Dùghall en France: Notre-Dame et le Tombeau de Napoléon

Notre-Dame = my expectations were high and it was rather disappointing…. Napoleon’s Tomb = no expectations and it was amazing!

The exterior of Notre-Dame was beautiful.

Day 3 (45)

The many many many gargoyles were wonderful!

Day 3 (47)

Day 3 (48)

Day 3 (53)


But the inside was just a little disappointing…. i guess i’d maybe bigged it up in my mind so in reality it was just a little plain and boring. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very pretty but just not quite as impressive as i was expecting. However, it was free and the queue to get in wasn’t too long so i would still recommend it!

Day 3 (49)


Day 3 (50)


Day 3 (52)


Day 3 (55)


If you’re going to stop for a snack after Notre-Dame make sure you pick a cafe a few streets away or you’ll be paying 7euros for a coke!

Day 4 (36)

None of us really knew what the exterior of Napoleon’s tomb looked like and were taking photos of this beautiful golden topped building which we kind of walked right up to with an oh that must be it then! It was stunning on the outside.

Day 4 (39)


And even more stunning inside!

Day 4 (40)


Day 4 (41)


Day 4 (42)


Day 4 (44)


Mrs.Cupcake having a bit of a twittering moment!

Day 4 (46)


Day 4 (47)


Day 4 (49)


Day 4 (48)


Day 4 (50)


Well worth a visit!………. and now off to bed….

Day 3 (58)

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Chloe out.


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