Domestic Paradise “Dead or Alive”

Over the next three days we are doing a random mini project:


So basically: collecting “domestic” objects – playing – making sample pieces = a greater understanding of the upcycling movement and a chance to connect with object driven jewellery.

I’m excited!

So, first things first; a little artist research to get me started.

David Clarke


I quite like his work. These manipulate “antique” style objects have a certain charm which is rather appealing. They remind me of home; in my parent’s house we have little silver and other odd domestic style objects that have no other purpose than to sit on our shelves and look pretty. So, these David Clarke pieces are quite beautiful and would make a quirkier edition to our shelves and an alternative to the norm.



However, saying that, i look at the piece below and just don’t get it. I agree more with some of his critics. An obvious destruction of silver for no other apparent reason than destruction, to me it just seems wasteful and opposite of what i think of as art.


Bernhard Schobinger

I have looked and considered but am left feeling slightly uninspired by his work… sorry Bernhard!




Natalie Smith

Ooo i have discovered a little jewellery love in Natalie’s work. I guess with my obvious candy love affair (ie. having a candy cupcake lady for a mother!)  i was destined to love this work! The pieces seem like objects brought back from an alien landscape, or somewhere strange under the sea and reading Natalie’s profile it says that she is influenced by science fiction. The colours are beautiful, but the sculptural shapes and visible textures within the works are what draw me in. I want to see this jewellery displayed on naked models, i feel that the work would look even more glorious set against the soft suppleness of flesh.





Anne Finlay

Although the aesthetic style of her work is not really my style,  i do like the technique style she has used and i think to achieve such pieces with paper is design to be admired.




Yasuki Hiramatsu

“‘My aim is to create forms with force and grace, which are built to bring the potential innate in materials into full play.’” a rather fine goal to have! Yasuki’s work is beautiful, and i can feel the sense of play within it; to me, his jewellery looks like the little things we fiddle with in our every day life, it is as though he has taken bits of candy foil, ribbon, crumpled paper and solidified them into precious adornments.





Simone Ten Hompel

Although i appreciate the workmanship, and the beauty in the apparent tactility and functional quality of this work i find it a little boring and not to my taste… sorry Simone!





Well, that was an interesting look into jewellers and makers delving into the domestic world…. now it’s my turn! I think i’m going to explore and play with toys for this project. I’ve dipped into that before, but only briefly and i haven’t gotten all i can out of it yet so it’s going to a be a fun days!

Chloe out.


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