Dundee Wearable Arts Awards Show…. I’m in that!!

Opened up my email box this morning to discover that my Faery Wings work has been accepted to appear at the Dundee Wearable Arts Awards Show!!

I’m so excited!

And I’d love you all to share in my excitement by coming along to the event!

Tickets are only £10 and this is also a fund-raising event in aids for Dundee WestFest and The Friends of Magdalen Green charities.

The show is 7pm on October 11th in the Dundee Rep’s Bonar Hall

Get your tickets here: DundeeRep Tickets

And join the facebook event here: Dundee Wearable Arts Awards Show

Can’t wait to see you all there :)

Faery Wings (1)smallFaery Wings (13) (640x428)edit61 (640x428)

Chloe out.


Shop Launch :)

Well Hi there!

Thought I’d update ya’ll on whats going on in Chloe land….

If you’re following me on twitter/facebook you’ll have noticed I’ve been posting random little bits and pieces of photos from what I’ve been getting up to at my jewellery bench… you’ll also have noticed they are a little bit vague and non-revealing!

Well, that’s on purpose!

Can’t go giving away all my awesome secrets now can I?!

But I will tell you that all these little projects that I’ve been working on will be launched into my shop by the end of October!!! and I’ll also have a sexy updated website!

How exciting is that?!

Ooooo maybe I’ll go magical and have a Halloween launch date! YES! Spooky launch date will be glorious!

Okay, put that in your diaries! I’M LAUNCHING MY SHOP ON OCTOBER 31ST!!!!! and I’ll just have to come up with a spooky giveaway to make it even more festive…. stay tuned for that my loves!

I know you’re peeing your pants with excitement! so, I’ll leave you with a few more non-revealing photos of some projects I’m working on :)

Amanda Palmer WIP

This beauty is a painted project, focusing on fandoms and fantasy….. and very soon will hopefully also be whipped up into jewellery and printed things! Can you tell what this is?

DSCF0602 (640x480)

I’ve been practising my making skills with rings.  Not only has this been great for building up my skills… but it also means I’m starting to build up a collection of pretty little things for you guys to jazz up your fingers with! And yup, they will definitely be in the shop at our spooky launch date :)

DSCF0620 (640x398)

Ooo an important package from Shapeways! What oh what oh what could be inside! Remember the last 3D-printed pieces I made?….. well, it might have something to do with that! OoooooOoooooooOOOooooo!

Sunset over Copenhagen (4) (640x463)

My Image necklaces were so popular when I made them before… so, I’ve decided to make more! A whole new range will pop itself into the spooky shop :)

I’ve also just registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office and my hallmark is in production now! That means all my silver pieces will be complete with hallmarks!! Super excited for that! Makes me feel like a proper proper jeweller! My mark will be a horizontal oval with the initials CH inside.


Oh…… and much more! Busy jeweller is busy!


Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more sneak peaks at my works in progress!

Chloe out.

The Reason I Painted My Face Like A Dragon

If you didn’t catch my last blog post The making of The Smaug Ring you should probably go check it out before scrolling down!


I made a ring based on a wonderful dragon….. so naturally I had to paint myself up like one to take some photos!!

DSC_0001 (640x425)DSC_0010 (640x428)DSC_0014 (640x598)DSC_0054 (640x517)



What do you think?


Stay tuned for some close-up photos of the ring and the finished drenched gold dragon skin box!


Chloe out.

The making of The Smaug Ring

Happy Birthday to my annoying, smelly little brother :)

For his Birthday, Jamie wanted me to make him a ring.

“something to do with dragons” was the remit…. so this is what I came up with…..


Inspiration, naturally, coming from the one and only Smaug.

I wanted to make Smaug’s tail the ring, and have The Arkenstone set into his claw-like tail end. I was also going to cut out a missing scale… even though I know his actual missing scale isn’t on his tale… but shh…. representations and artistic license and all that! I was also going to use brass, and use patinas and heat to create a darkened red colour and etch it to achieve a scaley look. And then pop into a box that would look like molten gold dripping over dragon skin…

And here’s how I did it!!

1 (480x640)

Etching fluid is painted onto clean brass and allowed to dry.

2 (480x640)

The ring design is traced onto the dry blackness.

3 (480x640)4 (480x640)

And a scribe is used to scrape away the black etching ground to reveal the final pattern.

6 (480x640)

The metal is placed into a bath of nitric acid. Brass can take quite a while to etch, compared to silver or copper, so is left for about 30 minutes to produce a medium/deep etch depth. The black ground are removed with white spirits and the metal is cleaned.

7 (640x480)8 (480x640)

The ring is saw-pierced out of the metal sheet.

10 (480x640)11 (480x640)

And the missing scale is removed by drilling a small hole for the blade to slot through, and is then sawn.

12 (480x640)

The edges are filed and sanded until smooth and all imperfections removed.

13 (640x480)

The final shape is annealed, to soften the metal for forming.

14 (640x480)

The ring is roughly formed. I didn’t use a ring mandrel because I wanted the coil to resemble a naturally curled up dragon tail. So, the band is a circle capable of comfortably fitting around the finger, but is not perfectly round. The ring is bound with binding wire, ready for soldering.

15 (640x480)

The ring is soldered together, pickled and cleaned.

17 (640x480)

To achieve this colour I painted flux on the brass and heated. This was repeated 7/9 times (I lost count!) and the metal was given a gentle clean and the patina was fixed with a little plastic coat.

19 (640x480)


The ends of the claw-like, almost fleur-de-lis style tail are then wrapped perfectly around the labradorite faceted teardrop cabochan using a bezel pusher.

I picked labradorite to represent The Arkenstone because visually the colours match up beautifully, and I think the properties of labradorite fit in quite nicely with The Hobbit story.

Labradorite = “a stone of magic. wearing the stone allows one’s innate magical powers to surface.”


Ring finished. I moved onto my molten gold dripping dragon box.

Box (1) (640x480) Box (4) (480x640)

I striped out the insides of a found wooden box.

Box (6) (640x480) Box (8) (480x640)

Using a pendant drill, I scraped away little indents into the box.

Box (10) (640x480)

Which, using copious amounts of glue, were set into with off-cuts of faux chagreen.

Box (17) (480x640)

This material was also used to line the inside.

Box (20) (640x481)

And the book cover.

Box (18) (640x480) Box (19) (517x640)

Glue was built up around the scaled parts, which looks awful for now, but when leafed will appear like melting gold.

Box (22) (640x480)Box (15) (640x480) Box (23) (640x480) Box (24) (640x480) Box (26) (480x640)

The whole box is then painted with acrylics to match Smaug’s skin. Why? Well, the inside will be left as is, and I hope to have a few small cracks in the gold, so the red scales appear through.

Box (27) (480x640)

The surfaces are then painted with the leafing glue.

Box (29) (640x480)

And the leaf is applied.

Box (30) (640x480)


And smoothed over the surface.


Stay tuned for the next post…. sexy dragon makeup and the final piece will appear!!


Chloe out.


Bonjour! a little update.

Well Hi there!

My posting here has been rather sporadic of late, so thought I’d let ya’ll know what was going on in my life :)

I’m not long back from France, so bonjour!!

My summer was spent holidaying, doodling, catching up on my exhibition visits, Fringing, but mostly chilling out!

Now, it’s work time again…. and I’ve got no uni to go back to… which is wonderfully exciting and scary at the same time!

At the start of next week I’m moving into The Precious Metals Workshop (yay!) and setting up a bench so I can continue to improve my making skills, and also, start making up collections of pieces to sell in my Etsy store and hopefully a variety of markets and events…. that’s the plan anyway!

I’ve got quite a few ideas and inspirations running around in my head screaming “pick me! pick me!” so I’m working on lots of bits and pieces at the moment… and of course will update you with my progress!

Especially as I would like to start writing a lot more. I love blogging. I love writing in my journal. I’d love to write professionally for something, be that a blog or a magazine… I think that would be fantastic! So, I’m going to start practising on here, not sure how yet, or what I’ll write about…. but stay tuned for that!

You might have also noticed that I’ve cleaned up my blog a little bit and made it prettier… what do you think?

And I’ve done the same to my website, I’d love it if you checked it out and let me know what you think of it?

I think that’s it for now……..

Stay tuned for everything else!!

But for now, enjoy some of the best bits from our trip to France!



1. ParisArt (1) (428x640) 1. ParisArt (16) (640x428) 1. ParisArt (49) (640x481) 1. ParisArt (72) (481x640)

Disneyland Paris!!

2. ParisDisneyland (14) (640x428) 2. ParisDisneyland (65) (640x480) 2. ParisDisneyland (76) (480x640) 2. ParisDisneyland (78) (479x640) 2. ParisDisneyland (97) (640x480) 2. ParisDisneyland (102) (480x640) 2. ParisDisneyland (125) (480x640) 2. ParisDisneyland (129) (480x640)

The Burgundy Region

3. JoliCamp (1) (428x640)

I painted this little guy on our first day in the Burgundy region. We’d just set up and decided to have a chilled out, lazy camp day. So of course I got my paints out and got creative! I really love how this guy turned out, and really loved the experience of painting on a leaf! Might do some more in the future! But I do have plans for this “Avallon Faery”….. I’ll keep it a secret just now, but look out for her on my etsy store…

4. Avallon and Caves (6) (640x428) 4. Avallon and Caves (12) (428x640) 4. Avallon and Caves (19) (420x640) 4. Avallon and Caves (24) (428x640) 4. Avallon and Caves (26) (640x428) 5. Chateau and Vezeley  (7) (640x428) 5. Chateau and Vezeley  (22) (428x640) 5. Chateau and Vezeley  (39) (428x640) 5. Chateau and Vezeley  (69) (480x640) 6. Guedelon (1) (640x428) 6. Guedelon (12) (428x640) 6. Guedelon (35) (640x428) 6. Guedelon (40) (640x428)

The Jura

7. Jura (11) (428x640) 7. Jura CampBeach Day (9) (640x428) 9. Jura Boat Day (14) (428x640) 9. Jura Boat Day (30) (428x640) 9. Jura Boat Day (55) (640x428) 9. Jura Boat Day (70) (640x428) 9. Jura Boat Day (79) (640x428) 9. Jura Boat Day (87) (428x640) 9. Jura Boat Day (90) (640x428) 9. Jura Boat Day (106) (640x428) 11. Jura Waterfall Day (9) (640x428) 11. Jura Waterfall Day (10) (640x428) 11. Jura Waterfall Day (27) (640x428) 11. Jura Waterfall Day (101) (640x428) 12.Others (1) (640x480) 14. Geneva (45) (640x480) 15. DD (1) (640x428) 15. DD (5) (503x640) 15. DD (29) (428x640) 15. DD (41) (640x480) 15. Jura FinalPanorama (5) (640x428) 15. Jura FinalPanorama (6) (640x428)

Justin and Andrea’s Gaff

16. Andrea's (4) (640x428) 16. Andrea's (24) (428x640) 16. Andrea's (26) (640x428) 16. Andrea's (33) (480x640) 17. Partayyyy (1) (640x428)

As much as I’d like to tell you that we always dress like this, I feel I should bring context to these next few photos by saying that it was Andrea’s (the lovely lady in the Soltaire outfit) 40th Birthday party and the theme was 70s/80s movies and tv (ie. any excuse to whip up a TARDIS costume)!

17. Partayyyy (21) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (23) (428x640) 17. Partayyyy (37) (501x640) 17. Partayyyy (47) (428x640) 17. Partayyyy (54) (479x640) 17. Partayyyy (66) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (71) (428x640) 17. Partayyyy (74) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (85) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (89) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (93) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (97) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (100) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (107) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (120) (640x428) 17. Partayyyy (124) (640x427)

Beryl, Dùghall and Pingu/our sexy beasts!

16. Andrea's (1) (640x428)


Well, that was a lot of photos!

See you on the other side.

Chloe out.

Grandma’s Photo Pebble

Happy 70th Birthday Grandma.

Dance like nobody’s watching………..!


Grandma’s Photo Pebble 

Handmade, personalised pendant necklace with matching stud earrings displayed on a handcrafted wooden art piece with matching book.

Sterling silver, lapis lazuli, freshwater pearls, paper, glitter threads, wood, acrylic paints and ink.

Grandma's Photo Pebble (1) (428x640) Grandma's Photo Pebble (5) (640x428) Grandma's Photo Pebble (6) (640x428) Grandma's Photo Pebble (7) (640x426) Grandma's Photo Pebble (8) (640x428) Grandma's Photo Pebble (10) (640x428) Grandma's Photo Pebble (14) (428x640) Grandma's Photo Pebble (15) (428x640) Grandma's Photo Pebble (16) (640x428) Grandma's Photo Pebble (18) (640x428) Grandma's Photo Pebble (22) (640x428) Grandma's Photo Pebble (29) (640x428) Yes3 (428x640)



Happy to say she was really pleased with it :)

Will update you with some photos of her wearing it soon….. after she’s “got a much-need haircut” and found some “magical anti-wrinkle cream”!!


Fancy a handmade, personalised commission piece? Check out my commissions page and drop me a no obligation, all questions answered message!


Chloe out.



Well done Grant Henderson and Jamie Henderson for completing the ALS ice bucket challenge and the Pies for Parkinsons challenge…. in strikingly beautiful outfits!!

Groovy man!

We’ve donated money to both causes and hope you will too!

Or text: PARK14 £5 to 70070


And remember Craig Henderson, Stephen Harris, Neil Pate, Ewan Thompson and Zak Harris you’ve been nominated…. so get on it!!!

IMG_4065 (640x479)


Bailey very much approves of this challenge!!

Chloe out.