Dùghall en France: Errant Autour de Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, i could have spent weeks just wandering around the streets taking it all in…

Day 3 (12)

Mr.Cupcake taking a grumpy nap while waiting for the shuttle bus.

Day 3 (14)

Walking through the Arc de Triomphe underpass.

Day 3 (16)

Day 3 (17)

And how could i not take a photo of the Cartier shop! especially with these sexy golden panthers dominating the windows.

Day 3 (18)

These huge golden dinosaurs were very impressive in the windows of, what i think was, Harvey Nichols, but it could have been any of the snazzily decorated shops along the Champs Elysees! (this one was rather hard to capture due to the sunny glare on the window, and the throngs of tourists getting in my way!!)

Day 3 (20)


Day 3 (21)


The line outside Abercrombie & Fitch…. ugh…. even more sickening when i recall the stench of piss water they call perfume that clung around the area.

Day 3 (24)


Day 3 (26)


I don’t remember seeing this beauty last time i was in Paris but apparently i did! how could i miss it?! I think i want one in my garden, the detail up each side was incredible and was perfectly set off by the flash of gold at the tip, which caught and reflected the sun from every angle.

Day 3 (28)


Slightly awkward moment as this man photobombs my picture……!

Day 3 (32)


Day 3 (33)


Day 3 (36)


Day 3 (38)


Day 3 (39)


Day 3 (40)


Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to go inside The Louvre this time, which is a shame because what i remember from the small bit we saw last time it was stunning  inside. On the bright side we did get to wander around the beautiful outside of the building and grounds.

Day 3 (41)


Day 3 (42)


Day 3 (43)


Even the dirty river water looked rather inviting on this VERY hot day!

Day 4 (51)


Loved these little mushroom style lamps growing out of the walls of this restaurant.

Day 4 (52)


Day 4 (53)


When i’m rich and famous and have a swanky pad i’m totally having epic animal statues in my garden!

Day 4 (54)



Day 4 (58)


Oh please do.

Day 4 (55)


Day 4 (56)


Day 4 (57)


This square was beautiful. The graffiti on the walls was pretty cool, the paper mache sculptures in the pond were also pretty cool and the little cafes dotting around the edges were the perfect place to stop for a drink and a nibble (it was just to the side of The Pompidou Centre)!

Day 4 (59)


The bizarre Pompidou Centre which was annoyingly closed each time we tried to go! The whole of France seems to have a weird closing/opening time deal…. nothing is closed/open when you’d expect to be and every place was different which we found rather frustrating and really strange…. you’d think everything would be open full time during the holidays!!

Day 4 (60)


This place was amazing! EVERYTHING PISTACHIO!!! om nom nom!

Day 4 (61)


That awkward moment when you realize French firemen look like crazy action figures because of their shiny gold warrior knight helmets!

Day 5


Teehee loved spotting this little guy!


Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Paris!

Chloe out.


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