Sara’s 50th Birthday Moulin Rouge Extravaganza!

Last weekend we all zoomed down to Eastbourne to celebrate the wonderful Sara Jane Wood’s 50th birthday partay! in full Moulin Rouge styling in a huge marquee in a field with our campervans! Aren’t you jealous?!

Here are lots of awesome photos from the night!


This is the beautiful invite that Steve drew for the weekend.

Camping (6)

Dùghall looking all sexy!

Party (5)

Mrs.Cupcake went all out and made her first ever proper cake! Isn’t it amazing!? Not only that but she made sexy cupcakes, (i made!) the candy trees and also some really really really tasty traybakes! Go Candy Cupcake!

Party (10)

Party (14)

Party (16)

This cake is just brilliant! (and it tasted really good too!)

Party (36)

Aren’t we sexy?!

Party (37)

Party (194)

Party (31)

Party (22)

Party (28)

Party (38)

Party (51)

And of course the sky turned pink for the birthday girl!

Party (47)


Party (79)

Getting the partaaaaaaay started!!!

Party (54)

Party (55)

Party (56)

Party (61)

Party (92)

And now…….. a special treat for the special lady………. please feel free to close your eyes and just scroll quickly past!!!

Party (103)

Party (111)

Party (121)

Party (123)

Party (126)

Party (141)

Party (145)

Party (132)

And now the cutting of that marvelous cake! mmmm….

Party (146)

Party (184)

A little bit of artyness!

Party (155)

Sara’s fantastic band: FCUK

Party (177)

Party (189)

Yup…. that man is my dad!

Party (190)




As part of her birthday gift Sara had asked various people she knew to decorate a little wooden fish to decorate her garden with… this is my contribution:

Rainbow Cowry (1)smaller


And i made her this gift:

Sara (1)smaller


Titled: Sara and made with textured sterling silver, glittered thread and strung on an oxidized copper chain.


Hope ya enjoyed all that :)

Chloe out.


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