Mossycoat Pouch Sample

Today i decided to gather up some moss and play around with an idea for my Mossycoat experimentations.

Moss Bucket


Bucket of moss! and a little lichen to add a variety of shapes and colours.


Another key material in Mossycoat is the silk of the two fine dresses she cons out of the hawker at the start of the story, one “dress o’ white satin with sprigs o’ goold on it as big as a man’s hand” and the other “dress med o’ silk de colour o’ all de birds o’ de air” and it is the former white silk that i will be playing around with today.

Pouch Sample (1)


I stitched together two squares of silk organza together with golden thread, one square a translucent white and the other opaque white.

Pouch Sample (3)


The two squares stitched and stitched and stitched together! I wanted the stitching to be a feature of the design, which is why i went round the square five times to thicken up the gold thread.

Pouch Sample (6)


I then stuffed my little pouch full of strands of golden thread and the freshly gathered moss and lichens, and then stitched up the hole thickly as before.

Pouch Sample (8)


Here is the front side with the translucent organza.

Pouch Sample (11)


And here is the back with the more opaque organza.

Pouch Sample (13)


I wasn’t quite satisfied with my little silky mossy pouch so decided to add some “goold sprigs” or in this cased golden beads!

Pouch Sample (15)


I stitched a row of droplets along one side with golden thread.

Pouch Sample (16)


Pouch Sample (18)


Pouch Sample (19)


I’m pretty pleased with my little pouch sample. It’s not quite finished, at the moment it is just and object but sometime this week i will finish it up into a piece of adornment.

What do you think?

Chloe out.


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