Faery Wings

Faery Wings (drawing)

As you know i’m working on incorporating words and narratives into my jewellery, so i decided to have a wee go at implementing an idea into a little sample piece.

It started with a haiku i had written a while ago… which i think could be an interesting form for me to work from in the future, haikus and poetry that is… anyway, this haiku was about faery wings and i wanted to capture their nature as well as the words themselves. And what you see above is what i came up with!

…. and…… this is how i made it:

Faery Wings (process) (1)

After cutting out some 0.5cm strips of aluminium, i got my letter stamps out and started to hammer in the words.

Faery Wings (process) (2)

Normally you would need to anneal the metal to imprint onto it, but aluminium is relatively soft and the strips i was using were very thin.

Faery Wings (process) (4)

Repeat for the whole haiku!

Faery Wings (process) (3)

Next step is drilling the little holes into each end of the strips. I used my hand drill and placed my strips under my steel block to stop them spinning around.

Faery Wings (process) (5)

I then filed down the edges until smooth and rounded the corners.

Faery Wings (process) (7)

Next i sanded the back of the strips until they were flat and shiny!

Faery Wings (process) (6)

Repeat for the whole haiku!

Faery Wings (process) (8)

Rub away any scraps of metal with a brass brush and then…

Faery Wings (process) (9)

… wash up the strips with the brass brass and some washing up liquid until they are as shining bright as faery wings.

Once i had my little strips all made up i attached them to my wire… at this point my camera had a meltdown so i have no photos :( but basically i strung the wire through the two holes in my metal, made the wire into a loop, twisted and strung on a few seed beads… and repeated for the whole haiku! I attached my loops onto a specially twisted wire ear hook and….

Faery Wings (3) smaller



Now i just need to go and find myself a faery model and i’ll post some better photos soon!

What do YOU think of my texty faery wings?

Chloe out.


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