Dildoes and Loneliness: An introduction to Coin-Operated Boy

Coin-Operated Boy was the first Dresden Dolls song i ever listened to, and has always remained my favourite.

A friend of mine sent me the song with a message attached saying something alone the lines of “you’ll like this song, it’s about dildoes lol” Naturally intrigued, i listened. I giggled at the obvious sex toy connotations and tapped my foot along to the rhythm. It wasn’t until i had listened to it a few times that i realized what it was actually about: loneliness, heartbreak, frustration at being lonely, with undertones of self-loathing. That was something i could connect to.


The double entendre, and double meanings within Amanda Palmer’s writing style are why i fell in love with her music. She draws you in with amusement and a catchy tune and rips your heart out with raw human emotion.

I realized very early on that she was someone i was going to devote my musical heart to. Although this is a Dresden Dolls song, i was too late for them, my fanship developed around the time Amanda was launching her first solo album and Brian was in another band. But i bought everything they had ever produced and listened to it for hours on end. Then Who Killed Amanda Palmer? was realeased and she was due to play in Edinburgh. My first Amanda Palmer show.


Myself and a friend headed down to Cabaret Voltaire, and waited first in line (hardcore i know); we were at the front of the stage. The stage was only a foot or two off the ground, we were at eye level, we were at reach out and touch level. Amanda had had her foot run over a few days before this show, she still played a fucking amazing set with all the frills. I was amazed, most “rockstars” would probably cancel a show with a squished foot, but she played as if they’re was nothing wrong. Glorious show. My friend asked if i wanted to meet her; yeah, she hangs out and hugs people after her shows. I watched her moving around the crowded room, hobbling from person to person, smiling genuninley, answering questions, signing cd’s, hugging and just being with people. It came to our turn, she signed my friend’s poster, i think i gave her some form of art (a drawing from my journal if i remember right). She hugged me for it, i don’t think i said anything intelligent back. It wasn’t until she was inches away from my face, arms around my neck i noticed her wince, i felt her put her full weight on me; her foot hurt, but she still worked a room of fans. Someone like this earned my music heart within seconds of a hug. Amanda Fucking Palmer i fucking love you.

So you can see why i wanted to use this song.

All i need to do now is figure out how to make it the best piece i’ve ever made!

See you on the other side……

Chloe out.



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