Part of my Lexicon project, and are inspired by my haiku “Faery Wings”

Crystalline flutters.
Cellophane stretched over small bones.
Luminescent shine.

Mix (1)Mix (2)Mother of Pearl (1)Mother of Pearl (2)Mother of Pearl (3)Mother of Pearl (5)

These photographs were taken during a chilly winter’s sunset, and the jewellery is set upon the frozen pond at the bottom of my garden. The lighting was so beautiful and i couldn’t think of a better medium than ice to display ideas of luminescence.

Opal (2)Opal (3)Opal (4)Opal (7)Opal (8)Opal (9)Packaging (1)Human (1)

They are available in either mother of pearl beading or opal. All metal within these pieces is sterling silver. The etching patterns and shape of wings vary for each item. The earrings are £42 and the necklaces are £48 and are all available on my etsy store:

Opal Earrings….. Opal Necklaces….. Mother of Pearl Earrings….. Mother of Pearl Necklaces

Chloe out.


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