Stephen M Harris

Remember this guy? I posted a while ago, when we nicked their campervan, about his wonderful painted up house… well he’s reviving the whole art thing and is being rather prolific and wonderful so thought i’d share some of his work with ya’ll.

But first…. look at the totally bloody awesome art i got from him (beadwork by Sara and Zak!!) for the Hollydays:

Awesome right?!


Visit his fancy new WEBSITE too.

Follow him on his WORDPRESS blog.

And of course like him on FACEBOOK and follow his twitterings on TWITTER… oh and i think he will have instagram soon too, so look out for that!

And i believe there is going to be a wee shop up soon too! I’ll post that when it’s up and running :)

For now, enjoy some lovely works of his art:

The Wave

The Wave


Silent Scream


Silent Scream


The Pheonix and The Chicken


Tree Struck by Lightening

Bubblehead (/Bumblebee Man)



Chloe out.



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