about their knowledge and experiences of mermaidy folktales. Islanders have a unique connection to the surrounding waters, and I hope to gain much knowledge from their experiences.

This all might make more sense once I’ve introduced you to my project!!

3. Adventure!


I’ll keep you up to date with my research towards this project, and I hope that you’ll follow my journey up until launch day!!

Stay tuned for my introduction to the Ondine project….

Chloe out.

p.s. all image credits go to The Clipperton Project (apart from the last one: thats my wee tail sample!).

Happy Birthday to me!

My Birthday was on Saturday, we didn’t take all that many photos… but I just had to share some snaps of my fabulous cake by Mummy Candy Cupcake!

DSC_0080 small DSC_0087 small Cake

The two year old in me was more excited by the fact that I got to keep the toys!

And it tasted AWESOME!!!

Thank you everyone for a rather lovely chilled out Birthday, and thank you to everyone who sent me birthday messages, cards and gifts… you all rock!!

Much love.

Chloe out.