DCA Bookbinding (Part 5/6)

Last session we were stitching up our copticly bound hard-cover books…. this session we finished them!!

Coptic Binding (24)Coptic Binding (25)Coptic Binding (26)Coptic Binding (28)Coptic Binding (29)

Awesome , huh?

We made another book this session too! And it only took 30 minutes!

Japanese Stab Binding (3)Japanese Stab Binding (4)Japanese Stab Binding (5)

I didn’t take any photos of the making process for this wee book because we zoomed through it so quickly! but if you google Japanese Stab Binding you will find lots of instructions on how to whip up this quick little book, and lots of different patterns for stitching (as shown below).

I think this technique is great for using up scrap paper. I’m never going to throw any paper away ever and i’m never going to buy a sketchbook again! You could save all your junk mail envelops and stitch them up, or go on a shopping spree and bind all your receipts, or save all your train tickets for the year or or or or or the list goes on… awesome sketchbook ideas floating around now!!

Here’s a few examples of this binding that i love (check out my Pinterest board for more):

See you next time.

Chloe out.


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