Design Enterprise Report


Design Enterprise Report sounds a combination of dull, official and scary! I like to call it my business/life plan… it makes more sense that way!

After graduating from my wonderful jewellery course (and a sure to be well-deserved summer holiday!!) I want to have a plan in place that will enable me to start up my own jewellery business which will hopefully make me enough money to live on. Finding a perfect job, making art, looking for new projects, taking in courses, learning, making art, owning a variety of cats, buying a beautiful home, decorating said beautiful home, making art, stalking Amanda Palmer on tour, travelling and making art are all very high on my list! so a plan to make the cash to do so is quite important for me to get right.
I want to work away furiously in my (dream but not quite reality yet!) studio for one or two years and design and manufacture a few collections of jewellery that I can sell to make enough money to live on and enough money to, in the future, be able to make the art I want to make. I see this as a business I can shape and develop my whole life, but in the beginning a few marvellous collections will start me off nicely.
I want my business identity to reflect my unique aesthetic styles, the importance I place upon good design, high-quality materials, packaging and/or display that is just as important at the final piece and most importantly I want people to know about the jewellery they are buying, I want them to know where it came from and why and I want the story of the jewellery to live through the wearer/owner. I guess I’m working on my first collection now, it’s more conceptual than commercial but the basics running through it are want I want my business to be about.

Right now I’m starting to research into image branding, I’ll be looking at logos, web design, business cards, etc. to gather myself a visual identity together so look at for the changes happening on this blog and around my website!

So stay tuned for my various business plan plans and investigations coming your way!

Chloe out.


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