Coin-Operated Boy back from the electroplaters.

DSC_0822 2 (483x640) DSC_0826 (469x640)

Sterling silver electroplated vibrator container!


Thanks BJS, it looks amazing!


Now i just need to finish it up and add a little gold leaf!

I painted the insides with a little gold paint first. Gold leaf takes on the textures and qualities of what it is applied to, so painting it first i was ensuring that it had fairly even coverage (the inside was where the wires were attached for electroplating and therefore a little jagged and uneven).

DSCF9646 DSCF9647

When the paint was dry, the glue was applied and left to dry for 10minutes (gold leafing glue takes hours to dry fully, and to apply you need to leave it for a while until it is tacky for the leaf to stick properly).


As i wanted a rough finished i used my gold leaf scraps rather than full sheets.


Application process!



I wanted a rough texture on the inside because i wanted the hole to literally look like it had been drilled into, so the gold leaf will look rough and flakey like the inside of a gold mine!

DSC_0830 (640x428)DSC_0824 (640x428)


Photos of the box and pillow making coming soon.

Chloe out.


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