Dùghall en France: Jours de Voyage

Day 1 (2)


All packed up and setting off on the long road to France!

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 18 19.43

Our epic 674 miles journey took us two days!

Day 1 (4)


With only one minor breakdownish moment… when we hadn’t even left Scotland!!! But Dùghall was recovered by Mr.Cupcake rather quickly and we were off again!

Day 1 (7)


Our first day took as all the way down to our hotel just outside Folkestone, where we napped and had a lovely dinner (well the food was crap but the company was wonderful!) with our Eastbournian friends.

Day 1 (8)


Day two and we head into the deep dark depths of the eurotunnel!

Day 2 (2)


Day 2 (4)


Day 2 (6)


Out of the darkness and suddenly we were in France!

On our long drive down from Calais to Paris we passed by this awesomely painted van:


Day 2 (7)


Soon enough we were parked up in Paris…. well almost… turns out we were given the wrong pitch (no electric hookup!) and had to move camp to another spot!!


Day 2 (8)


Day 2 (13)


The campsite we stayed in was called The Indigo Camping Paris Bois de Boulogne Campsite which i would probably not recommended to anyone! It wasn’t particualrily bad, however it was incredibly cramped, the customer service was on the whole rubbish and most of the staff were rather unhelpful and/or rude, the showers were hot but rather sporadically switched between burning my skin and too cold to stand in (and i’m Scottish!), the barrier check in/out system that had going on was bizarre and a little inconvienent and was altogether rather soulless… on the plus side the toilets were clean! If i was to rate it, i’d give the place a 2 out of 5.

But on the bright side we were in Paris… stay tuned to see what we got up to!

Chloe out.


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