Cake International: selfies with Katniss, an unbelievable Neytiri and so many noms!!

Last Friday we popped on down to Birmingham to visit the 2014 Cake International show. Apart from a few major train fiascos (if you’re planning on getting a Virgin or CrossCountry train anywhere…. or try to get any help from their customer service or any of the members of staff working in Birmingham New Street customer service…. just don’t. They all suck. Really suck. Unhelpful, rude and won’t take any responsibility for their crappy excuse for a train service. *breathe* Anyway…… rant over….) we had a rather wonderful weekend. I was a little gutted that I’d travelled all the way down to Birmingham and didn’t have a chance to visit any of the jewellery quarter…. but there was enough cakeyness to make me forget all about jewellery!!!

I took over 250 photos!! here are a selection of my favourites :)

DSC_0824 (600x401)

These next three cakes are decorated using purely buttercream……. WOW!!!

DSC_0837 (400x600) DSC_0843 (402x600) DSC_0846 (600x402) DSC_0849 (431x600) DSC_0851 (397x600) DSC_0854 (402x600) DSC_0862 (401x600) DSC_0865 (402x600) DSC_0867 (600x401) DSC_0872 (391x600) DSC_0874 (392x600)

One of my favourites, this blue eery mermaid alien gal is beautiful!

DSC_0876 (402x600)

This wicked witch from Snow White looked so so SO like the original character it was unbelievable!!

DSC_0879 (401x600) DSC_0880 (600x402) DSC_0881 (402x600) DSC_0885 (402x600) DSC_0888 (400x600)


DSC_0895 (424x600) DSC_0899 (600x402) DSC_0903 (400x600) DSC_0905 (402x600) DSC_0906 (393x600) DSC_0916 (600x416) DSC_0920 (400x600) DSC_0921 (402x600) DSC_0925 (401x600) DSC_0926 (402x600) DSC_0927 (600x400) DSC_0928 (401x600) DSC_0932 (600x401)

This artistic re-creation was AMAZING! Made up of millions of sprinkles, marshmallows and sugar…. wow wow WOW!!!

DSC_0934 (600x402) DSC_0935 (600x402) DSC_0943 (402x600) DSC_0944 (402x600) DSC_0953 (401x600)

The ultimate nerdy wedding cake… so much love for this beauty!!!

DSC_0957 (401x600) DSC_0961 (402x600) DSC_0963 (400x600) DSC_0967 (402x600) DSC_0971 (402x600) DSC_0974 (400x600) Perfect Corpse Bride wedding cake is perfect. I really, really loved this cake. The colours, the astounding amount of detail in the decaying lace, the patterning and just complete awesomeness of this creation is bloody wonderful!!

DSC_0975 (401x600) DSC_0977 (402x600) DSC_0979 (600x402) DSC_0980 (365x600) DSC_0987 (401x600) DSC_0992 (401x600) DSC_0994 (400x600) DSC_1004 (400x600) DSC_1010 (459x600)

When you clapped his finger claws moved all menacingly…. awesome!!!

DSC_1012 (402x600) DSC_1013 (402x600) DSC_1016 (600x400) DSC_1019 (403x600)

I’m pretty sure this was a real owl masquerading as a cake!!!

DSC_1020 (402x600) DSC_1024 (402x600) DSC_1027 (400x600) DSC_1033 (600x402) DSC_1034 (400x600) DSC_1036 (600x401)

This wicked beauty was completely amazing!! She was so realistic!

DSC_1038 (403x600) DSC_1041 (402x600) DSC_1042 (426x600)


DSC_1044 (401x600) DSC_1045 (401x600) DSC_1048 (401x600) DSC_1053 (600x434) DSC_1056 (402x600) DSC_1058 (447x600)

Hand of the Kind indeed!

DSC_1060 (401x600) DSC_1061 (400x600) DSC_1062 (400x600)

Loved this one. It was shaped like a traditional wedding cake, but the detail and captured characteristics in the fondant work were so glorious you forget it’s a cake!

DSC_1070 (401x600) DSC_1067 (402x600) DSC_1069 (402x600)  DSC_1072 (437x600) DSC_1075 (402x600) DSC_1078 (402x600) DSC_1082 (401x600)

Now for my top two ultimate favourites from the show!

Life-size Katniss!

DSC_1052 (357x600) DSC_1055 (402x600) DSC_1071 (163x600)

And amazingly life-like Neytiri!

1016474_10152819150422365_3553683790113057231_n DSC_0814 (401x600) DSC_0817 (600x402) DSC_0821 (402x600)


Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow WOW!!!

I didn’t stop Oooooooing and Aaaahhhhhhing all day! A huge amount of talent crammed into that hall….. amazing, wonderful and incredible!

Om nom nom.


Chloe out.



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