Faery Wings Photoshoot Moodboard

As mentioned in my little update post i’m sharing my moodboard for my Faery Wings photoshoot that will (*fingers crossed* i get my pieces finished in time) hopefully take place this weekend (weather permitting of course!).

I have a location: the wooded area around Newbattle Abbey. These wonderful woods are a short walk away from my home, and therefore an area i have explored well… i know all the best bits! There is something so magical and faery-like about the woods; the trees and moss and birds twittering in the trees, dew drops on weird and wonderful lichens, strange mushrooms and the earthen floor littered with leaves that crackle as tiny animals scitter through them. Perfect.

Now… i just need a look!

Magical. Earthy faery girl mixed with airy light silver jewellery… the dark colours of my hair and the greens and browns of the woods will contrast so wonderfully with my shining silver pieces… and hopefully the weather will be lovely and sunny so the silver shines even brighter.


I’m having a little Pinterest session and will post some of the best images here:


This. This image says it all. I will be wearing white, i will use a multitude of unusual poses, keep the image soft and mysterious, i want to use trees as props; raise myself off the ground as the wings would. Magic.

I’ve bought a white lace top/bodysuit thing for this shoot (and i also have a netted tutu and white lace stockings, ivory ballet shows, white lace gloves, a white glittery shrug and white ribbon… so i’ll experiment with outfit combinations). This image captures an intimate delicacy that i hope to achieve.

The gaze in the eyes of this woman is captivating… must remember to use the correct range of facial expressions! I also like the twigged crown in her hair… using twigs and foliage in my hair might add an interesting earth faery element to my photos.

I like the idea of using glitter. Maybe it will just be sprinkled in my hair and makeup… but this shot is stunning. Hrmm… i’ll take some with me and see what happens!

Good faery makeup is a must. I plan to keep it quite natural… but add a little sparkle here and there!

Hair styling is also vital, especially as my headpiece relies on it to stay in! Messy faery hair is essential… and a braided element around the front/side is crucial to the wear-ability of my headpiece. I also need to assure my ears remain relatively clear of hair for when wearing the ear cuffs.


(Visit my pinterest page for more images, as well as the credits for all of these glorious shots (or click on the images))


See you on the other side…

Chloe out.


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