NESTA Part 3 – Choosing Your Path part 2

In the previous post i looked at my customer base, this time i am taking it further into figuring out how my business will actually get the work from inside my head to the hand of my customer.

The best way to do this is to use blueprint modeling.

So, what is blueprint modeling?

In simple terms it helps you describe the process of your business.

Here is my initial blueprint:


Or to simplify it into steps:

Figuring out my place in the current market, as well as my customer base.

Bouncing ideas of people i know.

Creating ideas for collections.

Designing, making/manufacturing prototypes/drawings and bouncing ideas of people i know + utilizing social media.

Making and manufacturing the collection.

Utilize social media, trade fairs, markets, publications, etc. etc. to promote new collection.

Selling new collection online, via retailers, exhibitors, etc. etc.


Start the whole process over again.

And that is it put simply… to have a successful business i will need to go much deeper into the mechanisms of by business process, as well as my creative process.


Another way of doing this is using S.W.O.T analysis:




The next part was something i hadn’t really considered before; relationship modeling.

And what is relationship modeling, i hear you ask?

Basically it’s the relationships your business will need to make in order for it to function, so i need to figure out: how to find people to help me, why people would want to help me and what type of deal to expect from these people.


This was an interesting exercise for me, because when i’m thinking of my business future plans i always just think of it as me doing all of this stuff alone; but looking at it, it’s obvious i’m going to need other people to help me function! For example, customers (of course with no customers i just have an expensive hobby!), manufacturing of jewellery parts (ie. casters, laser cutters, platers etc.), packaging and display manufacturers, galleries and exhibitors, retailers, and lots of more of other little bits and pieces i can’t think of yet! This is another part i need to work on over the summer.


But for now a rest before the next session….. zzzz…… stay tuned for the next installment!

Chloe out.


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