A Special Christmas Delivery!

Well Hi there!


First post of 2015!!…… Happy New Year wonderful world :)

On my little Hollyday I was so looking forward to chilling out and doing lots of drawings, making lots of jewellery plans, making all sorts of creative plans and writing lots of blogs (and not to forget eating lots of chocolate!)…. but alas, eh heh heh I’ve been rather ill :( Not to worry, I finished up all my Christmas orders in time and had a rather fabulous Christmas day, which I’m about to tell you all about, but my start to the New Year was a little sucky :( Instead of drawing out all my exciting arty plans for the year ahead all I wanted to do was nap, lie in bed watching movies and rip my throat out… ahh the joys of tonsillitis! Oh well…. I’ll just have to extend my little holiday and whip up some doodles of all the creativity swimming around in my head!

This year I would like to take Chloe Henderson in a new direction. After graduating, my year was spent honing my new making skills, having a little go at setting up and selling some of my pretty things in my etsy store, getting back to grips with the fine arts I had neglected at design school and trying to teach myself as much as I could about the business of jewellery. To start off my year I think I’ll be doing more of the same, but I’m going to focus more on finalising my ideas for my first launchable jewellery collection, establishing my brand as a high end art jewellers and figuring out all the small details, like: gemstone sourcing, packaging design, manufacturing of elements, concept advertising, hiring models and photographers, and all the kind of exciting stuff! And to do all of that while continuing to develop my making skills in the workshop, enjoying my internship at Patience Jewellery and trying to get out into the world and pretend I have a social life!! It might take me more than a year, but I’m excited!!

And of course, I’ll keep ya’ll updated with how I’m getting on with all these exciting new things!!

Anyway……. Christmas epicness as promised!

For the past few years Esk Valley Rotary has raised money doing a Santa Sleigh around the area. They tow Santa and his sleigh from the back of a LandRover and he hands out lollipops to the kids, and the parents pop their pennies in the elves tins! While he’s not out ho ho ho-ing Santa’s sleigh is stored at our house and on day the little girl across the road happened to see Santa driving back in to our driveway and was very excited by the idea that Santa lives across the road from her! Which gave my Dad an idea……… on Christmas morning we did a little awesome thing for some of the neighbour kids. Grandad Cupcake dressed up in the Rotary Santa suit and sat atop his sleigh! complete with his Land Rover Rudoplh and a special Elfy Cupcake!! We all followed as he was driven around a few of our neighbours houses and dropped off a couple of special delivery presents to the extremely excited kids inside! It was very much the most joyous way to start off Christmas day!

DSC_0002 (2) DSC_0003 (2) DSC_0005 (2) DSC_0009 (2) DSC_0013 (2) DSC_0014 (2) DSC_0015 (2) DSC_0017 (2) DSC_0023 (2) DSC_0024 (2) DSC_0030 (2) DSC_0038 (2) DSC_0039 (2) DSC_0041 (2) DSC_0043 (2) DSC_0045 (2) DSC_0046 (2) DSC_0047 (2) DSC_0050 (2)

Happy Hollydays :)

Chloe out.


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