Artists’ Books Love

Today i’m looking for a little booky inspiration.

I’m in the process of constructing all five of my books… and they’re coming along pretty wonderfully… but i’m turning to Pinterest for a little added inspiration to make sure i’m keeping up with the best!

So, thought i would share with you some of my favourites :)

(Oh, and for all image credits and many many more book examples, check out my Artist’s Books Pinterest board)

This one’s a library i’d very much like to visit: “from the wooden library at Alnarp, Sweden ~ there are 217 volumes in the set. This specific xylothek was made in Nurmburg, Germany from 1805-1810. Each book is made from the wood of a specific tree or shrub and contains specimens pertaining to that variety as well as a written description, biology, and practical use.” actual tree books… sounds divine.

Book love.

Got any great book ideas/examples? Throw them at me!

Chloe out.


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