Hardcore Balloons

Happy 21st Birthday Sophie Walker!


Still can’t believe we’re technically adults…..




I’ve always loved this photo, from one of our many birthday raves, and decided it would make wonderful inspiration for some 21st Birthday joolz.

I drew up a design, told Sophs to pick a colour scheme (blue)… which made her curiously confused! and I got to work! And of course I’ve written this blog post specially for you bae Sophs since it’s really just you and my mum who are the only ones reading this blog :P and I know how much you luff reading how I make things, which makes my artist ego happeeeee :) Anyway…………………………

Process (0)

Prepare sheet silver with etching fluid… and take an arty shot of it with reflected trees…

Process (3)Process (1)

As soon as the fluid is dry, scrape away the blackness to reveal the pattern for etching. Here you see Sophie’s hand from the photograph and a base to mount the gemstone balloons onto.

Place into a bath of nitric acid, for approx. 20/30minutes for a medium depth etch.

Clean away the etching fluid using white spirits and wash with warm soapy water and a toothbrush.

Process (13)Process (12)

Saw out shape.

Process (17)

File and sand the edges until smooth.

Process (15)Process (16)

Play around with placement of gemstones. I’ve used a variety of oval cabochons, using a blue colour scheme of course! There is turquoise, kyanite, iolite, blue goldstone, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, sodalite and a lovely blue toned amethyst.

Process (18)

A bezel cup was made for each stone and the bezels were soldered onto the base of the hand.

Process (19)


Process (20)

And pickled.

Process (21) Process (22)

I then soldered two small pieces of tube onto the fingers for stitching in the chain later.

Process (23) Process (24)


Process (29)

The piece was cleaned up with a brass brush and warm soapy water and then was polished.

Process (5)

After extensive polishing! the stones were set into their cups using the bezel pusher and a burnisher for the inside stones…… which were very tricky to get to!!

Process (8)Process (7)

The final step was to stitch in the aventurine and pearl chain which culminates in a silver toggle clasp.



………………………. ta-dah!!!

Hardcore Balloons (4) (428x640)Hardcore Balloons (5) (428x640)Hardcore Balloons (8) (428x640) Hardcore Balloons (9) (428x640) Hardcore Balloons (10) (640x428) Hardcore Balloons (12) (640x428) Hardcore Balloons (13) (640x428) Hardcore Balloons (15) (640x428)

Hope you liked it Baby Sophs!!!

Hardcore Balloons (17) (640x428)


Much love.


Chloe out.




2 thoughts on “Hardcore Balloons

  1. Very nice! And i read your blog….so now you have 3 readers… one in the Netherlands.
    Keep on making nice stuff.
    Findy from Dwingeloo The Netherlands

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