Shop Launch :)

Well Hi there!

Thought I’d update ya’ll on whats going on in Chloe land….

If you’re following me on twitter/facebook you’ll have noticed I’ve been posting random little bits and pieces of photos from what I’ve been getting up to at my jewellery bench… you’ll also have noticed they are a little bit vague and non-revealing!

Well, that’s on purpose!

Can’t go giving away all my awesome secrets now can I?!

But I will tell you that all these little projects that I’ve been working on will be launched into my shop by the end of October!!! and I’ll also have a sexy updated website!

How exciting is that?!

Ooooo maybe I’ll go magical and have a Halloween launch date! YES! Spooky launch date will be glorious!

Okay, put that in your diaries! I’M LAUNCHING MY SHOP ON OCTOBER 31ST!!!!! and I’ll just have to come up with a spooky giveaway to make it even more festive…. stay tuned for that my loves!

I know you’re peeing your pants with excitement! so, I’ll leave you with a few more non-revealing photos of some projects I’m working on :)

Amanda Palmer WIP

This beauty is a painted project, focusing on fandoms and fantasy….. and very soon will hopefully also be whipped up into jewellery and printed things! Can you tell what this is?

DSCF0602 (640x480)

I’ve been practising my making skills with rings.  Not only has this been great for building up my skills… but it also means I’m starting to build up a collection of pretty little things for you guys to jazz up your fingers with! And yup, they will definitely be in the shop at our spooky launch date :)

DSCF0620 (640x398)

Ooo an important package from Shapeways! What oh what oh what could be inside! Remember the last 3D-printed pieces I made?….. well, it might have something to do with that! OoooooOoooooooOOOooooo!

Sunset over Copenhagen (4) (640x463)

My Image necklaces were so popular when I made them before… so, I’ve decided to make more! A whole new range will pop itself into the spooky shop :)

I’ve also just registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office and my hallmark is in production now! That means all my silver pieces will be complete with hallmarks!! Super excited for that! Makes me feel like a proper proper jeweller! My mark will be a horizontal oval with the initials CH inside.


Oh…… and much more! Busy jeweller is busy!


Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more sneak peaks at my works in progress!

Chloe out.


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