To The Moon And Back…..

Happy Birthday MrsCupcake.

To the moon and back faery wings earrings and full moon pendant.

Finished (11)Finished (4)Finished (5)Finished (6)Finished (7)Finished (10)

Packaged in star dust, cosmic swirls, spacey wacey moon fragments and tied together with a candy pink bow.

Box (1)Box (2)Box (3)

All brought together and made sense of a in a little handmade booking shining with millions of stars and bound with my heart strings.

Book (1)Book (3)Book (5)Book (6)Book (8)Book (11)Book (17)

And gifted to my wonderful mother on her birthday :)


She was pleased :)

We also made her cake…. and for posterity reasons i must mention i had no influence in the decoration of said cake! i just provided the rather tasty recipe…..!



Happy Birthday wonderful cupcake lady.

Much love and sparkly moondust kisses.

Chloe out.


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