Faery Wings: Shape sampling.

Before i ramble on, the photographs of my final Mossycoat piece (no i didn’t forget!) will hopefully be unveiled at the start of next week. I say hopefully because the photoshoot this weekend is very weather dependent! so pray for sunshine!

Okay… moving onto Faery Wings…

I’ve been making lots and lots of samples! I’ve decided i want to make earrings, however, what those earrings will look like i’m not quite sure yet! I do know that for the most effect visual translation of my Faery Wings haiku i have to get the forms perfect, so i’ve been practicing with different mediums and shapes to see what i can come up with.

First, i played about with a little paper:

Paper Samples (1)

Paper Samples (2)

Paper Samples (3)

Paper Samples (4)

Paper Samples (5)

Paper Samples (6)


This one is tissue paper stitched around a wire frame.

Paper Samples (7)


But the paper wasn’t giving me the best forms, so i moved on to metal.

Copper Samples (1)

Copper Samples (2)

Copper Samples (3)


For these copper pieces i was sampling with shapes, sizes, thicknesses of metal, and ways to attach the ends together (ie. stitch, soldering and beading). I also dabbled in a little surface texture, by shining up a few and satinising a few others; both were very pretty! so i might have to use a combination of the two.

Copper Samples (6)


My tutor suggested a sturdier metal to achieve more rigid shapes, so i sampled with a little steel wire.

Steel Samples (2)

Steel Samples (3)

Steel Samples (1)


I love the steel. It was challenging to work with (being such a tough metal and new to me) but it is a material i want to use. I really like the matte glittering shine it had after being rolled through the mill and i love the darker silver colour, so i think i will play about combining it with silver and aluminum (which is what the tube is in the first piece) in further samples.


I’m taking a break from my sampling this week to produce pieces to sell for the two upcoming Christmas sales my class is participating in, more details on those to come soon!

Stay tuned!

Chloe out.


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