Faery Wings sample sample sample!


Back to uni and back to work on Lexicon.

I’ve been up in the workshop for the past week or so, working my way through designs for Faery Wings. As i mentioned in my last post, i’ve decided to make earrings to depict the haiku. Well… i’ve moved on ever so slightly since then and have decided to make three earrings.

Why three? i hear you ask, well… because there are nine words in this haiku and the square root of nine is three, and a haiku is also a three-lined poem. Each earring will be different, they will match but they will not be the same. I like the idea of mis-matched jewellery, especially when there is a choice of which items to wear.

So, on to the samples………

Sample Bean Bean (1)Sample Bean Bean (2)Sample Bean EtchSample Bean Steel



I really like the bean-type wing shape. I looks wing’ed but quite subtly so. It will shine out wonderfully in silver and contrast well against the darker silver of the steel. It’s definitely going to feature in one of my earrings.

Sample Hooped Eyespots (1)Sample Hooped Eyespots (2)

Not a huge fan of the eyespots constructed in this form, they don’t do justice to the beauty of a wing, the form is too clunky. An interesting hoop shape for future designs, but for this story it is unfitting.

Sample Large Eyespot

This eyespot on the other hand is perfect. It’s huge, it fits in the palm of my hand perfectly. The etching like this and the circle will be a feature in one of my designs, but will have to be smaller and much lighter to become an earring.

Sample Moth


This shape was based on the closed wings of a moth… i’m not sure about it… it’s quite a rough sample but i think the shape of it works quite well with the steel. Not sure if it will feature in one of the designs, but i think i may experiment with it more.

Sample Tied Thin Wire


This piece is light and delicate, i think too delicate for a piece of jewellery, but i like the lightness of it. The shape is also very pleasing, and although the construction is a little indelicate it could make an apt example of the floating qualities of a wing.


For now, i still need to experiment and find the perfect forms and constructions… then i will move onto using silver and hope i have made the right choices.

Back to the workshop i fly……..

Chloe out.


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