Coin-Operated Boy bedside box.

If you’ve had a wee nosey at my previous posts about the making of Coin-Operated Boy you’ll have noticed that it isn’t quite jewellery! there is no brooch fitting, no neckchain, no stud, no ring shank… why?

Well, it’s a vibrator container of course!

Are you really gonna want to wear that around your neck round your nan’s house? at the shops? down the pub? out on a dog walk?

It belongs by your bedside. So naturally it needs a beautiful box to sit by your bedside in.

I popped along to my lovely local woodsmith; Tom Cooper.

After instructions for a darkish pinky red wooden box that would look great with baby pink satin and silver, Tom suggested using jarrah wood, as the heartwood is deep red in tone and lining it with a lighter, blonder elm wood. He took us round the outside of his workshop and showed us a huge flaky wooden post… I have to admit I wasn’t so sure what to think but I trusted his judgement. The reason this wood was looking a little under the weather is that jarrah wood is Australian and they have lots of restrictions on the export of their natural woods, making it hard to source. Luckily for me Tom managed to salvage this post, which was a remnant from the war and cleaned it up beautifully into my lovely little wooden vibrator container container.

Box (1) (640x428) Box (2) (640x428)


To give Coin-Operated Boy the opulence it deserves, i stitched up a little pink satin pillow to sit inside the box and trimmed it with rose quartz and pearls.

This is the first time i’ve ever made a pillow! so i thought i’d share my process with you:

I’ve chosen a powder pink colour for the pillow to match the babydoll worn by Amanda Palmer in this photograph of the Dresden Dolls from the Coin-Operated Boy video:

Step 1: measure out two rectangles, slightly bigger than the dimensions of the box (bigger, as when stuffing the pillow, the overall dimensions decrease slightly).


Pillow Process (2)


Step 2: cut the fabric as neatly as possible (silk is a bit of a pain to cut and stitch as it is slippery and moves about a lot).


Pillow Process (3) Pillow Process (4)


Step 3: pin together the two pieces of fabric. For this pillow i could pin them right side up as i would be beading around the edges, meaning the would be covered so i wouldn’t need to do the usual unfolding with this pillow.

Pillow Process (5)

Step 4: stitch along the two long sides and one short side of the fabric, pulling the pins out as you go.

Pillow Process (6)

Step 5: Stuff! and stitch up the remaining side. Ensure maximum floofyness.

Pillow Process (7)Pillow Process (8)


Step 6: stitch beads around outside edges of the pillow.

I’ve used rose quartz beads as the colour fits in beautifully with my pillow, but also due to their connections with love. I don’t believe in the powers behind stones, other than what we assign to them, but i think it’s nice to think about and it’s a nice attachment to have when considering what stones to pick out for certain pieces. Rose quartz is the symbol of the heart and undying love, which makes it wonderfully appropriate and bittersweet when you consider the idea of the pathetic loneliness and weeping heart of the person reaching out to grab Coin-Operated Boy off this pillow.

I’ve also added in a few natural saltwater pearls to break up the pink. Pearls have always had an erotic connotation, and one i wanted to bring into this piece when considering the masturbatory elements of it’s contents.

Pillow Process (12) Pillow Process (15)



Box (10) (640x428)Box (11) (640x428)Box (12) (640x428)Box (9) (640x428)

What do you think?

Chloe out.


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