Oval Dome Image necklaces in the etsy store!

I’m always looking for new ways to add images into jewellery, so over the past few weeks I’ve made up these little beauties!

Every Oval Dome Image is printed onto acid free art card and sealed inside a brass bezel oval cup and domed glass. The little image pendant is then strung onto a fine brass chain with a cute star charm to finish it off magically!

And I listed all these necklaces into the Etsy store for my shop launch and they’re now all available for purchase at £15 each. Click on the images below to take you to the listing :)

Acne N (640x428) Beard N (640x428) Blue N (640x428) Chloe's Bubbles N (640x428) Clinging N (640x428) Encircled N (640x428) Footprint in the Sand N (640x428) I can haz tumsy rubz plz N (640x428) Identity of Humanity N (640x428) Inked Trees N (640x428) Kickstart the future of music N (640x428) Kiss Me Smear N (640x429) Love Will Tear Us Apart N (640x428) Only 3000 Left N (640x428) Pink Marilyn N (640x428) Rain Black N (640x428) Rain Pink N (640x428) Red And Gold N (640x428) Soulac Sur Mer N (640x428) Splish Splash Ducks in the Bath N (640x428) Sweetie N (640x428) Thinking of You N (640x429) Watching Meerkat N (640x428) We are who we are when nobody's watching. N (640x428) You Must Love Someone N (640x428)1Modelled (3) (640x429) 1Modelled (13) (640x428) 1Modelled (18) (640x428)


What do you think?

Which one is your favourite?


Chloe out.


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