DCA Bookbinding (Part 4/6)

Following on from last week, we continued with our coptic stitch in this session.

Our cover boards were beautiful and flat for us, as they had been in the press all week, and more importantly they were also super dry!

Coptic Binding (17)


Like before with sections, we used our little guide to mark out holes for the cover stitches.

Coptic Binding (18)


Almost straight……………..!

Coptic Binding (19)


Holes punched using the braddle. Why this pattern? Well you’ll soon see!!

Coptic Binding (20)


Awesome huh? The little v’s are just decorative, and looking up some of the stitches on pinterest there are loads of wonderful stitches you could decorate up a book with.

Coptic Binding (21)

Coptic Binding (22)


Sorry for no stitching description…. but it was complicated and hard to photography… just google coptic stitch and you’ll get the jist!!

Coptic Binding (23)


As i said…. complicated…. so we didn’t quite finish it this session…

See you next time!

Chloe out.


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